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Даниил Сергеев ( sarik1993 )

32) TAILER-MELODICA-259(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Frostmoon-Winter Sunset(Original Mix)
Kellerraum Projekt-The Future Is Now(Original Mix)
Hiromori Aso-Ephemeral(Original Mix)
Zhiroc-Pulsating Hearts(Luis Quezada Remix)
Unix SL-Medina(Original Mix)
SkyEye-Lemonade(Original Mix)
Para X-Light Speed(Extended Mix)
Storm State & Clare Stagg-Eternal Glow(Extended Mix)
TranzLift-City Of The Gods(Binary Ensemble Extended Remix)
Terra V-Out Of Life(Extended Mix)
Airborne Angel-Arctic Sunrise(Brake Force Remix)
Atlantis-Fiji(Stuart Davidson Bootleg)
Arcadio-Betelgeuse(Original Mix)
Alexandrians-Your Other Face(Original Mix)
Euphoric Heart-Brave Vesperia(Original Mix)
Futurecode & Roxanne Emery-Dancing In The Rain(Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
Roman Sand-We Go Alive(Original Mix)
Josh Ferrin-Mauna Kea(Original Mix)
Akemi-A New Era(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2020-02-17 05:36:03
31) TAILER-Притяжение-152(2020)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Back To Earth-Open Skies
Roger Shah-Close Your Eyes
Mars Lasar-No Secrets
Soulcraft-Coming Home
Spiritual Evolution-Dream
Ana Criado-Afterglow(Chillout Mix)
Germind-Azure Mirages(Original Mix)
Hammock-Then The Quiet Explosion
Ludovico Einaudi-Life
Lunar Motion-Aozora(Chillout Mix)
Maxi Marihuana-Burning Desires
Michael Cretu-L42
Palaraga-Angel's Next Day
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2020-02-14 06:18:02
▼ 30) TAILER-SUMMER DREAMS-249(2020)
Trance | Даниил Сергеев
Victor Special & Elev8-Through The Dust Od Doubt(Intro Mix)
Delerium-Silence(London & Niko2020 Remix)
Fischer & Miethig ft.Aeron Komila-Rise Again(Vocal Mix)
Fabrice-Tell Me A Story(Original Mix)
David Surok-Moment(Original Mix)
James Dymond & Alex M.O.R.P.H.-Horizon(Extended Mix)
David Gate-Twins Flams(Original Mix)
Kita Kei-Sora(Original Mix)
Dustin Husain-Max Starfall(Extended Mix)
David Gate & Dj Deraven-For Her & Forever(Original Mix)
Coke Montilla-Wildfire(Original Mix)
Derek Ryan-Empath(Extended Mix)
Adam Taylor-Vanish In The Haze(Original Mix)
Ahmed Romel-Reverie(Extended Mix)
Dan Stone-Steall Falls(Extended Mix)
Air Project-Crystal Illusion(Original Mix)
Exouler-Mirror Of Soul(Extended Mix)
Last Dream-Find Me
Calvin O'Commor-Ivory(Original Mix)
Katrik & Sandro Mireno-Amore Mio(Original Mix)
Скорее всего микс удалён
29) TAILER-MELODICA-258(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Michael Retouch-Heavenly Hundred(Original Mix)
Driftmoon ft.Eller-When Heroes Fall(Extended Mix)
Simon O'Shine ft.Eskova-You May Love(Alpha Force Guitar Remix)
Emoiryah & Cyril Ryaz-Rainfall(Extended Mix)
Allbitrik-May The Trance Be With You(Original Mix)
Blue Serigala & Invirion-Independent Dreams(Original Mix)
Karl Bush-Immortal(Original Mix)
Trance Classics & Neev Kennedy-Night Moves(NyTiGen Remix)
The Thrillseekers-Synaesthesia(Rik Crofts Remix)
Binary System-A New Dawn(Uplifting Mix)
Remech-I Know What Love Is(Dalmoori Remix)
KRCL ft.Alina Renae-I Am Who I Am(Solis & Sean Truby Mix)
Lost Witness & Kate Loise Smith-This Dream(Extended Mix)
Khaled Ahmed Gad-Nictophile(Original Mix)
Alcyone Project-The Worldseeker(The Pulsarix Remix)
Calvin O'Commor-Taller(Johny E Remix)
Michael Adel-Day Dreaming(Extended Mix)
Cj S.a.y.-Unknown Musician
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2020-02-08 07:06:03
28) TAILER-Притяжение-151(2020)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Boyko ft Oleg Sobchuk-Can You Fell Love Tonight(InWinter Remix)
Lounge & Baba Gnohm-Southern Hemisphere
Romil12-Earth Planet
AK-Our Destination
Ascent & Argus-Water The Perfect Element
Back To Earth-Carry Me Home
Romil12-Full Love
Blufeld-Forget Me Not
Chicane-Offshore(Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix)
Emiliano Secchi-Memory Fragments(Lumidelic Remix)
Pablo Moriego ft.Miper-Unbrace
Project Blue Sun-I Love You
Ryan Myers-I Breathe You
192 Кбит | 76 мин. | 104 МБ | 2020-02-07 05:03:02
27) TAILER-X-PLANET-258(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Cyril Ryaz-Love You 3000(Original Mix)
Farhad Mohdavi & Soshians-Back To Amsterdam(Ronski Speed Remix)
Terra V-Midnight(Original Mix)
Kai Arktik-I'm Free(Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond-Sun In Your Eyes(Cj Arthur Remix)
Christopher Corrigan-Beside Her(Original Mix)
Dave Moz Mozo-Weeping From The Deep(Original Mix)
KBK ft.Mary Syll-Moments Of Life(Alex Shevchenko Dub Mix)
Johny E-Horizons(Original Mix)
Inner Heart-Lonely In The Dark(Original Mix)
Mike Zaloxx-Saving Night(Original Mix)
Miikka Leinonen-Lumi(Kayan Code Remix)
Mostafa Rebel-For The Ones We Loved(Classic Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-Nothing Lasts Forever(Original Mix)
W!SS-Empathy(Extended Mix)
Simon McLeod-Recall(Extended Mix)
Enigmatic Arrow-A New Beginning(Original Mix)
Neptune Project ft.Polly Strange-Pulse(Adam Francis Remix)
Fredd Moz-Light In The Shadows(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2020-02-04 06:39:02
26) TAILER-Притяжение-150(2020)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
AK-Standing Together
Apple & Stone-Crying Emotions
ATB-Dooley's World
CMA-You're Not Alone(Original Mix)
Libra Pres.Taylor-Anomaly
Marc Enfroy-A Beautiful
Mark Tyner-LOst In Thoughts
Martian ft.Daminika-Autumn Day
Nikolay Mikryukov-Railway Station
Sergey Shvets ft.Tcentralen-J
amp;5-The Memory
Romil 12-Бесконечность
Zero Project-New World
Suduaya-Wanderlust With You
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2020-02-02 09:18:03
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Neptune Project-Aztec(Adam Ellis Remix)
The Sixth Sense-Rogue Planet(Original Mix)
Miroslaw Vrlik-Over The Rainbow(Original Mix)
N Sking-Crimson Crisis(Extended Mix)
Martin Libsen-Butterfly(Original Mix)
Shadowline-Ice Queen(Original Mix)
Elian West-A.I.D.A.(Original Mix)
Andy Jornee-Starshine(Above The Stars Vocal Mix)
Carla Morrison-Vez Primera(Ellez Ria Uplifting Mix)
Dj Spaceman-Pegasus(Extended Mix)
A & Z Vs.Elyes Karray-The Revolution(Alexandrians Bootleg)
Rinaly-Phoenix Pinion(Extended Mix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Power Of Love(Inversed Remake)
Lightforce-Join Me(En-Trance Remix)
Alex Nomak-Insanity(Original Mix)
Man En Trance-Zodiacal Light(Original Mix)
Fright Nite,Light Control & Maria Nayler-The Commotion Of Love(Dub Mix)
Above & Beyond pres.Tranquility Base-Surrender(Nick V Remix)
Imperfect Hope & TranzLift-By My Heart(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2020-02-01 07:51:02
24) TAILER-MELODICA-257(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Shane Infinity-Lost In Time(Intro Mix)
Vins,Alex Brothers-Aida
Trance Reserve & Katrin's World-I Was There(Katrin's World Remix)
Deadmau5-Strobe(Seventh Sun Rework)
SounEmot Vs.Luis Hurtado-Si Tan Solo Mis Lagrimas(SounEmot Mashup)
The Pulsarix-Gothica(Original Mix)
W!SS With Ash K & Junior-Valhalla(Original Mix)
Milosh K-Sparkle(Original Mix)
Raphael Bernard ft.Samantha White-Save All Your Love(Original Mix)
Ryad-Jolly(Karl Forde Power Remix)
Mehdi Bey-Hymn Of Algiers(Original Mix)
Miguel Angel Castellini-Forces For Victory(Faro Remix)
Karl Bush-Immortal(Tim Redding Remix)
KBK ft.Mary Syll-Moments Of Life(Alex Shevchenko Remix)
Maja Salamon-In The Time Of Change(Symfonica Remix)
Ira & Sarah Russell-Constant Invasions(Skylex Remix)
Andy Blueman-Neverland(Braulio Stefield Rework)
Abide-Face To Face(Symfonica Remix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2020-01-29 23:57:02
23) TAILER-Притяжение-149(2020)
New Age | ► Даниил Сергеев
Lebensart-Enigmatic Chiller(Mystic Guitar Chill Mix)
Martin Tilman-Odessa
Shinnobu-Shadow Of My Being
Akoviani-White Dreams
Anhidema-Odyssey Of Love
Ferngauss-Desert Meets Ocean
Flaer Smin-Catharsis
Messiah Project-Breath Of Life
Muse ft Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares-Dawn(Part 1)
Saint Of Sin-Into Silence
Valefim Planet-Altar & Candle
Lebensart-Rainbow Colours
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 101 МБ | 2020-01-26 13:27:03
22) TAILER-X-PLANET-257(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Inito-1 Legend(Original Mix)
TranzLift-Heaven's Shore (Mercurial Virus Remix)
Matteo Marini Vs.Scoopman-Breaking News(In The Sky Mix)
Jan Michel Jarre-Oxygene 8(TrancEye Bootleg Remix)
Christina Novelli-Beautiful Life(Craig Connely Remix)
Distant World-Зимняя Вишня(Tribute To Siberia)
Ashley Bradbury-Jules(Original Mix)
Universal Flow ft.Myra Bro-Dreaming(Original Mix)
Philippe El Sisi & A&Z With Cari-Wings Of Love(Extended Mix)
Sean Tyas-Turbo(Kwone Remake)
Kayan Code-Eclipse(Extended Mix)
Kristian Macarol-New Generation(Original Mix)
Gayax-Time(Dub Mix)
Allburn & Ria-Dive To Blue(Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond-Satelite(Trance Ferhat Bootleg)
Aly & Fila ft.Roxanne Emery-Shine(Club Mix)
Ron with Leeds & Christina Novelli-Never Give Up(Rene Ablaze Remix)
Gaia-Aisha(Aly & Fila Remix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2020-01-25 22:03:02
▼ 21) TAILER-Притяжение-148(2020)
Chillout | Даниил Сергеев
Zero Project-A New World
Adam Nickey-Perfect Destiny(Chillout Remix)
Blut Own-Rewind
Jane Maximova-Stop Time
Koan-When The Silence Is Speaking
Kopi Luwak-Anna Pedan
Lenny Ibizarre-El Viejo Pescador
Lullaby Lounge-Chill De La Mer Blank Guitar Cafe(Relax Mix)
Oleg Byonic,Jem Strickland-Mockery
Simon G-Endless Beach Sunset(Original Chillout Mix)
Sine-Code Red
Скорее всего микс удалён
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Alexander Miroshnichenko-The Farewell Letter(Sad Dramatic Mix)
SounEmot-Better Than You(Trances Remix)
Carl Nicholson-Paradise(Adrenaline Dept.Remix)
Scott Bond & Charlie Walker-Sweet Release(Extended Mix)
Aki Harunari-Mysterios Country(Original Mix)
Au5 & Fractal-Smoke(ShadeTree Uplifting Bootleg)
BakuBoy & Austin Blake-Cyra(Original Mix)
Chris Van Winder-The Voyage(Original Mix)
Cold Face-Light Blue(Original Mix)
Dan Thompson-Spectrum(Extended Mix)
BluSkay & KeyPlayer-Nocturne In C# Minor(Original Mix)
SoundLift ft.Tiff Lacey-Be My Inspiration(Original Mix)
Elenski-Heaven Forgive(Extended Mix)
Forelsket-Lost World(Original Mix)
LFTR-Reminisce(Original Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-Burning Sky(Original Mix)
Terra V-See You(Original Mix)
Turn,Natali Kryzhanovski-Renaissance
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2020-01-22 00:57:02
19) TAILER-Притяжение-147(2020)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Galaxy Drop-Hear Yorself
Apple & Stone-Rain Of Shadows
Angelica S-Prelude In E Minor(Original Mix)
lietic-If Only
tunes-Where Are You Now
amp; 5-The Memory
Enigma & D-Emotion Project-June
Mythos-Sunless Sea
Isotis-Trust Me
Above & Beyond-Stengh From Inside
Marc Enfroy-A Beautiful Soul
Narcotic Chill-Snowflakes
Saint Of Sin-Myth Of The Ocean
Sergio Santini-I Love You
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2020-01-16 19:24:02
18) TAILER-MELODICA-256(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Aleksandr R-Before Dawn(Original Mix)
Solarstone-Solarcoaster(Dave Hassell Rework)
Ashai-Interstellar Spacecraft(Rich Triphonic Remix)
Michael Rods-The Eyes Of Andrea(Original Mix)
Lyes-I Apologize(Original Mix)
Skyvol-Near The Waterfall(Original Mix)
Shion Hinano-Chase(Noshi Remix)
Laucco & Binary Ensemble-We'll Meet In Heaven(Original Mix)
Nostrangel Pres Kerneos-The Freedom Of Winter(Longest Mix)
Terra V-Orb Of Fire(Original Mix)
Vyacheslav Demchenko-I Have The Power(Original Mix)
Jeitam Osheen-Sumeria(Original Mix)
Above & Beyond-Sun & Moon(Rob Curtis Refresh)
Jonas Steur ft.Jennifer Rene-Fall To Pieces(Daniel Skyver Remix)
Final Flight-Aquarius(Original Mix)
Alt+F4-Alt+F4(Mohamed Khairy Remix)
Ahmed Romel-Kenopsia(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 117 мин. | 161 МБ | 2020-01-15 21:00:02
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Euphonic-The One(Vox Mix)
Will B-Pangaea(Ferry Tayle Vs.Everest Remix)
Mike Shiver & Sonicvibe-Lunation(Masters & Nickson Remix)
Aneym,Hazem Beltagui-Remember Me
Bastian Basic ft.Nijana-Castles In The Sky
Ben Alonzi & 7 Baltic-Flashback(Original Mix)
Bryan Kearney-Adrenaline(James Dymond Remix)
Aly & Fila & Philippe El Sisi-The Chronicles(Extended Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-The Elusive Flame(Dalmoori Remix)
DreamLife & Aleksey Gunichev-Good Night My Dream(Original Mix)
Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland-Galactive(Extended Mix)
Distant Identity-Perserverance(Extended Mix)
Remot-Fly In A Dreams
Elian West-Andromeda Galaxy(Original Mix)
Eric Senn-Chase Your Dreams(Extended Mix)
Mark Sherry ft.Claire Stagg-Poison Apple(Vocal Mix)
Paul Miller Vs.Ronald De Foe-Aqua Virgo(7 Baltic & Daniel Meyer Remix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2020-01-12 00:48:02
16) TAILER-Притяжение-146(2020)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Amethystium-Meadowland(Original Mix)
AnimoEx-Gleams Of Dawn(Original Mix)
Ascetic-Loving But Lonely(Original Mix)
Dimitris Athanasiou-Feel This Love(Original Mix)
Gelvetta & Alena Nice-Be You For You(Original Mix)
Green Sun-Interstellar Odyssey(Original Mix)
Melodic Brothers-Shrt Novel(MegaVoizzz Chilout Revival Mix)
Need A Name-Road To Berlin(Oleg Byonic Remix)
R.I.B.& Seven24-The Mirage(Chillout Mix)
Sean Hayman-Give Me Love(The Dreamwave Mix)
Synthetic Impulse-Way Of An Angel
Project Blue Sun-Amore
Madonna-Frozen(Dj Rostej Remix)
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2020-01-10 07:09:02
15) TAILER-MELODICA-255(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Jan Vayne-Welcome To A New World(Fred Baker Mix)
Transa-Prophase'02(Unrealeased Original Mix)
Kiyoy & Eky-Twenty Four Seven(Original Mix)
Tommy Silent-Closer(Emre Colak Mix)
Precious Affliction-Astoria(Extended Mix)
Nils Andreas-You Know Who I Am(Original Mix)
Philippe El Sisi & Ahmed Romel-Gloria(Original Mix)
Andy Blueman-Time To Rest
Terra V-Somnium(Original Mix)
POINoir-Nefertiti(Original Mix)
Hemstock & Jennings-Babylon(Icone Remix)
David Surok-Aerial(Original Mix)
Evgeny Venge-Soul Fly Away(Extended Mix)
Costa Pantazis-Now You See It(Glynn Alan Remix)
Anyosel & Divaiz-When The Sun Rises(Original Mix)
Bjorn Akesson-Painting Pyramids(Original Mix)
Alex Gord-Fate(Original Mix)
Catching Dreams-Timeless(Dj Ray Remix)
Dan Iwan-Josie(O.B.M Notion Remix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2020-01-08 15:24:02
14) TAILER-X-PLANET-255(2020)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sowa-On Top Of The World(Phil Dinner Remix)
Tiesto-A Tear In The Open(Beatsole Remix)
Virtual Self-Ghost Voises(Ren Tanahashi Bootleg)
Steve Allen & Sarah Russel-Shadow Of Myself(Extended Mix)
DreamLife & SounEmot-Every Moment With You(Original Mix)
The Noble Six-Into The Sunset(Pierre Pienaar Remix)
Lentorek-Asuna(Sword Art Online Mix)
TranzLift-MMXX(Extended Mix)
Type 41-Ascension(XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
W&W-Impact(Faruk Sabanci Remix)
Activa & Julie Thompson-When The Mask Falls(Extended Mix)
Faruk Sabanci-As Faces Fade(Uplifting Mix)
Lentorek-Winter Rain(Original Mix)
Ryota Arai-Sunset Deck(Raddie B Remix)
Katrin's World-Somewhere(Extended Mix)
DreamLife & Dmitriy Kuznetsov-Christmas Story(Extended Mix)
Dalmoori ft.Plutian-Thousand Utopia Over The Blues
Craig Connelly-Spires(Original Mix)
Zenfire-Near The Sun(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2020-01-05 09:12:02
13) TAILER-Притяжение-145(2020)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Madis-Desert Of Lost Souls(Original Mix)
Metamorphosis-Flight Of The Firefiles
Pablo Moriego & Happy Deny-Pacification
Ryan Farish-Northern Lights
Sine-Deep Down
Soarsweep-Losing Rays
Sunlounger-Another Day On The Terrace
Thierry David-Mahal Kita(I Love You)
A.R.D.I-Close Your Eyes
Al Marconi-Afterglow
192 Кбит | 77 мин. | 106 МБ | 2020-01-04 10:09:04
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
MakeFlame-Age Of Love
Lilly Sinatra-Ghost Love(Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Anat(Original Mix)
Aour-Laguna Beach(Original Mix)
David Surok-Twister(Extended Mix)
Dj Infinity-Vega(Original Mix)
Cosmic Gate-Exploration Of Space(Airdream Rework)
Lady Gaga-Always Remember Us This Way(XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
ByJon-Thrive(Original Mix)
Wonderful Feeling-Byond The Truth(Markus Vorn Bootleg)
Navab Jalil & Parviz Jalili-Last Secret(Extended Mix)
Nick Parker-True Love(Plutian's Sentimental Take Mix)
TranzLift Vs.Airyboy-Butterfly(Obi Remix)
Misja Helsloot Vs.Peter Martijn Winijia-Ass You Wish
Paul Pele vs.Elles De Graaf-Your Horizon vs The Sound Of Goodbye(Tycoos Mix)
Roger Shah-Epoh(Extended Mix)
The Avains-Expression(Extended Mix)
Dalmoori-Ladybug(Extended Mix)
Andy Elliass & Rolfiek-On The Way To Wonderland(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2019-12-31 21:42:02
11) TAILER-MELODICA-254(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Salwater-The Legacy(Alphazone Remix)
Jean Clemence-Eternity(Tommy Kierland Remix)
Astral Legacy-Yakamoz
Mohamed Bahi-Regeneration(Original Mix)
Se.Ra.Phic-Ode To Life(Dreamy Remix)
Scooter-Cosmos(TranceEye Bootleg)
Lauren Daigle Vs.Alex Ryan-You Say Visions(Sequence Six Mashup)
Kiyoi & Eky & Cederquist-Long Way Home(Extended Mix)
Jesper Olesen vs.Ellie Lawson-A Hundred Way For Renaissance
Tom Exo-Unforgotten(Extended Mix)
Behind The Sunset-Actus Secundus(Reiklavik Remix)
Beamrider-Vondelpark(Extended Mix)
Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic-Sophia(Original Mix)
Elissandro-November(Original Mix)
TranzLift-Merry Xmas(Original Mix)
Balearicwave-Lost Shories(Magic Sense Mix)
Hamaeel-A Lifetime & A Half
Tomena-Moonlight Sonata(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2019-12-29 05:00:04
10) TAILER-Притяжение-144(2019)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
R.I.B-This Beautiful World(Original Mix)
Rameses B-Traveller
Synthetic Impulse-Winter Love
The Ambientalist-My Inner Voices
Trazer-Light In The Darkness(2019 Reix)
Vanilla Potatoyes-Sunset Gold
Asura-Lonely Star
Carbon Based Lifeforms-RCA
Digital Rain-On The Other Side Of The Soul
Iberis & Eguana-Faceless Silence
Igor Pumphonia-Remember Me(Original Mix)
Liquid Bloom-Emerging Heart(Yaima Remix)
Luis Junior-Laura Palmer's Theme
192 Кбит | 77 мин. | 106 МБ | 2019-12-27 04:21:02
9) TAILER-X-PLANET-254(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Lilly Sinatra-Ghost Love(Intro Mix)
Last Dream-Anima(Original Mix)
Madis-Desert Of Lost Souls(Uplifting Mix)
Myriam Fares-Aman(Ahmed Romel Uplifting Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-The Kiss Of Goodbye(Original Mix)
Ben Shaw-Daybreak(Original Mix)
Ash K & Junior-The Sound Of Hope(Original Mix)
Ferry Tayle-Twin Souls(Extended Mix)
Aurora Borealis vs.Maik K-Cosmic Winter(Dub Mix)
CyberBlade-Cephei(Original Mix)
Para X-Twinkle Tales(Extended Mix)
Mike Foyle-Firefly(Original Mix)
Skynet & Fekky-Light Of The Pyramids(Extended Mix)
DreamLife & Grande Piano-Stairway To Heaven(Original Mix)
Jonas Steur-Silent Waves(Original Mix)
Apogee-Tribal Affair(Marcos Mix)
Ennio Morricone-Chi Mai(Trance Remix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 167 МБ | 2019-12-25 06:18:02
8) TAILER-X-PLANET-251(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Joss Langdon-Necropolis(Original Mix)
Harmonic Wave-Fallen Flower(Coke Montilla Remix)
Aeden-Destinations(French Skies Remix)
Sandro Mireno & NyTiGen-Stay In Memory(Original Mix)
David Gate Pres.Teddy Gate-Fairy Love(Original Mix)
Paul Pele-Your Horizon(Original Mix)
Trance Ferhat-Beyond The Invisible(Original Mix)
NyTigen-Renessance(Original Mix)
Alan Morris-Goodbye Forever(Extended Mix)
Trevor McLachlan ft.Jannie Osborn-Save Me(Original Mix)
Danilo Marinucci & Nico Cranxx-Spirit Of Freedom(Extended Mix)
Planet Perfecto-Bullet In The Gun(Adam Francis Remix)
Higho-M8 Runner(Maestro Dabici Remix)
Omniks & Wonder Element-Deep Sky(Extended Mix)
Rusty Spica-Ellie(Original Mix)
Jimmy ChouMadison(NoMosk Remix)
Sunset & Hanna Finsen-Wired By The Fire(Extended Mix)
Dave Steward & Space Raven-Worlds End
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2019-12-21 22:15:02
7) TAILER-MELODICA-253(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Aeden-Synthetic Melody Pt.1(Original Mix)
Ron Van Den Beuken-Sunset(Original Mix)
Metta & Glyde-Elysian(Extended Mix)
Akku-Fire In Tears
Bryan Summerville-Tokyo(Original Mix)
Trance Arts-Sirens Of The Ocean(Original Mix)
TrancEye-Not My World(Original Mix)
Yoshi & Razner-Revival(Extended Mix)
Sulaco-Requiem Of Souls(Original Mix)
Litchfield Project-Omega Point(Instrumental Mix)
District5 & Tony STY-All That Matters(Original Mix)
Margo Fly-Live My Dashuta(Marc Airway Remix)
Daniel Skyver-Deluge(Original Mix)
Sean Tyas & Darren Porter-Nova 7(Original Mix)
Marco Mc Neil-Take Me High(Original Mix)
Made Of Light-Valar Morghulis(Original Mix)
Binary Ensemble-Odyssey(Original Mix)
Phillip J-Nosferatu
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2019-12-18 23:27:02
6) TAILER-Притяжение-143(2019)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
ATB Pres.Apple & Stone-Authentic Reaction
Carbon Based Lifeforms-Euphotic
Djeff Z-Lady
Gary B-The Moon
Gelvetta-The Mystery Of The Forest(Original Mix)
Lasteden-Recreation(Original Mix)
Luis A .Moreno-To See You Again(Orchestral Mix)
Runnerz-I'm Lost(Tba Chilled Mix)
Saint Of Sin-Liquid Light
Sweet Euphony-After We Close Our Eyes(Chillout Version)
Touchstone & Ian Standerwick-She's Wonderful(Magdelayna Chilled Remake)
Der Luchs-In My Dream
Aurosonic ft Denis Karpinskiy-They Wait For Us(Chillout Mix)
Koan-Gaiola Island
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2019-12-18 02:39:02
5) TAILER-X-PLANET-253(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Aeden-Synthetic Melody Pt.2(Original Mix)
Sean Tyas-Banshee(James Dymond Remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Factor B-Synergy(Extended Mix)
Max Stone-Love Is(W&D Trance Dub Mix)
Margo Fly-Live My Dashuta(Trance Reserve Remix)
Simon Pitt & Para X-Pure Energy(Extended Mix)
Etasonic-Desire Of My Heart(Kiran M Sajeev Vs David Surok Remix)
Robert Nickson With M.I.K.E.Push-Blue Encounter(Extended Mix)
SoundLift-Ananda(2019 Remaster)
Edonia-Mirage Of Clarity(Original Mix)
Granz Enemy-Celtic(Original Mix)
Valhalla-Orion(Original Mix)
Andrew Warmix pres.Moonmelo-Jotunheim(Emotional Mix)
Andy Kern-Felicity(Extended Mix)
Alan Santy-Eternal Love(Original Mix)
Marco Dastra-The Witness(Extended Mix)
Programmer & Jean Clemence-Sensorium(Original Mix)
InnerSync-Rewired(Original Mix)
Secret Garden-Song A Secret Garden(La Tigre Rossa Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2019-12-15 21:12:03
4) TAILER-Притяжение-136(2019)
New Age | ► Даниил Сергеев
Hypnotic ft.J.Tyrello-Nominus Musica
Enigma-Mea Culpa(Part 2)
Delerium-Till The End Of Time
Aenigmatica-Desir Divin
Joel Kanning-Wanderlust
Messiah Project-Favorite
Patrick Kelly-Angel Of Light
Ryan Farish-Full Sail
Shinobu Enisu-The Man
The Nexion Project-Inner Force
The Rose Keller Project-En El Fondo De Mi Alma
Waynawari-The Glen Of Silence
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 101 МБ | 2019-12-14 22:51:02
3) TAILER-BEST 2019(PART 4)(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Syntouch & Magic Sense-Portal(Original Mix)
Sebastian Pawlica-Farida(Original Mix)
Markus Schulz & Haliene Vs.RAM-Ave Maria Vs.Umami(Jon Van Rod Mashup)
Johny E & Craig Mortimer-Forbibden Lands(Original Mix)
Mercurial Virus-Roseline(Extended Mix)
Neroun-Kaya(Moonmelo Remix)
Megalanic-Shadows Of Phoenix(Tomas Benitez Remix)
Avar-Violets(Original Mix)
SounEmot-Si Tan Solo Supieras(Original Mix)
Christian C-Catalina(Extended Mix)
Brazig-Former Glory(Original Mix)
Serge Vergo-Calypso
Saad Ayub-Solitude(Original Mix)
Essiuah-High Seas(Original Mix)
Ithur-Stephanie(Original Mix)
Coke Montilla & Craig Mortimer-Destiny Awaits(Original Mix)
The Iconic Six-Far Cry(Extended Mix)
Wavetraxx-Stay(Exodus Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2019-12-14 15:54:03
2) TAILER-BEST 2019(PART 6)(2019)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Brazig-Dance 4 Life
Evgeny Kutsenok-Synthetic Dream(Original Mix)
Ahmed Romel & Simon O'Shine-The Love Potion(Extended Mix)
Fabrice-The Blacklist(Carl Daylim Remix)
Sebastian Pawlica-Strait Of Gibraltar(Original Mix)
Alex Kudryavtsev-The Act Of A Sacrifice(Original Mix)
Key Lean-Jarre(Extended Mix)
Paul Pele-Your Horizon(Original Mix)
David Gate pres.Teddy Gate-Fairy Love(Original Mix)
Sandro Mireno & NyTiGen-Stay In Memory(Original Mix)
Ancient Mind-The Last Birds(Original Mix)
Denis Efremov-Fallen Leaves(Original Mix)
Stormline-Paradisum(Original Mix)
Terra V-In Vita Sua(Original Mix)
Kyamoto-One Moment Of Thought(Original Mix)
Neroun & Moonmelo-Abyssal(Original Mix)
DreamLife & SounEmot-Love Strings(Original Mix)
Aleksey Gunichev-Inside Of Me(Tycoos Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2019-12-14 15:39:03
1) TAILER-Притяжение(BEST)(PART 2)(2019)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Margo Fly-Live My Dashuta(Original Mix)
Lightscape & Trazer-Awake
Green Sun-Space Traveller
Dj Raven-Monica(Chillout Mix)
ATB-Magnetic Girl
Dreaming Way-Eternity Way(Chillout Mix)
Viegel-Alone In The Dark(Bluesolar Chillout Mix)
Palaraga-Stay Alive
Dj Xquizit,James Cognet-Distant Land
Ashnaia Project-Lights Of Time
Sunsphere-Water World
Solarsoul-Night Walk On The Beach
John 00 Fleming-The Winds Of Change Are Blowing
Sons Of Hades-The Son Of Zeus
Andy Moor & Betsie Larkin-Not Afraid(Chillout Mix)
Finland & Aaskoven-La Balbianello(Dosso D'Aveto Mix)
Philip Aniskin-Somewhere
Alexey Muravyev-Evening Surf
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2019-12-14 15:27:03