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DiscoBar107.3 - 21.12.2018 part 2
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Sam Feldt & Mowe feat. Karra - Down For Anything (Torq Vision) [Not On Label]
HP Vince & Dave Leatherman - Hidden Love (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
Bruno Be - Good Times (Original Mix) [Delicious Recordings]
Homo Novo - Back to My Island (Original Mix) [New Creatures]
Paul Weekend - To Expanse (Original Mix) [Bedroom Deep]
Softmal, Nytron, Avrupts - Dance Untill The Morning (Original Mix) [PRISON Entertainment]
Soul Rebels feat. Lisa Millett - I'll Be Good (Dr Packer Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
Velker & Mary S.K. - Time To Go (Fly & Sasha Fashion Remix) [Deep Strips]
Steve Hartz - Changes (Original Mix) [Gemstone Records]
Audio Tape - Don t Leave me (Original Mix) [Delicious Recordings]
La Boutique - St-Tropez Lifestyle (Original Instrumental Mix) [Mahjong Music Ltd]
KESMAR - Feel It Again (Original Mix) [Universal Music]
Mart, Techcrasher - Life Without You (Short Version) [Ear Sweets Records]
Rare Candy, Angie Brown - Make My Love (JDOC Remix) [ MWR Records Retro]
320 Кбит | 59 мин. | 135 МБ | 2019-01-11
AWERS - Easy Grooves #057 on Lounge Fm
Исполнитель: Lounge Fm
Bonus Points ft. iamalex - Time Off
HIGH HOOPS - Can I Get Love
RIVAGE - Le Plage
Vulfpeck - Backpocket (DiscoRazor Remix)
Mndsgn - Where Ever U R
SQ Lewis - Dreaming feat. Bruno Major
Escort - Slide
Cadre Cola, Louis La Roche - Our Love (Louis La Roche Remix)
Adeline - Before
Roman Kouder feat. Josh Tobias - Rush (Celestal remix)
Lola Disco & ED. - Holding Back
Young Franco feat.Maribelle - Girls Don't Cry
Satin Jackets feat. Anduze - Athena (Extended)
Fantastic Man - From Start To Finish
Tesla Boy - Compromise
The Villars - Day By Day (feat. Katia Q)
The Funk Hunters - Say Something feat. Liinks (JackLNDN remix)
La Felix - Get To You (feat. Joshua Moriarty)
Neon Valley - Valley Girl
Simon Says - Feel Me (Yuksek Extended Remix)
Boys Get Hurt - Lost and Found ft. Tiago
Reasons feat. David Kosteljanetz - Summer Rain (Secret Atelier Remix)
MEERA - Little of Your Time
Disclosure - Funky Sensation (Original mix)
Oliver Nelson feat. Llinae - Talk (C-Pac remix)
Jafunk - One On One
Danny Darko, Alisha Jade - The Boy Is Mine (Extended Mix)
Galantis - Emoji (Extended mix)
Hanne Mjoen - Sounds Good To Me (Paul Woolford remix)
Michael Calfan - It's Wrong feat. Danny Dearden (The Magician remix)
320 Кбит | 115 мин. | 266 МБ | 2019-01-10
DJ Show "FTTP" # 808
Исполнитель: DJ Show "FROM TALK TO PLAY"
Musumeci - Invaders (Original Mix) [Watergate]
Sharam Jey - Over The Moon (Kollektiv Ost Remix) [Bunny Tiger]
Daniele Danieli - Come With Me (Original Mix) [Disco Explosion]
Fish From Japan Ft. Clea Llewellyn - Perfect Storm (Club Mix) [Bunny Tiger]
Lifelike - The Chase (Extended Mix) [Club Sweat]
Darlyn Vlys - Runner(Original Mix) [Polymath]
Douze - World (Original Mix) [L.O.V.E. LTD]
Paul Richmond - Crescent (Original Club Mix) [Enormous Chills]
DJ DLG - Homage (Original Mix) [Lazor Music]
DJ DLG - Pursuit (Original Mix) [Lazor Music]
Girafa Thunder - Dont Look Back (Astrodisco Remix) [Astro Digital Records]
320 Кбит | 55 мин. | 127 МБ | 2019-01-09
al l bo - MARS FOR SINGERS (Album Megamix)
Исполнитель: nick wowk
al l bo - Eastern Girl (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Petr - One Happy Day In Hot Sun (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo - High Electric (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo - Walking As An Alien (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Hopeful Peace - Queen Of Women (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Inward Universe - Marvel (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Leerex - Fighters (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Semenovb - City Is My Band (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Andres NekrassoV - Beautiful (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Andres NekrassoV - Gods Of Fear (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Roman Sheylin - Bodilylove (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Rimos - Casablanca (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & Mota - Plastic (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo - Mars (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & laszlo Nikulin - Man From The Moon (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo - Lady (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo & DJ Alex N-Ice - She (Instrumental Mix)
320 Кбит | 75 мин. | 172 МБ | 2019-01-08
МУЗГОСТ #081 @ ПростоРадио 99.9 Fm [21.09.18]
Исполнитель: STEP1
Truffel Wizard - Better Things (Finger Bib Remix) [Young Society Records]
Alex Metric - Always There (Original Mix) [OWSLA-Big Beat]
Angie Brown, Mr. Vasovski, Kincses - Never Give Up (Mr. Vasovski Deepdisco Mix) [Magic Hat Records]
Nervo feat Jake Shears Kylie Minogue Nile Rodgers - The Other Boys (Teenage Mutants remix) [Ultra US]
NOEF - Hey Hey (What You Thinkin') (Alex Kostadinov Remix) [Heavenly Bodies Records]
L.O.O.P - Believe (Original Mix) [Vintage Music Label]
April Towers - A Little Bit Of Fear (Jamie Roy & Makanan Remix) [April Towers]
Betoko – Raining Again (Dashdot & Vintage Culture Remix)
Le Visiteur - In My Soul (Club Mix) [Street King]
DJ Justin Ballard, Zoe Belucci - Burning [Chromoza Recordings]
Namy feat. Stephanie Cooke - I'm Not Ashamed (I Need You) (Giom Late Night Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Sator (NL) - Imani's Dress (Ewan Pearson Remix)
320 Кбит | 58 мин. | 135 МБ | 2019-01-07
Dead Robot - If You Feel
Исполнитель: Dead Robot
Pietro Becci - Discomartello (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker - Kick The Groove (Original Mix)
Superlover - If You Feel
Balkan Disko - Amazona (Original Mix)
Nikolay Mikryukov - Drive in Caribs
Claes Rosen - Glancing
Captain Freeman Street Life (Dub Mix)
Mayson Dixon - Ping Pong (VIP Mix)
Urulu - D.R.M
Paul Richmond - Crescent
Namito, Brams - Far Out (Original Mix)
Squire feat. Vette - Wish It Was Easy
320 Кбит | 59 мин. | 135 МБ | 2019-01-05
Исполнитель: Dj Dereka
Jack Tyson Charles - Best Friend
I Love The Skin - Buzz Compass
Every Body Party - Ari Bald and Martin Miguel
Don't Worry, It's Just Me - Fantastic Man
Phil Weeks Ladybird - She Can't Love You
Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love
Danny Darko, Alisha Jade - The Boy Is Mine (Extended Mix)
Ready (Astropical Tapes)-SB
Alexz - Feeling Good (Original Mix)
Piano Track - Vaudafunk
Super Disco (Original Mix) - Vertigini, Austins Groove
Euphoria - Demuir
Do The Night Thang (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Edit) - Disco Deviance
320 Кбит | 62 мин. | 143 МБ | 2019-01-03
al l bo - Your Happy Year Dope (Megamix, 2018-2019)
Исполнитель: nick wowk
Clouds Testers - Diving In The Deep White (Semenovb Instrumental Remix)
Neon Tapehead - I Want To Love (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo, Petr - One Happy Day In Hot Sun (Instrumental Mix)
Clouds Testers - Luxerizer (Semenovb Instrumental Remix)
al l bo - Black Tower (The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
al l bo - Casablanca (Petr Instrumental Remix)
al l bo, Rimos - Casablanca (Radio Instrumental Mix)
Clouds Testers - Diving In The Deep White (Territory Of Sound Instrumental Remix).
al l bo - Around The World (DJ Alex N-Ice Instrumental Remix)
al l bo - The Fuel Of My Life (Alexdi & The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
al l bo - High Electric (Instrumental Mix)
Neon Tapehead - Feeling Of The Night (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo - New Romantic (Semenovb Instrumental Remix)
Clouds Testers - Diving In The Deep White (Roman Sheylin Instrumental Remix)
Neon Tapehead - Feeling Of The Night (Instrumental Mix)
Neon Tapehead - Come To The Show (Instrumental Mix)
al l bo - Ocean Breath (Petr Instrumental Remix)
Neon Tapehead - Come To The Show (DJ Sessi Drive & The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
Neon Tapehead - Feeling Of The Night (DJ Sessi Drive & The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
al l bo - Fickle High (Artful Fox & The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
al l bo - Lady (The Soap Opera Remix)
320 Кбит | 90 мин. | 206 МБ | 2018-12-30
002 От Илюхи в Ухи - Saksonov ISO
Исполнитель: Iso Saksonov
Toi Et Moi
Amanda Lepore
Lit Up Feat. Dirty Radio
Jean Tonique
Lovely Head
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....
C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams
Soy Yo
Bomba Estereo
Life Itself
Glass Animals
Change (Radio Edit)
To Com Saudade (feat. MC Maiquinho)
Disco Tits
Tove Lo
Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix)
Theme Park
Great Good Fine OK
Charlie Puth
No Sleep (feat. Minelli)
123 Кбит | 56 мин. | 122 МБ | 2018-12-29
От Илюхи в Ухи 0001
Исполнитель: Iso Saksonov
Adagio (Saksonov ISO)
Un Raggio Di Sole (Saksonov ISO)
LFT (Saksonov ISO)
Get up and Bring It (feat. Ashley Slater) (Saksonov ISO)
Leavn It All Behind (Saksonov ISO)
Change (Space Disco Mix) (Saskonov ISO)
Nuspirit Helsinki
Parle Moi (Saksonov ISO)
Animal Nature (Saksonov ISO)
Never Say Never (Original Mix) Saksonov ISO)
Satin Jackets, Linda Mathews
Living Upside Down (Saksonov ISO)
Cut Copy
Jimmy Somerville
Te Espero (Saksonov ISO)
Vladimir Parfenov, Tonica Rara
Flashing Back To The 80's (Original Mix) Saksonov ISO)
Frau Mai
Let's Get Slow (Alternative Mix) Saksonov ISO)
Something To Talk About(Club Edit) Saksonov ISO)
Jean Tonique feat. Keyone Starr
Raphael Gualazzi
195 Кбит | 50 мин. | 110 МБ | 2018-12-29
DiscoBar107.3 - 14.12.2018 part 1
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Sharam Jey - Over The Moon (Kollektiv Ost Remix) [Bunny Tiger]
Shakedown - At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) [Defected]
Levantine - Gazette (Original Mix) [Seven Music]
Stuart King - Moving On (Original Mix) [NYLO]
Joze, Yorgov - Lie Machine (Original Mix) [Epic Tones Records]
Costa Mee - Disco Lines (Original Mix) [Deep Disco Records]
Mousse T. Ft. Andreya Triana - Broken Blues (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Peppermint Jam]
Phil Disco - DynamicDisco (Original Mix) [Sound-Exhibitions-Records]
Varvez - Black Nutria (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
The Villars & Anikah - I'm Free (Original Mix) [SOVIETT]
Soul Avengerz - Right For Me (Original Mix) [Re-Loved]
320 Кбит | 60 мин. | 138 МБ | 2018-12-28
Anton Poletaev-Some Love(nudisco,deep house mix)
Исполнитель: Anton Poletaev
Fancy Feelings - NYLA
Satin Jackets feat. Niya Wells - Lost In Japan (Original Mix)
Basement Jazz Ensemble &Aleks CH-So Please (Original Mix)
Thomas Tonfeld feat Maria Estrella-Some Love (Original Mix)
F4te - Sentimentos (Grisha Gerrus Remix)
Phantoms - Lay With Me (feat Vanessa Hudgens) (Satin Jackets Remix)
Fancy Feelings - Lush (feat. Mammals)
Michael Oakley - Rabbit In The Headlights (Michael Cassette Remix)
Kauf-Limestone BAILE Remix
Formix-Off The World (Original Mix)
Thee-O & Miss Blenna-Breathe You In (Downgrooves Remix)
Ralph Myerz - My Dream Queen
Anton Ishutin feat. Note U - For You (TeckSound Remix)
320 Кбит | 64 мин. | 147 МБ | 2018-12-27
NU DANCE PODCAST#104 (Mix by Rey J Costa)
Исполнитель: Renaissance Promo Group
Busy - Genie (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
Slipenberg - For Me (Original Mix)
Yota - Til The Night Fades Out
Robert Burian - Best Friend (Extended Mix)
The Him - White Lies (Original Mix)
Satin Jackets, Anduze - Athena (Extended Mix)
Brett - On The Rise (Original Mix)
Sharam Jey, Ashibah - Only You
Alexander Hristov, Sheri Marshel - You (Nikko Culture Remix)
Rodion Poddubsky - Authentic Vibes (Original Mix)
Nu Magic - Along The Valley (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix)
Velker, Mary S.K. - Time To Go (Alexander Hristov Remix)
Mr.Nu,Deeperise,Tolgah - I Want to Be (Medsound Remix)
Emote - Saved My Life (Michael Elliot Remix)
320 Кбит | 67 мин. | 153 МБ | 2018-12-27
DiscoBar107.3 - 14.12.2018 part 2
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Varvez feat. Rayna - Byte (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
Paul Richmond - Crescent (Original Club Mix) [Enormous Chills]
A-Mase - Gentle Touch (Original Mix) [Pepper Cat]
Discotron & Alan Junior - Je Suis Funk (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings Digital]
Funk Riot Band - Fanatico (Original Mix) [Melomana Records]
Tres Gueros - Underneath (B-Team Remix) [Whiskey Disco]
Purebeat - No One (Goldhand Special Deep Version) [Pure Tunes]
Disco Incorporated - Soul Train (Phonky Bassline Mix) [MuzikxPress]
Moussa Clarke & Zak Gee feat. Rachel Gavaletz - Still Feel the Rain (Disco Mix) [Midnight Riot]
Musumeci - Invaders (Original Mix) [Watergate Records]
MR Given Raw - Fire Baby Live Edit (Original Mix) [FKR]
320 Кбит | 60 мин. | 138 МБ | 2018-12-27
Dead Robot Podcast - New Tracks Review for NuDisco
Исполнитель: Dead Robot
Maurizio Piacente - Who Really Cares How the Music Sounds (Original Mix)
Claes Rosen - Glancing (Original Mix)
Mr BC,Unisex Audio Club Numinor (MR BC Remix)
Audio Jacker - Kick The Groove (Original Mix)
Lele Sacchi - Dreaming Won't Do (Tiger & Woods Nightmare Mix)
Visage - Pleasure Boys (Original Mix)
Visage - Fade To Grey (Butch le Butch 'Le Strange' Remix)
Gazebo - Masterpiece (The Tuesday Tapes dub)
Captain Freeman Street Life(Dub Mix)
Manics - Embrace (Extended Mix)
Escadia - Bring The Light (Original Mix)
Animal Trainer - Rebirth (Original Mix)
Luca Dean - Abandonet Planet (Original Mix)
MARYELL, Roman Depthsound - In Surreal Love (Roman Depthsound Remix)
Ad Brown & LTN & Cat Martin - Miss You (Hexlogic Remix)
Death on the Balcony - Chance Encounters (Original Mix)
Iorie, Coss - Hadad (Original Mix)
Thankyou City - Resend (Jon Charnis Remix)
Luttrell - Out Of Me (Original Mix)
Luttrell - Quiet Even Dark (Original Mix)
320 Кбит | 63 мин. | 145 МБ | 2018-12-26
DiscoBar107.3 - 07.12.2018 part 1
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Inaktiv - Fire (Pardon Moi Remix) [ Dogs & Vultures Records]
JedX - Lift Your Funk (Original Mix) [CRMS Records]
C. Da Afro - Warning (Original Mix) [Re-Loved]
Samma Lone - Everything I Need (Original Mix) [Uptown Boogie]
Shit Hot Soundsystem - Hold Me Back (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
Latishev & Oxyenen - Life Paint (Original mix) [Flagman]
Eme Hache - Beach House (Original Mix) [New City Sound Recordings]
Dr Packer & Loshmi - In Case Of Emergency (Original Mix) [Disco Fruit]
Limpodisco - Wild Life (Original Mix) [Furious Mandrill Records]
Cuz Electric - Found the Sound (Original Mix) [Masterworks Music]
SubClocker - Ville de LumiA?re (Original Mix) [SpinCat Music]
Tush - To Darnelladon (And Beyond) [Do Right! Music]
320 Кбит | 59 мин. | 135 МБ | 2018-12-25
SHARAPOV - Winter Mix
Исполнитель: Sharapov
Edinho Chagas - Dance To Death (Ali Arsan Remix)
Mandarin Plaza - Fall (Moe Turk Remix)
Pete Bellis & Tommy - Treat Me Right (Nikko Culture Remix)
The Editor - Come To The River (Moe Turk Remix)
ZONATTO, Bruno Motta, EBO Live - Slow Motion (Nezhdan Remix)
Vianney - Je M`en Vais (A. Rassevich Remix)
Alex Hook feat. Shyam P - Won t Let Go (Original Mix)
Costa Mee - Waiting for the Light (Andomalix Remix)
Cami & Max Oazo - Set Me Free (The Distance & Igi Remix)
Escadia - Return to Happiness (Original Mix)
Gutenberg -Sunshine (Monoteq Remix)
Alexander Hristov, Sheri Marshel - You (Nikko Culture Remix)
Housenick - Be The One (Nikko Culture Remix)
Emrah Karaduman â - Believe In Me (Regard & Burak Cilt remix)
320 Кбит | 74 мин. | 170 МБ | 2018-12-24
DiscoBar107.3 - 07.12.2018 part 2
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Mathey B - Imagination (Original Mix) [Loving Records]
Rees - Chances (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
Richard Rogers - Can't Stop Loving You (Krystal Klear Paradise Remix) [Nervous Records]
Avalanche - Hurting (Original Mix) [Playmusic]
Shalvoy - Ubu & Mebeme (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
Hotmood - Keep The Funk Alive (Original Mix) [Discoweey]
Cuz Electric - You're a Mover (Original Mix) [Masterworks Music]
Kellini Sweetooth - Music In U (Jarle B Remix) [Ism Records]
Sasha Primitive - Scream & Shout (Original Mix) [PPG Recordings]
Albert Marzinotto & Jerique - Trying To Love Me (feat. Jerique) (Club Mix) [Different Twins]
Dr Packer & Loshmi - House In Downtown (Original Mix) [Disco Fruit]
Danny Vegas - I'm Ok (Instrumental Mix) [Deluxe Music Bundles]
320 Кбит | 58 мин. | 134 МБ | 2018-12-20
Исполнитель: Dj Dereka
In Your Eyes (Original Mix) Babert
Inside Your Love (Swales' In Detroit Edit)
L'atelier - Helene Francoise
Marc Heun - Jackin Janet (Original Mix)
Underground Life (Original Mix) Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Up Jumped The Devil (Louie Vega Remix)
Adri Block - Like U Just Don't Care (Original MIx)
Heat (Exclusive Extended Mix) Rapson
No More Love (Part 1) (Michele Chiavarini Main Mix)-Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson
Ari Bald - Are You Mesmerized- (Moonshiner EP)
Let's Get Down (Original Mix) Babert
Frits Wentink - Shrewd (Original Mix)
Kapote - Get Down Brother
Lovebirds - The Night (Original Mix)
Junior (Original Mix) Minimono
Matthias Meyer - Infinity
Dancin' (Original Mix) -Peter Brown
Stashbox (Original Mix) Phil Fuldner
Blakes Beat sanXero
Last Of Us (Original Mix) Alvaro Smart
All I See Is You (Original Mix) Full Intention
320 Кбит | 92 мин. | 211 МБ | 2018-12-20
Dead Robot - My Hypnotic Ride
Исполнитель: Dead Robot
Also Playable Mono - Sweet Night (Original Mix)
Daniele Baldelli, Dionigi - Aquila Rapax (Original Mix)
Leonardus - Music Is My Way Of Life (Original mix)
Dave Leatherman, Alexander Koning - My Hypnotic Ride (Dub Version)
Grazze - The Red Road (Original mix)
Sound Quelle - LoMe (Original mix)
Cody Currie - Alpha Bravo (Original mix)
Rousson - Sprinter (Original Mix)
J Peen Height - Tecnorobotic (Original Mix)
Doctor Dru - Ambius (Moscoman Remix)
Moskva-Kassiopeya - Encounters (Original Mix)
Frankfurt Express - Living a Lie (Original Mix)
320 Кбит | 61 мин. | 140 МБ | 2018-12-19
T o l l - Dance Cafe # 40 @ 2018 (vocal house / nu disco)
Kendra Erika - Self Control (Original)
Lastlings - Deja Vu (Original Mix)
Housenick - I Want To Be Alone (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
Irina Rimes - Nu Stii Tu Sa Fii Barbat (Dj Vianu Extended Remix)
Tony Igy ft Joan Osborne DJ Groove - One of us Happiness
SHAFYR - Your Love (Original Mix)
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn (Dj Amor Remix)
Da Buzz - Wonder Where You Are (Hakan Sonmez Remix)
Escadia - Return to Happiness (Original Mix)
DJ Artak, Sone Silver, Angel Falls - Searching (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix)
Irina Makosh, Deep Sound Effec - Gamble Game (Wallie Remix)
Deep Parliament - Down For Life (Extended Mix)
Vanessa Da Mata - Boa Sorte
Hayden James Running Touch - Better Together
DJ Roody - Lie Machine (Original Mix)
Yunus Dural1 Feat. Megan Kashat - Don't Cry
ZHU & Karnaval Blues - Still Want U (Diego Power Radio Remix)
Linkin Park - In The End (Sonik Gon Haziri Remix)
V.E.I feat. Metallica - Fade to Black (Deep House Remix)
Ea Kaya - Don39t Complicate It (Just Kiddin Extended Mix)
Mayan, Slipenberg - Purple Sky (Max Lyazgin Remix)
A. Rassevich - The Red Space (Original Mix)
Sasha Primitive - Ooh Yeah (Original Mix)
Ultra Nate - Free (Javier Penna Remix)
Game Chasers - Belly Dance
Sharam Jey Dirty Vegas Betoko - Ready Or Not (Betoko Remix)
Egoism - Something New (Original Mix)
320 Кбит | 103 мин. | 237 МБ | 2018-12-16
Dead Robot - Just A Place
Исполнитель: Dead Robot
Andrea Maggino, Marco Santoro - Disco Down (Original Mix)
Black Legend Project, Veselina Popova - Like You Don't Care (Mattei & Omich Piano Dub)
Friendly Fires, Disclosure - Heaven Let Me In (Original Mix)
Jinje - Big Skies (Original Mix)
Kasper Marott - Keflavik (Original Mix)
K69 Ft. Tameka Jackson - Higher (Original Mix)
Senzala - Illusions (Original Mix)
Adelphi Music Factory - Javelin (Calling Out Your Name)
Riva Starr - Piknik (Original Mix)
Underground System - Just A Place (Gerd Janson Remix)
Manfredas ,Polo & Pan - Mexicali (Manfredas Remix)
Funk Riot Band - Fanático (Original Mix)
Gabe Gurnsey - You Can (Original Mix)
Kraak & Smaak - I'll Be Loving You (feat. Ivar) (Re-Tide's Disco Mix)
320 Кбит | 64 мин. | 147 МБ | 2018-12-11
T o l l - Indie Dance & Nu Disco best @ 2018
Francis Mercier feat. Zak Ria - Feels Like Im Alive
Fancy Feelings - Lush (feat. Mammals)
RunSQ - Always Calling (Cavego Remix)
Rodion Poddubsky - Authentic Vibes (Original Mix)
Satin Jackets, Anduze - Athena (Extended Mix) 2018
Conro - Trippin (Original Mix)
W.O.L.F. & Rubytates - Nia (2018)
Aerobatics - Digital Love (2018)
Deep Vision - Jolly Rose (Original Mix)
The Juan Maclean - A Simple Design
Sharam Jey KAT Miguel Campbell — Dangerous Game (Miguel Campbell Remix)
Will The Funkboss, Claire Andson - Back Again
Mart, OverDisco - I Feel It (Original Mix)
Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Promises (Mousse T.'s Disco Shizzle Remix)
Mali - High (2018)
Sek - It Doesnt Really Matter (2018)
Breakbot, Delafleur - Don't Stop The Dance (2018)
Cavego - Vertikal Vind
Sunset Child feat. Bianca — Missing (feat. Bianca)
Antenna - Take Me Home
320 Кбит | 81 мин. | 186 МБ | 2018-12-08
Dead Robot - Pastillitas
Исполнитель: Dead Robot
Kathy Diamond, Mellow Cat - Accelerate (Extended Dance Mix)
Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt You Down)
Brian Ring - Big Town Boy Small City Dreams (Jacques Renault Remix)
Bawrut - I Hear Voices (Original Mix)
Zakmina - Born (Original Mix)
Perel - Angelika (Original Mix)
Simphonia - You And Me (Dub)
Davis - Clone Heart (Original Mix)
Julian Stetter - Pear (Original Mix)
Lauer - Nirost (Original Mix)
Lifelike - The Chase (Extended Mix)
Whitesquare - Ligai (Original Mix)
Renato Cohen - Forсa (Original Mix)
Ali X, Ximena, Palomo - Pastillitas (Original Mix)
320 Кбит | 75 мин. | 173 МБ | 2018-12-08
al l bo - MARS (album megamix)
Исполнитель: nick wowk
al l bo - One Happy Day In Hot Sun (feat. Petr)
al l bo - High Electric
al l bo - Walking As An Alien
al l bo - City Is My Band (feat. Semenovb)
al l bo - Man From The Moon (feat. laszlo Nikulin)
al l bo - Mars
al l bo - She (feat. DJ Alex N-Ice)
al l bo - Lady
320 Кбит | 75 мин. | 173 МБ | 2018-12-08
Anton Poletaev-Weekend (nudisco,disco house mix)
Исполнитель: Anton Poletaev
Dirtydisco & Adam Nova - Together
Enjoy Yourself (Original Mix)
Jafunk - One On One (ft. Aaron Pfeiffer)
Rootkit - Taking Me Higher (Original Mix)
Lülla - Nothing Changes (Nude Disco Remix)
Dj Dharma 900 - Listed In The Classified (Original Mix)
Muttonheads, Vita Levina - My Old Buddy (Original Mix)
David Jansen - Can You Feel My Heart Beat (Original Mix)
Cody Currie - Passing (Original Mix)
Apparel Wax - 004B2
Probably Shouldnt - Heartache
Apparel Wax - 005B1
Berobreo - Unfunky Handcuffs
320 Кбит | 58 мин. | 133 МБ | 2018-12-07
DiscoBar107.3 - 02.11.2018 part 2
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Discorocks - I Need You Tonight (Original Extended Mix) [Purple Disco Records]
Al McKay Allstars - Heed The Message (Joey Negro Extended Mix) [Z Records]
Metrush - Upside Down (Extended Mix) [ Protocol Recordings]
Alexander Price - You're Burning (Paramour Dub Mix) [Velcro City Records]
Sergio Bennett, Coopdown - Be Real (Ellin Spring Remix) [NYLO]
Change - Love 4 Love (Joey Negro Extended Remix) [Nova 017 Ltd]
YAVORE - Believe In You (Original Mix) [YAVORE]
Hyptonix - For All The Nations (Original Mix) [Ragoza Deep]
Discobeetz - Place You (Original Mix) [Low Culture Records]
Deepscale - Gotta Have Some (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment]
Maxim Andreev - Go Away (Maxx Play Remix) [Deep Strips]
Jai Wolf feat. Chelsea Jade - Lost (MYRNE Remix) [Mom+Pop]
320 Кбит | 61 мин. | 140 МБ | 2018-12-06
Исполнитель: Renaissance Promo Group
Medsound - In My Head (Original Mix)
Vanilla Ace & Adam Baum - True Confession (Original Mix)
Girafa Thunder - Dont Look Back (Original Mix)
Sensekraft - Letters (Original Mix)
Sharam Jey & Dirty Vegas - Ready Or Not (Betoko Remix)
Abax, Kaique Slater - Every Single Day (Original Mix)
Shevtsov, Krasavin - Take Back (Original Mix)
Rivas & Padovan9 - Bust That Ghost (Original Mix)
Laserjakk & L.O.O.P - Ask Me (Platinum Doug Club Edit)
Roman Tkachoff - Zombie (Nu Disco Cover)
Deepscale - Doing This Tonight (Original Mix)
Housenick - Who Da Fug (Original Mix)
320 Кбит | 63 мин. | 144 МБ | 2018-12-05
al l bo - MARS (full album teaser)
Исполнитель: nick wowk
al l bo - Mars
al l bo - Walking As An Alien
al l bo - High Electric
al l bo - One Happy Day In Hot Sun (feat. Petr)
al l bo - City Is My Band (feat. Semenovb)
al l bo - Man From The Moon (feat. laszlo Nikulin)
al l bo - She (feat. DJ Alex N-Ice)
al l bo - Lady
320 Кбит | 78 мин. | 180 МБ | 2018-12-05
DiscoBar107.3 - 26.10.2018 part 1
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Rafael Fernandez & Sould Out - Diamond Dance (Original Mix) [Masterworks Music]
Daft Funk - The Good Old Days (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings Digital]
Kindred Soul x Get To Know - Hold On feat. Kayleigh Gibson (Original Mix) [Dirty Panda]
Jaques Le Noir - Good Times With Me (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
Soulskid - Love N' Bass (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
Powerdance - A Safe and Happy Place (JKriv Remix) [Classic Music Company]
Random Soul - Together (Jarred Gallo Remix) [Random Soul Recordings]
J.B. Boogie - Disco Street (Original Mix) [SpinCat Music]
Dr Packer - Intense Boogie (Original Mix) [Hotbox Boogie]
Max Lyazgin & John Martin - Good Morning (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
Max Vertigo - Save You (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
Lee Noir - Man's Right Here (Original Mix) [Disco Criminal Records]
Lu & Sowlmate - Hopeful Words (Original Mix) [TDG Music ]
320 Кбит | 58 мин. | 133 МБ | 2018-11-28
Roman RF- TIME
Исполнитель: Roman RF
TIME PASSING-Its A New Day (original album) Time Passing 116,00 Gm Re Collection Balearic/Downtempo 05:57 2016-08-06
JAMIE-That Groovy Thing Jamie Trench 120,00 Ab Shag Edits Volume 3 Disco/Nu Disco/Re-Edits 06:12 2016-08-06
MOODMACH-Lovebirds Moodmachine & Anri 120,00 Ebm Introducing#01 Deep house 08:17 2016-08-06
KINKY MOVE-Don't Hold Back KINKY MOVEMENT 120,00 Bm Don't Hold Back Deep house 06:11 2016-08-06
GODLIPS-Fly Away (Jako Diaz remix) GODLIPS 118,00 Em Fly Away Funky/vocal/disco/club house 07:24 2016-08-06
DEELIGENT SOUL -Colours Of The Sunset DEELIGENT SOUL 121,00 Am Colours Of The Sunset Deep house 06:49 2016-08-06
Rhythm Factory - Stamina Rhythm Factory 123,00 Dm Deep House 09:20 2016-08-06
RIVERA-Take Away My Pain RIVERA, Sandy 122,00 Cm Take Away My Pain Disco/Nu Disco/Re-Edits 05:31 2016-08-06
SEBB-Everything You Need Is Love SEBB JUNIOR 122,00 Gm Higher EP Deep house 05:48 2016-08-06
KINGS-Please (Sandy Rivera & Random Soul Classic mix) KINGS OF TOMORROW/RANDOM SOUL 123,00 Gm Please Deep house 05:12 2016-08-06
DEEPLOMATIK -Rude Boyz (Miguel Migs remix) DEEPLOMATIK 123,00 Gm Space Drop EP Deep house 06:47 2016-08-06
320 Кбит | 61 мин. | 140 МБ | 2018-11-27
T o l l - Dance Cafe # 39 @ 2018 (vocal house / nu disco)
The Weeknd - Call Out My Name (Magnitola Extended Mix)
Nacim Ladj - On The Road (Original mix)
Kvant - Heathens (Hugobeat Remix)
Pete Bellis & Tommy - Treat Me Right (Nikko Culture Remix)
Nytron Capute Moa - Losing My Hearth (Original Mix)
Igor Kalinin feat. Natune - Late Nights (Original Mix)
Guzwoo Nollan Bruno Motta - Right Way (Extended Mix)
Vanotek feat. Eneli - Tara (Andrew Brooks Remix)
Gavin James - Always (DeepDelic Renato Edde Remix)
Ghostt, Цwnboss feat. Teo Kylix - Moonlight (Original Mix)
Snebastar - Let Go (Igor Frank Remix)
Luca Debonaire & Tommy B - I've Been Thinking About You (Original Mix)
John Reyton - Out Of The Dark (Extended Mix)
Housenick - I Want to Be Alone (Pete Bellis Tommy Remix)
Diego Power - Losing My Baby (Original Mix)
Svet - Sandra
KAIROS - Breathing Thoughts
Luca Debonaire Tom Boye - Let Me Pretend
Diego Power - In My Head (Original Mix)
De Lev - Take Me To Saint-P (Original Mix)
Roelbeat, MBNN feat. Casey - Do You Feel Me (A-Mase & Frankie Remix)
Spada feat. Anna Leyne - Dark Gemini (feat. Anna Leyne)
Jay Hardway - Paradigm (Extended Mix)
320 Кбит | 74 мин. | 171 МБ | 2018-11-25
JFF 322 - Snow Day
Исполнитель: Johanne G Gagnon
[0:00] Luke Pauley – Only You
[3:27] RVHU – Feelin U (tripplejunearthed.com)
[7:19] Tuxedo – July
[11:39] Leftproject – Electric Powerline (tripplejunearthed.com)
[15:53] Liberty Klaud, Mojo Rising – Summer Groove
[22:03] Tonbe – Double Bas Rules
[27:27] Kiu D – Love In (Dicky Trisco Version)
[34:16] Nude Disco – Remind Me Of U
[38:20] Mitiko – Same Old Song (Original Mix)
[45:11] Yuma Hara ft Monique Dehaney – Be Free (T-Groove Remix)
[49:15] Con Brio – All Over Me
[53:34] JPL – Oxygen (tripplejunearthed.com)
[56:41] Soulpersona ft Princes Freesia – Got The Fire
BPM 70-117
All ks available through Bandcamp, Beatport, Juno, Traxsource and specialty d/l stores. Please encourage artists.
320 Кбит | 60 мин. | 139 МБ | 2018-11-23
DiscoBar107.3 - 26.10.2018 part 2
Исполнитель: DiscoBar107.3
Diegopericles - Intimi (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
DJ 'S' - Get Up & Dance (Dj 'S' Edit) [Bandcamp]
enSLAVEd - Just a Freq (Pete's Freakin Rework) [Alpaca Edits]
Disco Incorporated - Super Disco (From Disco 2 Disco Mix) [MuzikxPres]
Mokoa - Rock the Disco (Extended Mix) [?Cookie Records]
Disco Doubles feat. Copycat - Feeling (Original Mix) [Wonder Stories]
's Child - What Would You Do (Original Mix) [Masterworks Music]
Megan Vice - Nobody Freakin' (Jaxx De Luxe Remix) [Peace Bisquit]
Button Boks - Pleasure (DJ KaktuZ Remix) [Tropical Vibes]
Danijel Kostic - Selfish Desires (Club Mix) [No Definition]
Matt Hughes - Can't Talk Now (Original Mix) [Outcros Records]
Vigi - French Honey (Casual Connection Remix) [NDYD Records]
Soulskid - 2AM Disco (Original Mix) [Velcro City Records]
320 Кбит | 60 мин. | 139 МБ | 2018-11-23
Dead Robot - Realistic
Исполнитель: Dead Robot
Jason Rivas, Elektronik Kitchen of Ideas - Robots Are Welcome
Lauer - Realistic (Original Mix)
Cavego - Vertikal Vind (Original Mix)
Tony Masera - Call Me (Original Mix)
Softmal - Celebrate Good Times (Original Mix)
Da Lukas - Gotta Get Up (Original Mix)
Mathey B - Imagination (Original Mix)
Fish From Japan, Clea Llewellyn - Perfect Storm (Original Mix)
Xenia Beliayeva - Televisor (Original Mix)
Yell Of Bee, Aquaphonik - Call Me Elvis (Original Mix)
M-Fast - Submitting Space (Original Mix)
Bronco Joyce - Hypervelocity (2018)
Akitar - Quartier des Pierres (Original Mix)
320 Кбит | 63 мин. | 144 МБ | 2018-11-23