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▼ Max Rider - Слезы тысячи холмов [FF251]
Исполнитель микса: Max Rider
Стиль: noise
Allseits – Monster
Control - The killer of man
Gnaw Their Tongues - The gate of death
Procesion of the Black Sloth - RFID parasitosis. Side B
Deadmoths - Gender glitch
Nyodene D and Sektor 304 - The human fractal
Procesion Of The Black Sloth - Unexpected demise
Gnawed - The drowning fire
Ames Sanglantes - Defects of a crystal lattice
Steel Hook Prostheses - Sulphur drip
Aderlating - An audience with starving vultures
Invisible Slavery – Allies become enemies become alies
The Voice of God - Propaganda and the Rwandan Genocide
Praise Song - Hahirwa Nyiramibambwe
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