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Даниил Сергеев ( sarik1993 )

174) TAILER-Притяжение-302(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
ATB-Let You Go(Schiller Mix)
Dennis Sheppered & Sunlouger-I Can Feel(Chillout Mix)
Chris Wonderful-I Want To Fly(Original Mix)
InWinter(After Us(Chillout Mix)
Headetrong ft Tiff Lacey-Show Me The Love
Lizzie Curious-I'm Not Drowning
Ocean Shiver-Solitude Of The Time
Sub Focus-Solar System
Vadim Kiselev-Forgotten
Dreaming Cooper-The Portal
Essonita-So Please(A.E.R.O Chillout Mix)
Eric De La Vega ft.Alaera-Afraid Of Falling In Love(Chillout Mix)
Iris Dee Jay & Marina Opale-Xray Eyes(S.A.T & Seven24 Remix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-11-21 22:30:02
173) TAILER-MELODICA-372(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Tbo & Vega-Elysian(POINoir Intro Remix)
Raddle B & Rebecca Loise Burch-I'll Be The Light(Kengo Hammer Remix)
Yelow & Spy-The Remedy(Extended Mix)
Gonzalo Bam-Indomita(Original Mix)
Dima Blok ft.Yulia Oreshko-Save Me(Extended Mix)
Delerium-Silence(Andy Newtz Bootleg Remix)
Thavha-Lets Hold Around The World(Extended Mix)
Starry Major-Broken Heart(Extended Mix)
Mehdi Bey-In 10 Years From Now(Extended Mix)
Fischer & Miething & Rezwan Khan-Dreams Of Daylight(Extended Mix)
Temple One & Dave Raval-Perfect Synergy(Extended Mix)
Davidi-Sensuality(Extended Mix)
BarWall-Light In The Tunnel(Volces Extended Mix)
Roger Shah & Ambedo-Bees & Butterflies(Extended Mix)
Jimmy Chou & Violet Dolivo-The Universe Is Listening(Extended Mix)
IZZY-Inevitable(Original Mix)
Ruslan Radriges & Cathy Burton-Hearts To Entwine(Jericho Frequency Remix)
Matt Sine & Natalie Gloia-It's Your Life(Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly ft Christina Novelli-Black Hole(Sky Sound Rework)
Raign-When It's All Over(Ralphie & Frank Waanders Remix)
EpicFail-Celestial Soar(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2023-11-20 09:45:03
172) TAILER-Притяжение-301(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Moreno J ft.Magdalen Silvestra-The Inner Peace(Original Mix)
Andain-Much Too Much(Zetandel Chill Mix)
A.R.D.I & Justine-Close Your Eyes(Original Mix)
Angelo K-Along The Coast
Adam Tas ft.Monika-Miles Away(Chillout Mix)
ATB-Streets Of Gold (R.I.B Chillout Remix)
Bot Cipryan-Astral Breeze(Ambient Mix)
Armin Van Buuren-The Sound Of Goodbye
Daminika-On The Coastline(Original Mix)
Ahmed Romel with Roxanne Emery-Don't Say Goodbye(Original Mix)
Bogdan Vix & Renee Stahl-Forever
BT-Surrounded(Ryan Myers Remix)
Fabbro ft.Angel Falls-Emptiness(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2023-11-17 20:40:02
171) TAILER-X-PLANET-372(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Edu Bravo-Friend Br1(Extended Mix)
Nebula-1999(Extended Mix)
Dmpv & Anveld-Rising Energy(Extended Mix)
Sebastian Tauber-Peace Of Mind(Extended Mix)
Danny Forvent-Be The One(N-Sking Remix)
Cloudriver-Behind The Sky(Extended Mix)
Evan London-Foundation(Extended Mix)
Cristopher Corrigan-A Love Like This(Extended Mix)
Glacial Storm-Mercy(Extended Mix)
Lee Hanlon & Jodie Poye-Falling For You(Extended Mix)
John Quake-Everything(Extended Mix)
Allan Morrow-Strobe(Extended Mix)
Gouryella-Anahera(Calvin O'Commor Rework)
Gayax-Unlimited(Original Mix)
Oleg Adamov-Alfa Centaura(Extended Mix)
Kayan Code & Lyd14-It Hurts(Original Mix)
Crisy-Amaryllis(Extended Mix)
Icarus Project-Time Goes Away(Extended Mix)
InStars & Elissandro-Quededate(Ed Sanchez Remix)
Caolan McConville-Urban Angel(Extended Mix)
Alternate High-Pandora(Extended Mix)
Dima Krasnik & Vol Deeman-Escape From The Earth(STNX Remix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2023-11-15 19:55:04
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Victor Special-Merging Feelings(Original Mix)
TH3 One & Eximinds-Moonlight(Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night & Niko Zografos-Falling Into Place(Extended Mix)
Thavha-Angeli Del Passato(Extended Mix)
Elite Electronic & SonicGeite-The Journey
Tbo & Vega-Elysian(POINoir Remix)
Inglide-Inspiration(Original Mix)
Chris Lyf & Shara Dee-In The Now(W!SS Remix)
Jeiitam Osheen-Taabeer(DreamLife Remix)
Petr Miskelly & Sarah Lynn-Bruised But Not Broken(Extended Mix)
Bryan Kaerney,Plumb-All Over Again(Sean Tyas & David Elston Mix)
Talla 2XLC & DJ Tandu-Velvet(Talla 2XLC Remix)
Sky Sound-Lost World(Original Mix)
REX W-Elysian Land(Extended Mix)
Bryan Kearney & Bo Bruce-Shine A Light(Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer & Daniel Skyver-Darkness Fades Into Light(Extended Mix)
Sky Sound Vs Solarstone & LemON-We Can't Fly To Lost World
Solarstone-4ever 4ever(Photographer Remix)
Cosmic Gate & Foret-Need Yo Feel Loved(Air-Diver Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-11-13 11:10:02
169) TAILER-Притяжение-300(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Kirill Lemeskin-Edge Of Tomorrow
PPK-First In Space(Original Mix)
Oleg Byonic-I Hear You Calling Me
Chris Wonderful-Away From Home
Roger Shah-Beautiful
Apple From Mars-I'll Draw
Alena Nice-Believe In Dreams
Sergey Tarasov-Dream
Sky Symbols-Sky Signals
Chris Wonderful-To Te Stars
Notan Nigres-Redemtion
Kokhe-Blue World
Germind & Qeight-Somnolent
Dj Shah ft.Jane Kumada-Turn Back Time
192 Кбит | 72 мин. | 99 МБ | 2023-11-10 08:41:02
168) TAILER-Притяжение-299(2023)
New Age | ► Даниил Сергеев
Enigma-Sadeness(Part 2)(Remix)
Twins In Mind-Eternal Fantasy
Amethysitium-Arcane Voices
Apple From Mars-River Of Life
Anhidema-Le Mystere De La Tristesse
Angelika Silence-In Your Eyes(Air Mix)
Sonic Score-Ancient
The Tones-Road To Heaven
Guido Negraszus-The Enigma Journey
Flaer Smin-Catharsis
Trusteria-Voices From The Future
Audiomachine-Agnus Dei
Bay Area-Espirtu & Libertad(Viva Mix)
Enigma-The Same Paremts(Saga Remix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-11-09 12:15:04
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sebastian Tander-Peace Of Mind(Intro Mix)
REX W-The Bloody Tide Is Coming(Original Mix)
Ciro Visone & Semper T-Tunnel To Eternity(Extended Mix)
Dash Berlin-Man On The Run(Arbe & Dann Rework)
Casepeat-Now We Can Breathe(Extended Mix)
Novel-Euphoric Transition(Chris Lyf Remix)
TORUKK-Freyia(Extended Mix)
James Horner-My Heart Will Go On(Lumenwrights Trance Bootleg)
Ralphie B & Frank Waanders pres.Collide1-Zero Day(Extended Mix)
Aeden-Your Voice(Gayax Remix)
Rank1-Symfonic(Calvin O'Commor Rework)
Dash Berlin ft.Cerf,Mitiska Jaren-Man On The Run(Arbe & Dann Rework)
Cristopher Corrigan-Love Like This(Extended Mix)
Activa-Another Day(Niko Zografos Remix)
Adam Taylor-Faith In Fate(Extended Mix)
Alternate High & Laucco-Hearts Of Heaven(2023 Rework)
Ciaran McAuley-Love Wins(Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)
Polzn Bladz-Modus Operandi(Extended Mix)
A Rival-Meridian(Zach Zlov Remix)
Aeden vs.Die Antwoord-The Meating Le Nkmise(Keri Gen Nashup)
320 Кбит | 121 мин. | 277 МБ | 2023-11-07 13:09:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
New World-Shoshin(Extended Mix)
Iberian & Ruslan Aschaulov-Sorry(Extended Mix)
James Dust-Villain(Spy Remix)
Starry Major-Polar Night(Extended Mix)
Stefan Achim-In My Blood(Extended Mix)
Owen Wilman-Waves Of Emotion(Extended Mix)
Sinead O'Connor Vs Rank 1-Nothing Compares 2 U Vs Airwave(Ronski Speed Mash Up)
Grande Piano & DreamLife-Shine Of Rays
Iberian-Show Me(Original Mix)
Nadi Sunrise & John Meva-Paradise(Extended Mix)
Tribal Temptation-Absolution(Original Mix)
Alien-Daybreak(Extended Mix)
Juan Alminana Obando-Space Dementia(Extended Mix)
Nord Horizon-Lost Island(Extended Mix)
Yang & Emoiryah-Like The Sun(Jimmy Chou Remix)
James Dust & Dj Eternity-One Nation(Extended Mix)
Ed Han-Ascending Horizon(Extended Mix)
FAWZY-Breaking Boundares(Extended Mix)
Pencho Tod-Water World(Original Mix)
Intra De Aeris-Supernova Explosion(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-11-03 23:16:03
165) TAILER-Притяжение-297(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Angelica S-Prelude In E Minor
Aurora Night-Whole
Frank Borell-Miramane
AnimoEx-Recantation(Original Mix)
Ferdow-Last Breath(Original Chillout Mix)
Soul Ballet-Are You At The Party
Thisan-Gotas De Nectar
Star Bat-Behind My Impossibility
Deuter-Sound Of Invisible Waters
Vladis Love-Diving Deeper(Chillout Mix)
Ange-Some Day(Perception Of Sound Mix)
Jenia Noble-Bridges Of Love
Noah Vanden Abeele-Secret
192 Кбит | 76 мин. | 104 МБ | 2023-11-01 11:03:03
164) TAILER-MELODICA-370(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dan O'Adian-Solv Glorie(Original Mix)
Cold Blue-A Beautiful Mind(Extended Mix)
Venetica & Steve Hill & Technikal-Stranger(Extended Mix)
Casepeat-Now We Can Breathe(Extended Mix)
Allen Watts-Vortex(Extended Mix)
Adam Ellis & Sid Jay-The Last Styleborder(Extended Mix)
Guava Project & DreamMaster-Gates Of Heaven(Extended Mix)
Maria Healy-Reputation(Extended Mix)
Gary Murray-Polaris(Original Mix)
Tony Syntex-I Wanna Tonight(Original Mix)
Turker Ozsoy-Just Be Fine(Extended Mix)
RAM-RAMplify(Asteroid Remix)
Skyvol-90th Life(Extended Mix)
Nikolauss & Hanna Finsen-A Stranger(Extended Mix)
Gary McPhail-My Everything(Extended Mix)
Gayax-Tree Of Life(Original Mix)
Aurora ft.Naimee Coleman-Ordinary World(London & Niko Rework)
Christophe Ouinlivan Hunt-Early Day Motions(Extended Mix)
R3dub-Spark Within(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2023-10-31 18:35:03
163) TAILER-X-PLANET-370(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Before The Last Breath(Original Mix)
Incredia-Let It Be & Believe(Dub Mix)
State 91 & Lyd14-The Way Back Home(Extended Mix)
TH3 ONE & Eximinds-Moonlight(Extended Mix)
Victor Special-Merging Feelings(Double Motion Remix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Meaning Of Life(Extended Mix)
Horizon One-Don't Wake Me Up(Extended Mix)
Heaven & Alone-Cosmic Journey(Extended Mix)
MikkoT-Kaiho(Extended Mix)
Juan Alminana Obando-RaSagui(Original Mix)
Eryon Stocker-Ataraxia(Extended Mix)
Dreamy & Snowman & Helena Kristianson-Open Your Heart(Extended Mix)
Ronski Speed-Beyond Infite(Original Mix)
Robert Curtis ft.D Clips-Perception(Original Mix)
Space Line & U Mount-True Sight(Victor Special Remix)
Transa-Carla's Thene(Enigma Siate Remix)
Javah ft.Xan-Vice Of Life(Diago Remix)
Craig Miller-Edge Of Infinity(Original Mix)
Aeon Shift-Breathe You In(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-10-30 11:28:03
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
FAWZY & Sickcode-Victorius(Extended Mix)
Sytrnth17-Fire Punch(Extended Mix)
Super Luminal-Into The Horizon(Original Mix)
Ahmed Romel Vs Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif-The Homecoming
Haotic Visions-Dreaming(Original Mix)
Christian Curiel-BF(Original Mix)
High 5-As Long As It Takes(Paul Skelton Remix)
Alatheia-Pride & Prejudice(Extended Mix)
Toshi Furuya-Reincarnation(Original Mix)
Young Hu-Quanlity(Extended Mix)
LekSin & Yuri Melnikov-Farewell(Extended Mix)
Mattoxx-Eising Cave(Original Mix)
Aly & Fila & Alex M.O.R.P.H ft Cheril Barnes-Eye Of The Storm(Extended Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Eminence(Extended Mix)
Darren Tale vs Jono Grant ft Shirley Randall-Let The Light Shine In
Tom Exo-Lost Love(Extended Mix)
Andre H-Green Fields(Eyasonic's Earsky Remix)
Sky Sound-Genesis(Extended Mix)
AOA & Ren Faye-Come Back(Transaphonic Remix)
Fkn ft Jahala-Why(Aly & Fila Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-10-09 10:31:02
161) TAILER-Притяжение-296(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Edgar Tuniyants-Confession Of A Wounded Soul
Kwasnieski Stanislaw-Tenderness
Alexander Volosnikov-Then & Now
Artur Venis-Forever In My Heart
Roberto Cacciapaglia-Waterland III
Thisan-Piano-A La Vida
Alex Strobo-Do Not Go Away
Alena Nice-I Miss You
Sergey Tarasov-Follow Me
Lab's Cloud-Seek The Light
Dj SantyaGO-Way Home
Germind-Azure Nirages(Original Mix)
Dj Van Arti-MoonKight
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 101 МБ | 2023-10-08 12:49:02
160) TAILER-MELODICA-369(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Hoyaa & Kiran M Sajeev-Tributary(Extended Mix)
Emma Hewitt & Solarstone-Children(Solarstone Pure Mix)
Merai Deylami-The Remaing Moments(Extended Mix)
Night Sky-Serendipitous(Original Mix)
Romy & Fred Again-Strong(Yellow Bootleg Remix)
Misha Vorobjev & Yuri Melnikov-Forever With You(Original Mix)
Tom Exo-Desert Storm(Extended Mix)
Lost Witness & FAWZY with Yasmin Jane-Gardens Of Your Mind(Extended Mix)
Carlos Adonis & Ren Fave-Invisible(Extended Club Mix)
Nicholas Gunn & Dave Neven ft.Alina Renae-My Life(Extended Mix)
Ruben Hadland-So This Is Life(Vinny DeGeorge Remix)
Luke Terry & Sonic Element-Andromeda(Sonic Element Mix)
Simon O'Shine-Eternal Dreamer(Extended Mix)
Diago-Cortu Sunset(Extended Mix)
Akku & ArDao-Guardian Angel(Etasonic Remix)
Nord Horizon-Freefall(Extended Mix)
Fros7novA-Back To 2014(Extended Mix)
Loftier-Charybdis(Plutian Remix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2023-10-04 18:59:02
159) TAILER-Притяжение-295(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Oleg Byonic-Wait For You
Sebastian M W-Karen's Ballade)Relaxation Cut)
Mahoroba-Mystic Dream(Long Dream Cut)
Ryan Myers ft Zara Taylor-Just A Fool(Rework)
The Thrillseekers-This Is All We Have(Sunset Mix)
Masoud ft Nikole McKenna-Fix The Broken(Chillout Mix)
Alexander Muratovsky-External World(Original Mix)
Chillwalker-Einfach Nur Chillen(Very Chillout Mix)
Frank Borell-Wings To The Sky(Lost In Space Mix)
Above & Beyond-Love Is Not Enough(SamBlackmore Remix)
Tenisha & Bart Voncken-Another Heart(Chillout Mix)
Ron Hagen & A.R.D.I ft Sarah Lynn-Gold In The Sky
Evocativ-Seassons(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-10-03 11:36:03
158) TAILER-X-PLANET-369(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sky Sound-Rise Of The White Angel(Original Mix)
Drunk Breeze & Life Explorer-Whell Of Fortune(Extended Mix)
PinkPig-You & Me(Original Mix)
Jan Clemence-Everest(Hamz Remix)
Bryn Whiting & Hati-Still Breathing(Extended Mix)
BiXX & Natalie Gioia-Beautiful Chaos(Extended Mix)
Bezpal-Feelings(Original Mix)
Beatsole & SebDell-Twiight Atlas(Adam Reece Remix)
Andy Newtz & Jodie Poye-Don't Let Me Fall(Extended Mix)
Akku ft ArDao-Guardian Angel(Etassonic Mix)
Armin Van Buuren ft.Anne Gudrun-Love Is A Drug(Sky Sound Remix)
DB Mokk-Does It Have To Feel This Hard(Extended Mix)
Class Inc-Euphoric Dreams(Extended Mix)
Chris Rane-I Can Love & Still Let You Go(Mehran Vedadi Remix)
Kenny Mitchell(UK)-Chasing Feelings(Original Mix)
Grande Piano-When The Cannons Go Silent(Victor Special Remix)
Jean Clemence & Programmer-Saphir(R3dub Remix)
Hiddeminside & Juan Alminana Obando-Laps Of The Freedom(Original Mix)
Alan Morris & Sarah Lynn-Take Me On A Jorney(Josh Ferrin Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-10-02 14:02:02
157) TAILER-Притяжение-294(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Moreno J ft.Magdalen Silvestra-The Inner Peace(Original Mix)
Trance Reserve & Neonica & Hidden Tigress-Infinite Space(Chillout Mix)
New World-Outreach(Magdelayna Chilled Remake)
We Are The Sun-Mirror Of Errors(Original Mix)
ATB-Eternal Sweells
Ahmed Romel With Roxanne Emery-Don't Say Goodbye(Original Mix)
Alex V-The Loneliness(Original Mix)
Matt Darey-From Russia With Love(Alaska Mix)
Ryan Myers-Fantasize(Original Mix)
The Blizzard-Enfagiement(Extended Mix)
Vyacheslav Sketch & Farcoste-I Want To Say(Instrumental Edit)
Ser Franklin-Lonely Soyl(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2023-09-30 19:48:03
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Paul Van Dyk ft.Second Sun-Crush
Sergey Selekhov-Revival((Extended Mix)
KM & Lost Knowledge-Help Me(Extended Mix)
TH3 ONE & Adam Nickey-Beautiful Day(Extended Mix)
Alex Shevchenko-Life Starter(Alternate High Remix)
Isotopia-Beautiful Memories(Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt Remix)
Tim Damage-My Calamity(Extended Mix)
Steve Meyer-Destination(Extended Mix)
Ocean Lab-Satelite(Sam Laxton Remix)
Vapour Trail & Ashlegh-Trust(Extended Mix)
Misha Vorobjev-Tranqulity(Extended Mix)
Masif DJ's-Calling Your Name(Steve Hill & Technical Remix)
Neptune Project-Lost All My Tears(Sky Sound Rework)
NickXTG-Kalayaan(Extended Mix)
Duncan Garqaro-Breath(Extended Mix)
Erian(CN) & XLM-Hear Your Inner Voice(Original Mix)
Gav Crayton-Encounter(Original Mix)
Filo & Peri ft.Aruna-Ashley(Arbe & Dann 2023 Rework)
Gayax-Trance Emotions(Original Mix)
David Surok-I Never Forget You(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-09-30 09:00:04
155) TAILER-Притяжение-293(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Michel PePe-Lueur De L'aube
Luis A Moreno-Sunrise(Original Mix)
Sunlounger & Sisie Ledge-Sait Away(Chillout Mix)
O.B.M Notion-Red Sun(Chillout Mix)
Rassolodin-Irrationality(Original Mix)
Platon ft.Joolay-Last(Chillout Mix)
Made Of Light-Falling(Chillout Mix)
Adam Tas ft.Monika-Miles Away(Chillout Mix)
Atrium Sun-Abyss(Elfsong's Deep Mix)
Etasonic-Just For Once In Life(Slowmotional Mix)
Lence & Pluton & Irina Makosh-Never Too Late(Chillout Mix)
Dj Gard-A Dream About You(Luca De Maas Ambient Remix)
Daminika-Sanatches Of Memory(Original Mix)
Aurora Night-The Weight Of Memories
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-09-06 21:14:02
154) TAILER-BEST2023(PART 5)(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dan O'Adrian-Elnath(Original Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Oasis(Original Mix)
Jean Clemence-Everest(Plutian Remix)
Mohamed Neptune-My Destiny
Liam Van Hoven-Gladius(Original Mix)
Andy Eliass & Arczi-End Of Story(Sasha Van Laur Remix)
Air Project & Rus;an Aschaulov-Inside My Memory(Original Mix)
Victor Special-Wizard Of The Harmony(Original Mix)
Aviell,Alternoize,Dj Plissken ft Katherine She-Adagio(W!SS Remix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Inception(Extended Mix)
Inviron-Falling Star(In Memory Of Michael K)(DaWTone Remix)
Leon Bogod-Reminds Me Of You(Extended Mix)
Sergey Selekhov & Andrew Mirt-Diamond(Extended Mix)
Thavha-Sogno D'Amore(Original Mix)
Rene Ablaze & Ria Joyse-Choice(Dub Mix)
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Lacrima(Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H & A.R.D.I-Guadalupe(Extendeed Mix)
Illitheas-Catch The Sunrise(Extended Mix)
The Simbioze-Pandora(Extended Mix)
Ted Dy-Fairy Love)Lilly Sintara Breakdown Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2023-09-06 10:45:05
153) TAILER-Притяжение-292(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
The Ambientalist-Arisen
Taras Bazeev,Angelina Bukovska-Help Me
Zetandel,Irina Makosh-My Lonely Night
Aerher-Flower In Winter
Airform-Dream(Original Mix)
Chris Wonderful-Siren
A Nael ft.Equinox-Digital Dreams
Apple From Mars-With Me Tonight
Broken Twin-If Pilots Go To Heaven(Oleg Byonic Remix)
Alison Klauss & Union Statio-It Desent Matter
Aura-If You(Relax)
Green Sun-The Frozen World
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2023-09-04 08:53:03
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Nick Flow-Make It Louder(Original Mix)
Syntonia-Flight 9268(Original Mix)
Alex Drane-New Horizons(Extended Mix)
Denis Airwave & Jasmine Dean-Runaway(Sergey Akinshin Remix)
Dan Cooper-Gemini(Extended Mix)
Ciro Visone & Semper T-Intercession(Extended Mix)
Driftmoon-Golden Summer(Extended Mix)
Liquid Dream-Tanquility & Illusion(Original Mix)
Kohta Imafuku & Ryota Arai-Orion Street(Extended Mix)
Juan AlminanaObando,Christian Westerhof-Valleys Of Emotions(Original Mix)
Fabio Franco-Undark(Extended Mix)
Erik D ft.Katty Heath-Love Again(Extended Mix)
Pink Pig-To Feel Love(Extended Mix)
Nipika-From Dark To Light(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Blue Water(Extended Mix)
Roman Messer & Richard Bedford-Breath(Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)
Tony Irmani & Irina M-Double Rainbow(Extended Mix)
Cedric Paul-Echoes From Beyond(Original Mix)
Ula-If Only(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-09-02 11:41:03
151) TAILER-Притяжение(BEST 2023)(PART 2)(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Atti-Orvarsson Silo
Akela Sun-Heaven & Earth
Skip Armstrong-Do Or Die
Mikhail Tretyakov-Ticket To The Past(Original Mix)
Patrick Kelly-Guiding Light(Chillout Mix)
Sandro Mireno,Yuri Melnikov-Lirika
Stive Morgan-Melancholy
Skysurfer-Dream To Me(Flying High Remix)
Future World Music-Soul Healer
Gustag Grefberg-I See The Light
Alexander Tarasov-On Distance
Edgar Tuiyants-Уходят,Не Оставив След
Alexander V Mogilco-Great Lakes
ZeroProject-Dance Of The Faires
InnerSync-Above The World(Chillout Mix)
Chris Wonderful-Осень
Art Of Trance-Madagascar(Michael Woods Chillout Mix)
Luis A Moreno-Natural(Original Mix)
Fife Seasons-Esperanza
Aurora Night-Lost In Flights
Edgar Tuiyants-Alone With The Rain
Above & Beyond-Filmic
Porter Roinson-Lauguage(Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
George Skarouls-Fragile
PPK-First In Space(Original Mix)
Angelo K-Along The Coast
Three Drives-Greece2000(Moonwatcher's Sea Of Tranquility Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2023-09-01 23:44:03
150) TAILER-MELODICA-367(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Masaru Hinaiji-Rondo Of The Wind(Epic Mix)
Aligash-Indelible Memory(Extended Mix)
Super Luminal-Silver Lining(Original Mix)
Placid 1-Lost In Motion(Lightworks Remix)
Alternate High & Laucco-Illusion Never Changed(Extended Mix)
Isotopia-Byzantium(Original Mix)
Andy Jornee ft.Trance Girl-Lights & Diamonds
Elgfrothi-Solstice(Original Mix)
Ed Sanchez-Magenta(Original Mix)
Cane & Daywalker ft.Anthya-Line Of Love(Extended Mix)
Bixx-Take The Risk(Extended Mix)
Enigma State-Waiting For You(Orgasmix)
Diarent-Eternity(Extended Mix)
Andy Jornee ft.Victoriya-It All Ended
Paul Courbet-Left Alone(Extended Mix)
Nakhiya-Seven Light(Original Mix)
Paul Elov8 Smith-Shattered Dreams(Extended Mix)
Sergey Selekhov-Magic Rune(Extended Mix)
Bastinda-Море Огня
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2023-08-31 20:10:03
149) TAILER-X-PLANET-367(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dreamy-Where Do I Go From Here(Extended Mix)
AlphaCube-Supernova Symphony(Original Mix)
Bluespark-Atlantic Sunrays(Extended Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Orbit(Extended Mix)
Aviell,Alternoize,Dj Plissken ft Katherine She-Adagio(W!SS Remix)
Dj Sakin & Talla 2XLC-Nomansland(Extended Mix)
Erik D ft.Katty Heath-Love Again(Extended Mix)
Katrin's World & Saphron-Hope For Brighter Days(Extended Dub)
Thavha-Sogno D'Amore(Original Mix)
System CK-Reminiscence(Extended Mix)
Robbie Seed-Komorebi(Extended Mix)
Manuel Rocca-Present Perfect(Extended Mix)
Ben Schotte-Aurora(Naeba Bootleg)
AlexRusShev-Euphoric Angels(Original Mix)
Dean Purise-Inspring Emotion(Original Mix)
Trance Reserve-Vintage Waves(Extended Mix)
Ana Criado & Raz Nitzan-Meet Again(Ferry Tayle Remix)
Lee Van Willem-Margaret(Extended Mix)
Mohamed Neptune-My Destiny
Pralle & Kaul & Kate Miles-Never Be Enough(Extended Mix)
Carlos-The Silmarillia(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2023-08-30 18:50:03
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Calvin O'Commor-Close My Eyes(Extended Mix)
Alexey Ryasnyansky-Indifference(Original Mix)
Gareth Emery-Mistral(Extended Mix)
Alfa-Sacrosanct(Noff Remix)
Andy Jornee ft.Trance Girl-Fly Away(U7FutureTrance)
Andy Newtz-When It's Time(Extended Mix)
Edu Bravo-Always In Mt Heart(Extended Mix)
James Dust With Illumin8 & Zunsjine-Backdraft(Extended Mix)
Myrage & Laeve-Frozen Embers(Original Mix)
Pavel Yakovlev & J Dem-No Way Out(Original Mix)
Spy & Dave Steward-Reflection(Extended Mix)
Temple One-Our Destination(Extended Mix)
Tom Exo-Bright Star(Original Mix)
Pulse Code & James Pound-Titania(Extended Mix)
Sam Laxton-Lost Boy(Extended Mix)
Shouga-Find The Path(Original Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge & Emoiryah-Meant To Be(Original Mix)
Simon Fisher & Helena Kristiansson-Phoenix(Artena Remix)
Leroy Moreno-Helios(Extended Mix)
Chicane ft Moya Brennan-Saltwater(Young Marco Remix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2023-08-30 11:04:02
147) TAILER-Притяжение-291(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Kinestetika-The Ocean Of Love
Estiva & Skouners ft Delaney Jane-Playing With Fire
Kinestetika & Syntheticsax & Evgeny Cortez-Hearts In Unison(ft Mognolica)
KTN & Melinda Gareh-Deep Fields(Blue Coda Chillout Mix)
Lunars-Vanessa(Chillout Mix)
Norin,Rad & Audien-Triumph(Lukas Termena's Balearic Remix)
Oleg Byonic & Yana Chernysheva-Across The Ocean
Otnicka-Where Are You
Patrick Kelly-Guiding Light(Chillout Mix)
Porter Robinson-Language
Sine-Ocean Dreams
Ryan Myers-Expectation(Chillout Mix)
Synheticsax & Slava Gold-Angel
192 Кбит | 72 мин. | 100 МБ | 2023-08-05 17:18:05
146) TAILER-MELODICA-366(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Andy Jornee-Alone On A Planet(28 Years Later Edit)
Chris Shelley-On The Horizon(Extended Mix)
Michele Cecchi & Juan Alminana Obando-Damage(Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Love Is All Around(Central Divide Remix)
Polzn Bladz-Emblazzen(Rikki Starrett Remix)
Metta & Glyde-Mirrored Soul(Original Mix)
Misja Helsloot-Won't Stop Searching(R-TEC Remix)
Charles Tsai-Prevail(Extended Mix)
Ciro Visone & SemperT-Matter Of Heart(Extended Mix)
Jacob Roenald & Alex Van Reeve-Unspoken(Extended Mix)
Steve Allen & Corrado Baggieri-Future Becomes The Past(Extended Mix)
Artena-A Life Within Your Thoughts(Original Mix)
Andy James-Companions(Extended Mix)
Thavha-Me & You(Gayax Remix)
Gravity-Edge Of Space(Extended Mix)
Dj Dean & Victor F-I Feel You(Extended Mix)
Daniel Kandi & Amos & Riot Night-Finally Able(Extended Mix)
John O'Callaghan,Paul Skelton & Sue McLaren-Power Of Now(Extended Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H-Cosmopolitan(Extended Mix)
Adrian Boland-Follow The Path(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-08-05 10:15:03
145) TAILER-X-PLANET-366(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Syntonia-Flight 9268(Original Mix)
Ferry Corsten-Sweet Sorrow(Ferry Corsten Fix)
D'Arcangel-Brotherhood(Original Mix)
Amar N-Tears Of Yesterday(Extended Mix)
Alex Nomak-Celestial Flight(Original Mix)
st In Line & Chris Von X-Wash My Memories Away(Extended Mix)
Iberian & Ria Joyse-Return To You(Vocal Mix)
Factor B-Sacrosanct(Will Rees Remix)
N-sKing & Alex Nomak-Golden Week(Extended Mix)
MurZo-Kiss The Night(Extended Mix)
Magic O.D.A & DjKrissB-Return(Extended Mix)
Roger Shah,Ambedo & Susie Ledge-My World(Extended Mix)
Philippe El Sisi,Christina Novelli & NGD Project-Addicted(Extended Mix)
Frank Spector & Doppenberg-Genesis(Extended Mix)
Last Solder & FAWZY-#ELI(Extended Mix)
Ilyin & Mikhail Tseslyuk-Bliss(Extended Mix)
MAdwave Vs ChrisSX-Arrival(Extended Mix)
Michael L-Infared Space(Extended Mix)
Ralphie B-Artemis(Extended Mix)
Vikram Prabhu-The Other Side(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-08-03 17:59:02
144) TAILER-BEST 2023(PART 4)(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Shiller & Heppner-Leben...I Feel You(Aly & Fila Remix)
Arif Kasimov & Фан Диаз-Albi(Original Mix)
LekSin & Yuri Melnikov-Galanthus(Original Mix)
Elgfrothi-Coffin 6(Original Mix)
Aligash-Higanbana(Extended Mix)
Gayax-Dragon Heart(Original Mix)
Acues-Chronoxys(Original Mix)
Cader-By Your Side(Extended Mix)
Misha Vorobjev & Yuri Melnikov-Afflatus(Extended Mix)
Alexander Komarov-Nocturne
LekSin-Don't Go Away(Extended Mix)
Ocoro-Nim(Original Mix)
Autumnal Poplar Groves-Aztec(Extended Mix)
David Heart-Axe(Original Mix)
Jesper Olesen-140(Original Mix)
Pink Pig-Recall The Past(Extended Mix)
Sky Sound-Running Out Of Time(Original Mix)
Sergey Selekhov & LekSin-Atlantis(Extended Mix)
Primestate Project-Emotion Classic(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-08-02 23:50:02
143) TAILER-Притяжение-290(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Aurosonic,Cathy Burton,AxelPolo-Loving Overflow
Dash Berlin-Till The Sky Falls Down(Monokini Beach Mix)
Dj Shah-Mellomaniac
Edgar Tuniyants-Я Нарисую Доброту
Kinestetika-Divine Love
Lunars-Breath Of Love
Emma Hewitt-Foolish Boy
Estiva ft.Josie-Better Days(Lukas Termena's Remix)
Kinestetika-Gteen Eyes(Original Mix)
Fabbro ft.Angel Falls-In My Dreams(Ztandel Remix)
Island Sun-Time
Ghosts Of Paraguay ft Tahli Elsner-Falling Off The Edge
Oleg Byonic-Broad Expanse Of Heaven(Original Mix)
Karmapolis-Hold On To
Max Denoise & Katya-Summer(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-08-02 06:50:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Daisuke Matsushima-Namida(Original Mix)
Mike Koglin-The Silence(AstroFegs Remix)
Nebula-Out Of The Blue(Extended Mix)
STNX-Mesmerised(Original Mix)
Scooter-Cosmos(TrancEye Bootleg)
Themina-Genesis(Extended Mix)
Phil Reynolds-Acoustica(Original Mix)
Aligash-Higanbana(Extended Mix)
Arif Kasimov & Фан Диаз-Albi(Original Mix)
Raddle B & Ria Joyse-Maze Of Lies(Extended Mix)
TroniKol-Daydream(Extended Mix)
Sky Sound-Running Out Of Time(Original Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni-From The Ashes(Original Mix)
OceanLab-Sattelite(Sky Sound Remix)
Paipy-Dream State(Extended Mix)
Life Explorer,XMeng & AzureZenith-The Final Fronter(Extended Mix)
Lightning Vs.Waveband-Digital Flame(Extended Mix)
Gayax-Never Goodbye(Original Mix)
Kayan Code-Samurai(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-08-01 19:45:02
141) TAILER-MELODICA-365(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Air Project & Ruslan Aschaulov-Inside My Memory(Original Mix)
Raffael Ferraro-Lellos(Original Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Inception(Extended Mix)
Insight & Victor Special-Spring Colors(Extended Mix)
Dan O'Adrian-Etnath(Original Mix)
Daniel Skyver-1982(Extended Mix)
Active Limbic System-Venus(Extended Mix)
Madwave & Tasteperience-Child's Eyes(Extended Mix)
Steve Allen-Variegates(Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC & JES-Spread Your Wings(Extended Mix)
ReMech-Avarnaniya(Original Mix)
NyTiGen-Together(Extended Mix)
Nick Nightwalker-Silent(Altek Remix)
Ozo Effy-Adagio(Sergey Salekhov Remix)
Liam Van Hoven-Gladius(Original Mix)
Exouler-The Shine(Extended Mix)
Maria Healy-Midnight Oil(Extended Mix)
Cris Grey-MistiKa(Extended Mix)
THAVHA-Sogno D'Amore(Original Mix)
E.F.G & Acidani-Reminiscence(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-08-01 11:39:02
140) TAILER-Притяжение-289(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sed ft.Lisette Van Den Berg-Law Of Physics(Aeron Aether Remix)
Sonic Scope-Rustle Of Love
Velvet Dreamer ft Tim Gelo-Deep Dive
VonnBoyd-Zephyr(Original Mix)
Waynwari-Mi Estrelita
Xan-Strings For A Quinn(Original Mix)
Alex Van Deep-Sunday Breeze(Original Mix)
Anabioz-City Melancholy
Aly & Fila ft.Tiff Lacey-Paradise(Chillout Mix)
Blank & Jones with Steve Kilbey-Only Your Love
Aurosonic & Sarah Lynn & Yana Chernysheva-This Imagunary
Aurora Night-Heartstrings
Changer-Sunrise Breeze(Original Mix)
Brian Magix & Cyntia Hall-Carved In Stone(Chillout Mix)
Cj Rcm-Sweet Night
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2023-07-10 11:31:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Grande Piano-Hearts Of Stone(40Thavha Remix)
The Simbioze-Pandora
Anto Cortez-The Final Journey(Original Mix)
Vic Tone-Clear Sky(Original Mix)
Semper T-Pull The Strings(Extended Mix)
SinStar-Quality(Extended Mix)
Shave Hill & Grinder-Runaway(Smalltown Boy)(Extended Mix)
Inner Heart-All Everything(Original Mix)
Leon Bogod-Reminds Me Of You(Extended Mix)
Ilya Fly-Awakening
Andy Elliass & ARCZI-End Of Story(Sasha Van Laur Remix)
Victor Special-Wet Asphalt(Extended Mix)
BLU3SK13S-Flight Of The Eagle(Original Mix)
Moonman-Don't Be Afraid'99(Ferry Corsten Remix)
Proof Of Principle-Synopsis(The Avains Remix)
Robbie Seed & Rinaly-All Alone(Extended Mix)
Binary Ensemble-Echoes Of The Sea(Extended Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H & A.R.D.I-Guadalupe(Extended Mix)
Anyma & Chris Avanlgarde-Eternity(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-07-07 18:54:02
138) TAILER-Притяжение-288(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Gustaf Gretberg-I See The Light
Edgar Tuniyants-Atone With The Rain
Mahoroba-Violet Dreams
Kristina Budzhiashvili-Aspirations
Keanler & Lewin-Oxygen
Michael Whalen-Love's Secret
Nils Frahm-Says
Peter Ivanov-Determination
MrDisclamer ft.Mila Zhavrova-Eveming Sun
Sharada-Colors Of Butterfly
S'Hill-Escape From Reality
Ryan Myers-Purple Night(Original Mix)
Shades Of Grey-Masquerade Show
Skysurfer-Dream To Me(Flying High Remix)
Steve Morgan-Melancholy
Сергей Чекалин-Waves
192 Кбит | 80 мин. | 110 МБ | 2023-07-06 11:02:06
137) TAILER-MELODICA-364(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
PvR-Re-L(Intro Mix)
Project Ketsui-Limit Break(Extended Mix)
Soundwave-Thunder All Night(Original Mix)
N-Sking-Started A Fire(Original Mix)
Derek Ryan-Dimeritum(Extended Mix)
Leroy Moreno-Magnolia(Original Mix)
NG Rezonance & Bryn Whiting-Not Afraid(Extended Mix)
Brandon Beatty-The Surface(Extended Mix)
Caolan McConville-Whisper In The Wind(Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan-Other Side(Extrnded Mix)
Metta & Glyde & Susanne Teulenberg-The Universe You Need(Extended Mix)
Adam Taylor & Clara Yates-White Flag(Extended Mix)
Gayax-Running(Original Mix)
Mark Maguire-Aerial(Extended Mix)
Rick Art-Sixth Wave(Lost Knowledge Remix)
Inoblivion-Silver Was The Sky(Original Mix)
Jesper Olessen-140(Original Mix)
Mauro Picotto-Iguana(The Sixth Sense Remix)
Safri Duo & Indecent Noise-Power Bongo'98(Croxillo Edit)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 163 МБ | 2023-07-04 19:31:03
136) TAILER-X-PLANET-364(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Rene Ablaze,Fischer & Miethig-Follow Me(Extended Mix)
Triode ft.Linney-Dancing In The Stars(Original Mix)
Dmitriy Osipov-Revelation(Original Mix)
Unix SL-Global Harmony(Extended Mix)
Oscilater & Super Luminal-Spring & Summer(Original Mix)
Harshil Kambar-Set Me Free(Extended Mix)
Luke Terry & Helen Sylk-A Ligghter Shade Of Blue Reprise
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Valentina(Howlex Remix)
Brent Rix-Ethereal(Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley-Tears Don't Mean You're Losing(Amos & Riot Night Remix)
Craig Connelly & Heliene-Other Side Of The World(Extended Mix)
Anto Cortez-Trance Odyssey(Original Mix)
Sergey Selekhov & Andrew Mirt-Diamond(Extended Mix)
Sonar Zone-The Return(Dj Ten Remix)
Thavha-Angel 1945(Original Mix)
Paul Jonson-Ocean Breeze(Extended Mix)
Stonface & Terminal-Sigma Tau(Original Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Achoired Taste(Chris Oblivion Remix)
Lee Hanton-I'm Yours(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 117 мин. | 161 МБ | 2023-07-01 23:37:04
135) TAILER-The Epoch Of Trance(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Trance X-Crashing Down(Extended Mix)
Transaphonic-Tachyn Theory(Extended Mix)
Lost Witness & Malene-Red Summer Sky(Extended Mix)
Fragma-Toca's Miracles(London & Niko Remix)
Kaki-Blood Compact(Crisy Remix)
Diago-Swquentia(Extended Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H.-Paradise(Extended Mix)
Pierre Pienaar & Nicholson-Twlight(David Elston Remix)
Alexander Borisov-The Epoch Of Trance
Activa-I Wanted You(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 66 мин. | 91 МБ | 2023-06-28 10:36:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Grande Piano-Road To Freedom(Elgfrothi Intro Remix)
FAWZY & Daniel Kandi & Nick V-Reverie(Extended Mix)
Enigma State-Transolar(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Zero Negative(Extended Mix)
Nick Andre-Happy Days(Extended Mix)
Peter Krejcik-In Love With Spring(Extended Mix)
Last Soldier & Swifty Lions-Fable(Extended Mix)
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Lacrima(Original Mix)
Michael Retouch-Cradle Of Silence(Extended Mix)
No Signal-Turn To Good(Extended Mix)
Amar N-Without You(Extended Mix)
Liquid Dream-Nuova Vita(Extended Mix)
Air Project & Ruslan Aschaulov-Inside My Memory(Original Mix)
Dalmoori-The Flag(Naki Extended Remix)
Vahid Ghandizadeh-Cosmos(Original Mix)
Miditekk-Slow The World Down(Extended Mix)
Victor Special-If You Fly Sleep(Original Mix)
Andy Kay & Emule-Sunlight(Extended Mix)
U-Mount-Our Origin(Extended Mix)
Faith Mark-Never Ending Story(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-06-27 10:16:02
133) TAILER-MELODICA-362(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Syeam-The Pianist(Extended Mix)
Efemgie-Let's Fly(Original Mix)
Tranceminds-Dreamcatcher(Original Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Oasis(Original Mix)
Sandro Mireno & 40Thavha-Somewhere In A Beautiful World(Extended Mix)
Zhiroc-The Seventh Trumpet(Extended Mix)
Mehdi Bey ft.Hedioucha-Some Love(Emotional Mix)
Rhys Elliott-And Then You Were Gone(Extended Mix)
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Lacrima(Victor Special Remix)
RAM & Clara Yates-Nothing Stopping Me(Extended Mix)
Victor Special-Just Want To Go Back(Original Mix)
Jay Turio-Once Upon A Star(Original Mix)
Juan Alminana Obando-Super Nova(Original Mix)
Gaia X-Zone Of Avoidance(Original Mix)
Behrooz & Amir Rad-Tracing The Light(Orchestral Extended Mix)
CaDeR-2nd Forward(Autumnal Poplar Groves Remix)
Daryl G-Eternal(Extended Mix)
Ashley Gibson-Tranquilize(Original Mix)
Alex Drane-IF There Never Was Tomorrow(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-06-25 10:20:03
132) TAILER-Притяжение-285(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Amind Two Guys-Absolute(Original Mix)
LR Uplift & Natune-So High(Deme3us Chillout Mix)
Marion-High Hopes
Maxi Marihuana-April(Original Mix)
Motorcycle-As The Rush Comes(Zetendel Chill Mix)
Paul Dreamer-Journey To Infinity(Space Night Dub)
Samuke-Ocean Sleep(Original Mix)
Project Blue Sun-The Sun Will Rise(Original Mix)
R.I.BSeven24,Nelela-Perfomance(Chillout Mix)
Radioactive Sandwich-La Muerte Peluda
Ryan Myers ft.Inser-Melt My Heart
Sine-Code Red(Original Mix)
Stefan Torto-Internal Rotation
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2023-06-24 17:04:03
131) TAILER-X-PLANET-363(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Talla 2XLC & Saccoman-Distant Planet(Extended Mix)
Ayda Van Helden-Queen Of Hearts(Vocal Mix)
Susana & Neev Kennedy-The Promise(London & Niko Remix)
Rene Ablaze & Ria Joyse-Choice(Dub Mix)
Starry Major-Rising Up(Young Hu Remix)
Aimoon & Sound X-Monster-Maetstorm(Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan-Great Ocean Road(Extended Mix)
Abide-Lifetime(Original Mix)
Cedric Paul-Winter Spirit(Original Mix)
Bryan Summerville-15 Years(Original Mix)
Arcanum-Solar(Original Mix)
Cosmic Butterfly,34-Connecting Us(Extended Mix)
David Yarrow-Mirage(Original Mix)
Ciro Visone & Semper T-For A Better Day(Extended Mix)
Liam Bailey-At Last(Extended Mix)
XiJaro & Pitch & Ava Silver-Heart(Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel & Jes-From This Day On(Ben Gold Remix)
Sam Fletcher-Potential Movement(Original Mix)
Ehren Stowers-Supernatural(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-06-23 09:28:03
130) TAILER-Притяжение-284(2023)
New Age | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sunless Sea
Angels Dance
Sixth Sense
The Ring
Vision I
Song From A Sad Dream
Inner Peace
192 Кбит | 94 мин. | 129 МБ | 2023-06-23 08:58:03
129) TAILER-BEST 2023(PART 3)(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Syeam-The Pianist(Extended Mix)
CaDeR-2nd Forward(Autumnal Poplar Groves Remix)
Anakin Walker-New Homeland(Vocal Mix)
DreamLife & Aleksey Gunichev-In Search Of Myself(Extended Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge-Starship(Extended Mix)
Thavha-Luce(Original Mix)
Force & Amour-Triumph(Extended Mix)
MWAF-Summer(Original Mix)
Criostasis-Lost(Original Mix)
Elgfrothi-Tomorrow Is Too Late(Original Mix)
Illitheas-Eclipse(Extended Mix)
Mosicen-Universe(Extended Mix)
Type41 & Saphron-Moon Will Rose(Dub Mix)
Puresoul-Starfall(Original Mix)
Sublitrance-Save The Angels(Extended Mix)
Turn & Natali Kryzhanovski-Renaissanse(Grasse Bootleg)
Sandro Mireno & 40Thavha-Somewhere In A Beautiful World(Extended Mix)
The Noble Six-Moon That Never Sets(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2023-06-23 08:53:02
128) TAILER-Притяжение-280(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Akela Sun-Hypnosis
Igor Pumphonia-Sensible
Fake & True-Seas Of Passion(Original Mix)
Dj Gadjik-Dragon Star(Original Mix)
Cymatics-Awake(Chillout Mix)
Flaer Smin & Arktika-Love Of Yesterday
George Skaroulis-Fragile
Gheorghe Zamfir-Don't Cry Me Argentina
Green Sun-The Secret Of Ice Cave
House Massive-Children(Lounge Mix)
Oliver Scheffner-Endles Night
Nikolay Mikryukov-Emrace
Matt Sour-Hope For Tomorrow(Original Mix)
Last Soul-Strange Moments(Chillout Mix)
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 104 МБ | 2023-04-21 17:45:04
127) TAILER-BEST 2023(PART 2)(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
The Noble Six-Astral Projection(Extended Mix)
Amir Rad-Permanent Euphoria(Extended Mix)
Kris Max-Volin(Original Mix)
Mikhail Tseslyuk-Nothing Lasis Forever(Original Mix)
Alessandra Roncone-Unkonsciousness(Extended Mix)
Trance Atlantic & Gray Mentality-The Sound Of The Dunes(Extended Mix)
Aly & Fila & Chapter47 & Richard Bedford-Edge Of Tomorrow(Extended Mix)
Alex Max & Zebra Kid-Theist(Extended Mix)
The System-Last Train To Home(Original Mix)
Sergey Salekhov & Andrew Mirt-Everest(Extended Mix)
Enigma State-Waiting For You(Extended Mix)
Ahmed Romel & Silvela-In Your Thoughts(Extended Mix)
Kvaii-Eternal Starlight(Extended Mix)
Jane Clemence-Eternity(Tommy Kierland Album Remix)
Nick Andre-Human Spirit(Original Mix)
Meraj Deylami-Mayhem(Extended Mix)
The Noble Six-Rings Of Saturn(Extended Mix)
Misha Vorobjev-Spring Valtz(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-04-18 12:35:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Victor Special & Milosh K-Just Believe(Intro Mix)
Chakra-Home(Factor B's Remix)
Nikolay KG-Warrior Spirit(Original Mix)
DreamLife & Aleksey Gunichev-In Search Of Myself(Extended Mix)
RAM & Garderffi with Diana Leah-Turn Back The Time(RAM's 3AM Mix)
Trance Ferhat-Lost In Ankara(Extended Mix)
Phil Dinner-Syria(Original Mix)
Isotopia-Destiny(Original Mix)
Thavha-Noy(Extended Mix)
Elian West-Andromeda Galaxy(Original Mix)
Last Soldier-Renaissance(Extended Mix)
Elite Electronic-Lux(Extended Mix)
Fabrice-Paura(Extended Mix)
Gadolan-Illusion(Original Mix)
Hide & Seek & Jan Johnston-Because Of You(Extended Mix)
Criostasis-Life & Death(Original Mix)
Cedric Paul-Wonderland(Extended Mix)
Alex W.E.Zen-Alcor(Original Mix)
Tbo & Vega-Elysian(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-04-18 09:41:02
125) TAILER-Притяжение-279(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Future World Music-Soul Healer
David I-Catharsis
Emancipator-All Though The Night
SoundLift-Balearic Bay(Original Mix)
Sound Rain-Color Of Sorrow(Sentimental Sad Piano
Дмитрий Дут-Шёпот Природы
Aurora Night-Wondrland
Tony Igy-Open Fire(The Husky Chillout Mix)
Stefan Gruenwald,Lookee ft Pearl Andersson-Wonderful Life
Akela Sun-Heaven & Earth
Alan Walker-Faded
Alexander Tarasov-On Distance
Andrew Gate-Forget You(Original Mix)
Angel Ace-Blue(Original Mix)
Apple From Mars-Close Your Eyes
Green Sun-The Secret Of Ice Cave
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-04-15 19:04:02
124) TAILER-X-PLANET-357(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Misha Vorobjev-Spring Waltz(Intro Mix)
Ellan West-Cry(Original Mix)
Michele Cecchi-Freedom(Extended Mix)
Orkidea-Punity(Ferry Tale & Tonks pres.Mirage Remix)
Mark Allen-Lost In Time(Extended Mix)
Nicholson & James Lawson-Times Like These(Nicholson Remix)
Steve Hill & Technikal-Another Chance(Extended Mix)
Adam Taylor & Tara Louise-Life(Extended Mix)
Gary Bolton-Vale(Extended Mix)
Ilya Soloviev-Universal Universe(Extended Mix)
Kaimo K Vs.Cold Rush & Katty Heath-Here I'm(Extended Mix)
Sam Laxton-Ride The Night(Extended Mix)
Liquid Dream-Isabella Smile(Gayax Remix)
KBeat-Chase Your Dream(Original Mix)
Jason Gray-Deception(Original Mix)
Christian Millan-Ella(Yoshi & Razner Remix)
Arc.Sys-Above Peak(Original Mix)
Anton Wurth-Collider(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-04-14 12:59:02
123) TAILER-MELODICA-356(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
TranzLift Vs.O.B.M Notion-Lightness(TranzLift Mix)
Type 41 & Saphoron-Moon Will Rise(Extended Mix)
The Doopler Effect & Carol Lee-Beauty Hides In The Deep(James Dymond Mix)
Henry Caster & Chris Rane-The Moment(Extended Mix)
Iberian & Ria Joyse-Crashed Dreams(Dub Mix)
Eldream & Mark Wild-Magnolia(Extended Mix)
Sonic Elements-Darkmorth & Metamorph(Original Mix)
Thavha-Noy(Victor Special Remix)
SinStar-God Gift(Original Mix)
TroniKot-Oxygen(Original Mix)
Craig Connelly ft.Kat Marsh-Light The Way(Craig's Higher Mix)
Mazeev-Kookaburra(Original Mix)
Daley-Step One(Original Mix)
Kohta Imafuku & Naki-Call To Mind(Extended Mix)
Aleo ft.Mhyst-Fire & Passion(Extended Mix)
K90-Breathe(Venetica Remix)
David Elston & Elle Mariach-Higher State(Extended Mix)
Bedrock-Heaven Scient(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2023-04-13 09:16:01
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Elgfrothi-Tomorrow Is Too Late(Intro Mix)
Type 41 & Saphron-Moon Will Rise(Dub Mix)
Melodic Culture & Rebecca Loise Burch-Love Is Immortal
Thavha-Home(Extended Mix)
Talla2XLC & Dj Tandu-Velvet(Extended Mix)
Matthew Dreamer-Back To Me(Extended Mix)
Sublitrance-Save The Angels(Extended Mix)
SilMax-Nena(Extended Mix)
Forza Duo & Ava Calii-Finding Love(Extended Mix)
Drival-Come Back(Extended Mix)
Joulez-Legacy Of Ezana(Extended Mix)
Mark Versluis & Ana Roze-Let Me Know(Last Soldier Remix)
Make One-Song Of Seraphim(Original Mix)
SounEmot-Por Que(Emotional Mix)
Para X-Elevation(Extended Mix)
Oliver Koolivand-Freedom(Original Mix)
Super Luminal-From The Inside(Original Mix)
Ray Mitchell-Aria(Original Mix)
R-Chapter 0(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2023-03-25 09:43:02
121) TAILER-Притяжение(BEST)(PART 1)(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Science Deal-Naenia(Angelica S Break Remix)
Valefim Planet-In The Darkness Of The Void
Vasiliy Arefiev-Autumn Melancholy
John Aurora-Autumn Rain(Artur Venis Remix)
Daminika-Touch Of Autumn(Original Mix)
Sergio Santini-Angel
Silven HaLL-This Is My Love(Version 2)
Wadsworth-Interstellar(Original Mix)
Max Denoise-Purple(Sara Pollino Rmx)
Diamans-The Ocean(Original Mix)
Эдгар Туниянц-Очарование
Hiholl-Black Tears
Music Dreams-Однажды Наступит Завтра
Kwasniewski Stanislaw-Starring Sky
Josef Klang-Winter Song
Arto Kumanto-Nearty The Perfect Moment
Blue Stone-Midnight Tides
Steve Morgan-Magic World Of Illusions(Relax Edition)
Gelvetta-Light Fog(Original Mix)
George Skarouls-Fragle
Alexander Volosnikov-Moments Of Light
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2023-03-23 16:35:02
120) TAILER-MELODICA-355(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Joulez-Legacy Of Ezana(Dark Sun Intro Remix)
Trance Atlantic & Gray Mentality-The Sound Of The Dunes(Extended Mix)
Dj XBoy & Daniel Rigon-A Summer Night(Original Mix)
H.X.E. & State72-Find Your Heart(Extended Mix)
Novel-Euphric Transition(Extended Mix)
Jakob Roenald & Lightning Vs Waveband-Mysteries Around Us(Original Mix)
Shugz ft Lynsey T-Keep You Close(Original Mix)
Steve Dekay & Proyal-Soundscape(Extended Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-I Believe(Airdream Remix)
Virtuan-Magenta(Extended Mix)
Factor B & Arielle Maren-Connected(Lostly's Change Of Season Remix)
Kere-Last Forever(Original Mix)
Massaru Hinaiji ft.Amy-Freezing(Original Mix)
Aoi No Kaze-Lamb Su(Original Mix)
Novel-My Nathalie(Extended Mix)
Super Luminal-From The Inside(Dj Frost Remix)
Calvin O'Commor & Grande Piano-When The Two Cannons Fall Silent(Grande Piano Remix)
Amir Rad-Permanent Euphoria(Extended Mix)
Fumoflu-Trance Essentials(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-03-21 20:04:02
119) TAILER-Thunderball(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Minimalistix-Close Cover(Original Mix)
Armin Van Buuren-Rush Hour(No Intro Edit)
Elian West-Christina(Original Mix)
Trance X-Don't Give Up Your Dreams(Extended Mix)
R-Chapter 0(Niko Zografos Remix)
Ultimate With Timair & AlexSo-Catharsis(Extended Mix)
Jaron Inc.& Wavetraxx-Cloudsurfer(Extended Mix)
Delerium-Silence(Grande Piano Remix)
Elie Lawson-A Hundred Ways(Matt Bukovski Remix)
Stormline-Freedom Call(Original Mix)
Dj K Mixx-Thunderball(Extended Mix)
S.H.O.K.K.& Wavetraxx & Bodo Kaiser-Boshowa(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 81 мин. | 111 МБ | 2023-03-20 16:49:03
118) TAILER-Притяжение-278(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dmitry Lee ft.Mr Michael-Autumn(Chillout Mix)
Jason Bradberry ft.Emily Haughton-Autumn(Michael Witness Chillout Remix)
Martin Stultzer-Trisolar
R.I.B-The Breath Of Autumn(Original Mix)
MinusBlue ft.Emma Saville-Be As One
Solaria Inc.-Children
Solar Sound-My Solar Sounds
Pedro Del Mar-A New Begining(Ole Van Bohm Chillout Mix)
Radion6,Katty Heath-Beautiful Nothing
Sunless-Autumn Life
Sonic Scope-Autumn Meditating
Sunlounger-Another Day On The Terrace
Vasilly Arefiev-Autumn Melody
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 101 МБ | 2023-03-18 18:27:02
117) TAILER-X-PLANET-355(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Iberian-Alegro(Extended Mix)
Tbo & Vega-Millions Of Miles(Original Mix)
Air Project-The White Spring(Extended Mix)
Ciro Visone-Aria(Original Mix)
Breeze & Freeze-Spring Rain
David Surok-Memories Of Spring
Ricardo Guerra-Aura(Extended Mix)
Laker-Echoes Of Spring
Alex Wright-Awestruck(Extended Mix)
Peter Mething-Exhilaration(Extended Mix)
Harshil Kamdar ft.Jaime Deraz-Be Your Light(Extended Mix)
SouthDreamer-Remember(Original Mix)
Airdream-Broken Inside(Extended Mix)
Blusky-High Emotions(Original Mix)
Chris Element-Eight 88(Extended Mix)
Diago-Verto(Rene Ablaze Remix)
Stowers & Cooper ft.That Girl-Us Against World(Extended Mix)
Criostasis-Lost(Original Mix)
Sephirsky-Sorrow(Emotional Remix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-03-16 18:56:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Mikka L-Dreamcatcher(Extended Mix)
John O'Callaghan ft.Josie-Out Nowhere(Connor Woodford Remix)
Gayax-Cronicles(Extended Mix)
Rank1-Such Is Life(XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
Rich Harison-Emply Spaces(Extended Mix)
Sam Laxton,Atlarica & Sarah Russell-To Find Me(Extended Mix)
Somna & Donna Tella-Back To Earth(Extended Mix)
Paipy-Falling In Love(Extended Mix)
Alex Mac & Zebra Kid-Theist(Extended Mix)
Guava-Space Odyssey(Extended Mix)
Fumoffu-Trance Essentials(Original Mix)
Louie Xtra-Breeze(Original Mix)
Criostasis-Mars(Original Mix)
AStral Legacy-Spring Of Smyrna
James Pound-Damage The System(Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night & Adrian Boland-So Far Out Of Reach(Extended Mix)
Danny Eaton-The Vision(Extended Mix)
Farmoodex & Last Soldier-Wondrous(Extended Mix)
Life Exporter-Back To Earth(Extended Mix)
Tiesto-He's Pirate(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2023-03-13 17:47:01
115) TAILER-Притяжение-277(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Science Deal-Naenia(Angelica S Break Remix)
Edgar Tuniyants-там затихает душа
Gelvetta-Light Fog(Original Mix)
David I-It's Always Darkest The Dawn
Delerium ft.Jae-Light Your Light
Ryan Myers-Dark Soul
Electric Sparking Water-Never Touch The Darkness
Ameerah-The Sound Of Missing You
Gold Lounge-Coastal Walk
Unix SL-Sorrow(Original Mix)
Vlegel-Alone In The Dark
Alex Pan-Dark Blue Sea
Timo Pralle-When We First Met(Andrew Fields Chillout Mix)
Serenity-Dark Forest
192 Кбит | 72 мин. | 99 МБ | 2023-03-11 21:41:02
114) TAILER-MELODICA-354(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Jane Vayne-Welcome To A New World(Fred Baker Mix)
Elgfrothi-Tomorrow Is Too Late(Original Mix)
Anakin Walker-New Homeland(Vocal Mix)
Turn & Natali Kryzhanoyski-Rerenaissance(Grasse Bootleg)
Vadim Bonkrashkov & Natalie Gloia & Rinaly-Won't Quit The Fight(Mike Zaloxx Mix)
Luke Van Ness-Gorgeous Night(Extended Mix)
Lewis Duggleby-Indomtable Spirit(Extended Mix)
Joran Shade & Alkaloid-Thalassophie(Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan-Eons Inside(Extended Mix)
Syntouch & Divaz Pres.Syndicate-Eight(Denis Efremov Remix)
Osayd Project-Rizen(Extended Mix)
Nik Andre-Trance Unites!(Extended Mix)
Trode & Clara Yates-Missing Part Of Me(Extended Mix)
Sam Letcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Valentina(Iberian Remix)
Soulounger ft.Zara Tailor-Found(Roger Shah Remix)
Matthew Duncan-Estrella(Extended Mix)
BT ft.JES-Every Other Way(Adam Ellis Remix)
Leon Bolier-Mea Culpa
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2023-03-10 09:27:02
113) TAILER-X-PLANET-354(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dark Sun-Hiyoki No Tori(Intro Mix)
Reborn Sound System-Le Mans(Extended Mix)
Jake & Almo-Get On It(Original Mix)
Steve Trollope-In Your Hands(Extended Mix)
Drival-The Awakening(Extended Mix)
The System-Last Train To Home(Original Mix)
Maykell Pres.Sky Sound-If There Was A Time Between Us(Extended Mix)
Conor Holahan-All Now(Extended Mix)
Bryn Whiting ft.Elle Mariachi-Found(Extended Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Remnant Ready(Extended Mix)
Factoria-Another Legends Legacy(Extended Mix)
Dreamy-Circle Me(Dub Mix)
Aly & Fila & Chapter47 & Richard Bedford-Edge Of Tomorrow(Extended Mix)
Marco Mc Neil-Windstorm(Original Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni-Freedom From Guilt(Extended Mix)
Ryan K-Let Him Leave(Extended Mix)
The Noble Six-Astral Projection(Extended Mix)
Pulse Code & James Pound-Eris(Extended Mix)
Last Solder & Aki Harunari-Punch(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-03-08 08:10:02
112) TAILER-Притяжение-276(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Alastair Pursloe-Autumn Skies At Dusk(Original Mix)
Amethystium-Autumn Interlude
ARCZI-Too Lite For Goodbye
Daminika-Touch Of Autumn(Original Mix)
AnimoEx ft.JJWeekz-1000 iles Away(Original Mix)
Beat Anatomy-The Darkness To Light(Original Mix)
Bliss-Wish You Were Here(Flaer Smin Remix)
Dj Santiago-Breath Of Autumn(Chillout Mix)
Dmitry Lee O ft Mr Michael-Autumn(Chillout Mix)
Drive-Autumn Mirage(Original Mix)
Hevia-Sobrepens By Jean
Daminika-Autumn Inspiration
John Aurora-Autumn Rain(Artur Venis Remix)
Lukas Termena-Autumn Walk(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2023-03-05 11:46:04
111) TAILER-BEST 2023(PART 1)(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Cedric Paul & Rowan Van Beckhowen-Memories(Intro Mix)
Mikhail Tseslyuk-Winter's Tale(Extended Mix)
Manuel Rocca-Alba Avis(Extended Mix)
Ciro Visone & Magdalen Silvestra-You Ran Away(Dub Mix)
Soundpour-Chrono(Extended Mix)
Hivanova-Melancholy(Terra V Remix)
Ozo Effy-Adagio(Extended Mix)
Melodic Culture ft.Rebecca Loise Burch-Love Is Immortal(TP One Remix)
Gold Sequence-Sunrise2000(Extended Mix)
Amir Rad-Circle Of Consequences(Original Mix)
Iberian-Rita(Extended Mix)
TranzLift-Kansai(Extended Mix)
Lazy Seal-Fading Reality(Remix)
Silver7-Last Farewell(Extended Mix)
Chris Connolly-Phoenix Skies(Extended Mix)
Last Solder & Ariams-Pride(Extended Mix)
Dimassive-The Impetuos Winds(Extended Mix)
Miha Sav Alex & Kings-Astral(Extended Mix)
G Moon-The Forces Of Nature(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-03-04 16:23:03
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Cedric Paul & Rowan Van Beckhowen-Memories(Intro Mix)
RAM & Cari-What Matters(Extended Mix)
Mikhail Tseslyuk-Winter's Tale(Extended Mix)
Roman Messer-Need To Feel Loved(Extended Mix)
Nord Horizon-Space Warp(Extended Mix)
James Dust-Be The Same(Extended Mix)
Efemgie-Maya(Original Mix)
Brent Rix-I Still(Extended Mix)
Byrne & Feeney-Fuaim An Anama(Extended Mix)
First Effect-Third Vision(Extended Mix)
Melodic Culture ft.Rebecca Loise Burch-Love Is Immortal
Stefano Negrini-Inner Fight(Original Mix)
Myde & Cathy Burton-Nothing But Love(Extended Mix)
Air Project-Pandora(Extended Mix)
Elian West-Music That Unites(Original Mix)
Ciro Visone-Way Of The Mission(Extended Mix)
Dark Sun-Hiyoki No Tori(Etasonic Mix)
Alex W Zen-Tania Borealis(Original Mix)
Sonic Element & Peter Steele-Shadows(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-03-03 13:58:03
109) TAILER-MELODICA-353(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Aleksandr R-62(Original Mix)
Inner Heart-Do Not Forget The Love(Original Mix)
Simon Fisher-Return To The Deep Blue Sea
M-Timo-Hella(Original Mix)
Asteroid-Voices Of Gaia
Thavha-Aisa(Extended Mix)
Allevo-Afterlife(Original Mix)
Huem-Sky Lights(Matt Farmer Remix)
Ultimate ft Irina Makosh-Something Going On(Pure Mix)
KBK & Wiktoria Bentinska-Piece Of Heaven(Extended Mix)
Isotopia-Until The Dawn(Original Mix)
Edward Whitten-Own The Treasure(Original Mix)
N-Sking-Magical Storm(Extended Mix)
Magnettor & Jan Johnston-Precious(Extended Mix)
Roger Shah & Ambedo-Forests(Tribute To Earth Mix)
SilMax-Melancholy(Original Mix)
Iberian-My Life(Iberian Remix)
Danny Cage-Tiny World(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-02-28 04:10:02
108) TAILER-Притяжение-275(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Apples From Mars-Close Your Eyes
Alex Boginsky-We Are One
Daminika-Autumn Day
Ayume-Hana(Chillout Version)
John Aurora-Autumn Rain
Алексей Моисеев-Fly To Shinning Star
Dj Ostriy-Track 1
S.N.T Project-Секретная Калитка
Vanilla Potatoyes-Careless Whisper
Marco Bertek-Beautiful Dream(Original Mix)
Project Blue Sun-After The Dark
192 Кбит | 72 мин. | 99 МБ | 2023-02-23 05:33:02
107) TAILER-X-PLANET-353(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Double U-Heal The Breach(Extended Mix)
Michael Kaelios-Sunblast(Extended Mix)
Blue Recall-Mermaids(Original Mix)
Trance Hustlers-Nebulosa(Original Mix)
Sergey Selekhov & Anton By-Naturelight(Extended Mix)
Mikhail Tseslyuk-Dive Into The Mariana Trench(Extended Mix)
Elissandro-Memorias Del Pasado(Original Mix)
Super Luminal-Polaris(Original Mix)
Jason Gray-Existence(Original Mix)
DJ Tranceair-High Voltage(Original Mix)
Andy Newtz & James Dust-If Tomorrow Never Comes(Extended Mix)
THe Quest-C Sharp(Jody 6 Remix)
Armin Van Buuren-Burnrd With Desire(London & Niko Bootleg Retake)
Wavetraxx-Legend(TrancEye Remix)
Greg Oakland & Tara Louise-Never Temporary(Extended Mix)
Enigma State-Waiting For You(Extended Mix)
Artena-Let Me Fall(Original Mix)
D4Soul-We Coliding(Extended Mix)
Lisa Louder ft.Jodie Poye-SStafe Place(Craig Conneliy Remix)
Robert Nickson-Spira(Calvin O'Commor Remix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-02-21 09:19:02
106) TAILER-MELODICA-352(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine-Last Goodbye
Hivanova-Melancholy(Terra V Remix)
Dan O'Adrian-After The Rain(Original Mix)
SounEmot & Victor Special-Synergy(Original Mix)
Jeitam Osheen & Rolfiek-Opus One(Original Mix)
Dj Vincen Tech-Eternally(Vocal Mix)
Andrew Drummer-Natali(Original Mix)
nd Chemistry ft.Jodie Poye-Landside(W!SS Remix)
Thavha-Nuova Alba(Extended Mix)
Doppenberg-Someday(Extended Mix)
Darren O'Brien & Violet Dolivo-Forbidden Love(Extended Mix)
Cloud Chasers-Hopium(Extended Mix)
CHR!S P & Simon Moon-When Dreams Become Reality(Extended Mix)
Heaven & Alone-Proxima Centauri(Extended Mix)
Frank Wanders & Exolight-Unlimited(Extended Mix)
Misja Helsloot-Hail A Century(Extended Mix)
Victor Special-Where They Are Waiting For Me(Extended Mix)
Henning-Sruggles & Cocktails(Extended Mix)
Matt Daver-Defy It All Again(DJ-Elven & D-Myo Remix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-02-19 10:08:02
105) TAILER-X-PLANET-352(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Christopher Corrigan-We All Want(Extended Mix)
Pierre Pienaar-Lifeforce(Rhys Elliott Remix)
Paul Elov8 Smith-NRG(Extended Mix)
Starry Major-On Top Of The Sky(Extended Mix)
Sonar Zone-The Return(Karl Forde Remix)
RAM & Cari-What Matters(Extended Mix)
Trance X-The Forbidden Land(Extended Mix)
Sentien-Atmos(Wavetraxx Remix)
Terra V-Polar Vortex(Extended Mix)
Woody Van Eyden & Rene Ablaze & Cari-Lovin' You(Extended Mix)
Xijaro & Pitch-Chasing Dreams(Extended Mix)
Rikki Starrett-Mother Nature(Extended Mix)
S.H.O.K.K.-Meadows Edge(Extended Mix)
Semper T-The Seeker(Original Mix)
Maratone & Saphron & Hardcore-Walk Through Shadows(Jimmy Chou Remix)
Mariano Mancini-The Four Suns(Extended Mix)
Ozo Effy-Adagio(Extended Mix)
Vertical State-Celestial(Extended Mix)
Alternate High-Far From Home(Extended Mix)
Criostasis-Twisted Horizon(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2023-02-19 10:03:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Amir Rad-Circle Of Consequences(Original Mix)
Seypro-Canyon(Original Mix)
UDM-Colorful Sunrise(Extended Mix)
DreamLife & Grand Piano-Lost Soul(Extended Mix)
Asteroid-Gravitation(Rene Ablaze Remix)
Alex Burn & Criostasis-Ultraviolet(Extended Mix)
Rank1-Such Is Life(Marco V Remix)
Air Project & Ruslan Aschaulov-Forever In My Heart(Extended Mix)
Kohta Imafuku-Akane(Original Mix)
Farshid Farr & Arash Asoodegi-Time Shift(Extended Mix)
Dan Cooper-Terra Santa(Original Mix)
Wael MacTaviSh-The Dream Of Tomorrow(Original Mix)
NoMosk & Lucid Blue-Inside The Fire(Mike Zaloxx Remix)
Nick Osta5h-Deja Vu(Original Mix)
M4R-MacroCosm(Extended Mix)
Kebu-Michael's Anthem(Daniel Kandi Remix)
TranzLift-Kansai(Extended Mix)
Reborn Sound System-Route 66(Original Mix)
Puresoul-Embracing Love(Original Mix)
SilMax-A Mother's Love(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2023-02-19 09:59:02
103) TAILER-Притяжение-274(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
The Enigma THG-Future Fantasy
Lino Fetussi-Expedition To Another World
Notan Nigres-Astronaut
Chris Wonderful-A Moment Of Nature
The Ambientalist-Unexpected Emotion
Oscuro-How's It Going To End
Carbon Based Lifeforms-Derelicts
Peder B Holland-A New Day
Peter Ries-Flora
Chris Wonderful-The Anisotropic Universe
Moonnight & Elles De Graaf-Sunset Kindness
192 Кбит | 72 мин. | 99 МБ | 2023-02-18 15:36:02
102) TAILER-MELODICA-351(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Abell-Universe(Extended Mix)
Tom Exo-Sidereum(Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night with Emoiryah-Love Is Love(Extended Mix)
BiXX,Last Soldier-Unity
Nu Spirit-The Torus(Extended Mix)
Spy-Headstrong(Extended Mix)
Ahmed Romel & Silvela-In Your Thoughts(Extended Mix)
Thomas Knight-Hold Me Like You Do(Extended Mix)
TOA-Keep The Memory Alive(Original Mix)
Rex W-Galaxy Traveller(Vocal Mix)
Lele Palmieri-Terra Amara(Original Mix)
Steve Sanders ft.Ara-Voice Of An Angel(Calvin O'Commor Remix)
Liam Wilson & Corin Bay Ley-Worth The Wait(Extended Mix)
Deep Impuls-Another World(Original Mix)
Marco Mc Neil-Carousel(Extended Mix)
Ng Rezonance Jason Nawty & Avaxx-Weapon(Extended Mix)
Cold Blue-Redemption(Extended Mix)
Rank 1-Such As Life(London & Niko Unoofficial Remix)
Sublitrance-Elevate You(Original Mix)
Shapov & Nerak-Valhalla(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2023-02-17 10:32:03
101) TAILER-Притяжение-273(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Ryan Myers-Shamed
Roman Fedoseev-Memories Of Summer(Original Mix)
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Valentina
Sonic Score-River Mist(Original Mix)
Sliven HaLL-This Is My Love(Version 2)
Thisan-Piano A La Vida
Thomas Lemmer-Underwater Love
Velvet Dreamer & Tim Gelo-Night Raindrops
Whirl & Mayer-Heaven About(Sunrise Mix)
Alastair Pursioe-Autumn Skies At Dusk
Alexander Volosnikov-Days What Passed By
AnimoEx-Autumn Mist(Original Mix)
Apple & Stone-Autumn Sun
Ascetic-Loving But Lonely(Martian Remix)
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2023-02-17 10:28:03
100) TAILER-X-PLANET-351(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dash Berlin-Man On The Run(Alan Santy Rework)
Silver7-Last Farewell(Extended Mix)
Fen-Island(Original Mix)
Cari & Fiscal Project & Caleb Golston-Like It Was Yesterday(Extended Mix)
Nathan Revely-Breakthough(Extended Mix)
Gustavo TFB-Under Spell(Marcell Stone Remix)
DJ Hollowbase-Winter Wonderland(Original Mix)
Dan R-Into The Shallows(Original Mix)
Meraj Deylami-Between The Worlds(Extended Mix)
Lazy Seal-Fading Reality(Remix)
Iberian-Rita(Extended Mix)
Christian Westerhof-In Endless Love(Extended Mix)
Semper T-Silver Dagger(Extended Mix)
Paipy & Winterborn-Solaris(Extended Mix)
Gaia-X-The Sights Of Space(Original Mix)
Damian Wasse & Simon Fisher with Peter Miething-Be Stronger!(Extended Mix)
Gold Sequence-Sunrise2000(Extended Mix)
Electric Fruit Orchestra-Rock Da Beat(Club Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2023-02-17 10:26:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Ellisandro Vs Kohta Imafuku & Ocoro-I'm Not For You(SounEmot Mashup)
Brandon Beatty-Double Vision(Extended Mix)
LekSin-On The Edge(Sergey Selekhov Remix)
Ricardo Guerra-Break The Light(Extended Mix)
Adam Schofield-Everybody(Extended Mix)
Last Soldier-Alliance(Extended Mix)
Ronski Speed & BiXX ft.That Girl-There Is Purpose(Extended Mix)
Grant Trowbridge-Whispers From The Past(Extended Mix)
Danny Eaton-Millenium(Extended Mix)
Misha Vorobjev-Infinity(Original Mix)
Jean Clemence-Eternity(Tommy Kierland Album Remix)
Cold Blue,Audrey Gallagher-Broken Things(Extended Mix)
Kvaii-Eternal Starlight(Extended Mix)
Sam Laxton-Memory(Extended Mix)
Caolan McConville-False Glimmer(Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer-Against The Odds(Extended Mix)
Adam Taylor & Ria Joyse-Never Stop Believing(Extended Mix)
Alpha 2B-Sun Glow(Extended Mix)
Mobi D & Nu Spirit-Anything Is Possible(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2023-01-20 16:20:02
98) TAILER-Притяжение-272(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Simon O'Shine-Anya(Chilled Mix)
Madwave vs.Plastic Angel(Chillout Mix)
Will Atkinson-Seventh Heaven(Sunlounger Translations Mix)
Dj Gadjik-Dragon Star(Original Mix)
Dreamer Of A Disillusion-If You Wait
John Spanos-Infinity
Illitheas & Pedro Del Mar ft Tiff Lacey-Lightning
Narcotic Chill-Never Give Up
Kwasnlewski Stanislaw-Tenderness
Luxury Grooves-Where IsNelly
Movie Sounds Unlimited-Now We Are Free
Neon Grass Nothern Summer-Ghost Light Edit
Nomyn-City Lights
Project Blue Sun-Amore
Nessi Gomes ft.Temple Step-All Related
192 Кбит | 78 мин. | 107 МБ | 2023-01-19 11:32:02
97) TAILER-MELODICA-350(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dimassive-The Impetuous Winds(Extended Mix)
Abacab-Another Day In Paradise(Alan Santy Remix)
Genix & JVMIE-I'm Awake(London & Niko Unofficial Remix)
Chris Connoly-Phoenix Skies(Extended Mix)
Victor Special-Brothers(Original Mix)
Andres Selada-New Horizon(Original Mix)
Blue Serigata-Endeavour(Extended Mix)
Madwave vs.Plastic Angel-Ritual(Estelle((Original Mix)
Liquidized Elements & Terra V-Angel Dust(Extended Mix)
Kohta Imafuku-Rebelion(Extended Mix)
Parnassvs-In The Moment(Extended Mix)
Paul Clark,Nicholson & Chelsea Holland-In Your Arms(Extended Mix)
Alpha Cube-Night Shift(Original Mix)
Dj Frost & Dj Tranceair-Flashback(Extended Mix)
Escea-Traces You Leave(Extended Mix)
Alex Wright-Sepulchre(Extended Mix)
Thavha-OK Coral(Extended Mix)
Nichelson-Yin(Solid Globe Remix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-01-17 21:54:02
96) TAILER-Air Element(2023)
Progressive Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sunlight Project-Shapes(Original Mix)
Sunny Lax-Archons(Extended Mix)
John Grand-United(DJ Version)
Minicied-Odyssey(Extended Mix)
Sunlight Project-Tsunami(Original Mix)
ID-Air Element(Original Mix)
Illitheas-Suspended(Extended Mix)
Levitate-Soumaya(Extended Mix)
Grid'x-Pharaoh(Original Mix)
Vladan Cedic-Russia
Inrta De Aeris-Leaving The Stratosphere(Extended Mix)
German Ortiz-Tinah Marth(Extended Mix)
Re Locate & Robert Nickson & Carol Lee-Buit To East(C-Systems Mix)
192 Кбит | 71 мин. | 98 МБ | 2023-01-14 16:03:03
95) TAILER-X-PLANET-350(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Andy Newtz ft.Olya Gram-Take Me To The Stars(Altek Intro Remix)
Kamil Polner pres.Polo-Storm(Original Version)
Nakhiya-Apollonia(Original Mix)
Jake & Almo & Linnea Handberg-Patience(Arsen Gold Remix)
Darren Porter-Tamelapse(Extended Mix)
Space Garden-Sora(TrancEye Remix)
Dj Shog-Running Water(Shogs 2Faces Mix)
Aly & Fila-Spirit Of Ka(Club Mix)
Kvaii-Eternal Sunlight(Extended Mix)
Merai Daylami-Heavenly Rays(Extended Mix)
Ruslan Egorychev-The Story Of A World That Was Lost(Extended Mix)
Vapour Trail-Patras(Original Mix)
David Surok-Forever Alone(Original Mix)
Solarstone-Seven Cites(V One Living Cites Remix)
Adam Ellis & Lucid Blue-Sapphire Skies(Extended Mix)
Arctic Moon ft.Jessica Lawrence-Like The Sun(Xijaro & Pitch Remix)
Coldplay-Trouble(Lost Witness Remix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2023-01-13 13:42:03
94) TAILER-Притяжение-271(2023)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Etasonic-Together We Are Strong(Slowmotional Mix)
Leama-Requem For A Dream(Leama's Ambient Mix)
Above & Beyond-Little Something
Amure-Holy Water
Delerium-Light Your Light
Fredow-Searching You(Chillout Mix)
Kwasniewski Stanislaw-Starring Sky
Anurion-New Earth Dreamscapes
Blue Stone-Midnight Tides
Ascent & Argus-The Trip To Unknown
Cafe Del Chilla-Just A Place In Your Heart
Dhamika-A New Life
Eguana-In Search Of Truth
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2023-01-12 13:06:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
AlexRusShev-Winter Glow(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Mundus Deorum(Extended Mix)
C-Systems-Aeneas(Original Mix)
DIMassive-The Impetuous Winds(Extended Mix)
Infite Love(New World Remix)
Ivan Androyna-Remember Me(Original Mix)
Factor B ft Cat Martin-Crashing Over(Extended Mix)
Super Luminal-High Level(Original Mix)
Trance Classics & Elles De Graaf-Can't Sleep(Katrin's World Mix)
Grande Piano-Message From Space(Calvin O'Commor Remix)
Andain-Beautiful Things(Photon Project Remix)
Merai Deylami-You Are Worthy
Dj VincenTech-Templation(Vocal Mix)
DNS Project ft.Johanna-Mindful
DreamLife & Laucco-Dancing Water(Kvaii Remix)
Thirdwave & Stine Groove-Electric Love(Extended Mix)
Hide & Seek-Rush Hour(Club Mix)
Active Sight-Out Of Our Lives
192 Кбит | 117 мин. | 161 МБ | 2023-01-11 12:26:02
92) TAILER-Притяжение-270(2023)
New Age | ► Даниил Сергеев
Traces-Book Of Life
Enigma-Mea Culpa(Part 2)
Black Ether-In A Moment Of Silence
Bay Area ft.Hela Delgado-Espiritu+Libertad
Frank Borell-Voice Mystic Mix
Ruth Ann Boyle-I'd Die For You
The Rose Keller Project-Past Melodies
Guido Negraszus-The Enigma Journey
Enigma-Dancing With Mephisto
Gregorian Mystic Project-Forever Peace
Angelika Yutt-Silence
Conjure One-Tears From The Moon
Astropalis ft Eirch Von Daniken-World Of Mysteries
Enigma-MMX(Simon Remix)
192 Кбит | 71 мин. | 98 МБ | 2023-01-07 21:21:03
91) TAILER-MELODICA-349(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
The Noble Six-Rings Of Saturn(Extended Mix)
Gravity-Once Again(Extended Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-I Feel It(Extended Mix)
Dj Eternity-Soul Experience(Extended Mix)
Leon Bogod-Far Away(Original Mix)
Lange ft.The Morrighan-Follow Me(Sneijder Remix)
Spyndi-Gorgeus(Original Mix)
Alex Merk-I Call You From Heaven(Extended Mix)
Emmy Skyer-Under The Rain(Extended Mix)
Solange-Messages(Positive State & Solange Remix)
Sanani-Sirius(Extended Mix)
Andrea Ribeca-Ephemerides(Extended Mix)
Raz Nitzan & Neev Kennedy-Release You(Extended Mix)
Meamrider-Trust Your Instincts part 2(Original Mix)
Terra V-Vision(Extended Mix)
James Dust-Santis(Extended Mix)
Guava & Ren Faye-Guardian Angel(Extended Mix)
Meraj Deylami-Mayhem(Extended Mix)
Pete Delete & PhaZer meets Luc Poublon-Gerontion 2023(Extended Mix)
RAM-The Magic Of Mexico(Extended Mix)
Ocoro-Sonagi(Tony Irmani Remix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-01-07 12:35:02
90) TAILER - BEST 2022(PART 6)(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dreamira & Tsuki Shizumutoki-Revive(Epic Mix)
Efemgie-18 Again(Original Mix)
Juan Alminana Obando-Linda(Original Mix)
Ash K & Junior-Essence Of The Fall(Extended Mix)
Ingsha-Nishaya(Extended Mix)
TranzLift-=The Odyssey(Extended Mix)
Ralphie B & Frank Waanders-Fata Morgana(Extended Mix)
Peter Steele-Equilibrium(Extended Mix)
Last Soldier & Tides Of Melody-Temple Of Time(Extended Mix)
Diago-No One(Extended Mix)
Betho-You Are My Love(Original Mix)
TranzLift Vs Airyboy-Butterfly(TranzLift Mix)
Ilya Fly-Wilring Stars(Original Mix)
Air Project & Michael Retouch-Creator(Extended Mix)
Dan Cooper-Levitate(Extended Mix)
Criostasis-Wave Of Sorrow(Original Mix)
Dj Elven & D-Myo-The Legend(Extended Mix)
Doppenberg & New Ordinance-A Distant Memory(Extended Mix)
G.F.Hendel-Sarabande(Sander Murd Rework)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2023-01-05 23:03:02
89) TAILER - Притяжение-269(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Julian Kruse-Dawn Over The Ocean
Kinestetika-Blue Whale(Chillout Mix)
Lebensart-Enigmatic Chiller
Lukas Termena-Heart Of Ocean
Oleg Byonic-Breath Of Eternity(Original Mix)
Project Blue Sun-The Essence Of Life
Ryan Farish-Promises
Sapphire-Ice Planet
Sara Pollino-Meditation
Simon Le Grec-Invisible Love
Solar Sound-Feeling Lost(Original Mix)
Szeifert vs.Krash-100 Miles from Home
Traces-Piano Over Night City
193 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-01-05 22:26:02
88) TAILER - Притяжение-268(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dj Rostej-Time After
Dj SantyaGO-Way Home
Oleg Byonic-I Don't Want Your Love(Original Mix)
Dmitriy Brain-My Ocean(Original Mix)
Dreamlounger ft Rainfairy-The Power Of Goodbye
Fidel Wicked-Love,Peace,Devotion(Chillout Mix)
Harmonium-Follow Me
Hiholl-Breath Of Autumn
Iberis & Eguana-Autumn For A Two(Chillout Mix)
Oleg Byonic-The Sting
Johny Beast-Forgive Me My Love
Josef Klang-Antonus Activity
193 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2023-01-05 22:20:02
87) TAILER-X-PLANET-349(2023)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Hibiwa1i-Temple Of Golden Chime(Intro Mix)
Gadolan-Standalon(Original Mix)
Dan O'Adrian-Esquisser(Original Mix)
Alex DJohn-One Night In Mexico(Original Mix)
Efemque-In Between(Original Mix)
Hiddeminside & Joyline Snow-You'll Be Mine(Original Mix)
Ciro Visone & Fra Gile-Like Stars Of The Moon(Extended Mix)
Arty & Mat Zo-Rebound(Yelow Remix)
Antonio Gatt-Free Yourself(Extended Mix)
Gagi & MaickelJ-Prisoner Of Past(Hamza Messaoudi Remix)
Dj D Line-Fozen(Extended Mix)
Last Soldier & Ariams-Pride(Extended Mix)
Unix SL-Daybreak(Original Mix)
Vyacheslav Demchenko-Happy New Year(Original Mix)
DreamLife & Dmitriy Kuznetsov-Christmas Story(Emotional Mix)
Type41 Vs.Xijaro & Pitch-Night Is Calling(Alatheia Remix)
Rufus Du Sol-Alive(Mark Sherry Remix)
Science From Svn-WE Are Enangleg(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 163 МБ | 2023-01-05 09:37:03
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Ralph Fridge-Angel(Metta & Glyde Bootleg Remix)
Sweet Euphoria-Amatea(Extended Mix)
Michel Westerhoff-Follow The Angels(Extended Mix)
Drival-Golem(Extended Mix)
Nick The Kid & The Nameless Girl-Bright Light(Kenny Palmer Rework)
Vision X-End Of A Journey(Extended Mix)
Spyndi-Blackout(Original Mix)
Ilyn & Darix-Red Orbit(Extended Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Magic Of Christmas(Original Mix)
Kolliders-Thrival(Extended Mix)
Jason Nawty ft.Stacey Jay-Forever Yours(Extended Mix)
Sergey Selekhov & Andrew Mirt-As One(Extended Mix)
R1TURAJ-You Are All I Need(Original Mix)
Dolange-Messages(Binary Finary 2023 Remix)
Nik Andre-Human Spirit(Original Mix)
Leon Bogod-Dreams
Matthias Bishop-Tranquility(Madwave Remix)
Cascada-Everytime WE Touch(Adam Taylor Remix)
Alpha Frequecy & Stek-Be The Stars(Original Mix)
Cloudriver-Earthquake(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2023-01-05 09:34:02
85) TAILER-Притяжение-261(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Accadia-Blind Visions(Ambient Mix)
Activa-Eternity & A Day
Aubin Ni-True Love
Bart Panco-Night(Chillout Mix)
Unis Abdullaev-Flowers Bloom In Your Soul(Guitar Version)
Cj Peeton-Morning Thought
Ciro Visone & Luca Lombardi-Immens0(Sara Pollino Mix)
Club Des Belugas-Moon Lagoon
Ehssun-Aisa(Chillout Mix)
Lukas Termena-Trast Me
Lunars-Black Sunset
Leolife-Phantom(Bart Panco Chill Remix)
Lost Tribe-Angel(Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix)
Emiol-Ticket To Heaven
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2022-09-23 19:16:02
84) TAILER-BEST 2022(PART 5)(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Johnny Rhodes-Revelation(Original Mix)
Ralphie B-Divinity(Extended Mix)
X-Meng & AzureZenit-Eternal Love(Original Mix)
Hans Zimmer-Chevaliers De Sangreal(Michael Mc Burnie Remix)
Alex Shevchenko-The Book Of Alhazred(Extended Mix)
CHyuqi-Cistus Ladanifer(Original Mix)
Amir Rad & Behrooz-Moonlight(Extended Mix)
Karl Osvan-My Way(Original Mix)
Sonic Element-Gone Again(Extended Mix)
Ka-Da-Nothing Without You(Original Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni-Angelic Invasion(Original Mix)
Andy Newtz-Fire In The Sky(Original Mix)
Nitrous Oxide-Stratosphere(Original Mix)
James Dust & Thomas Lloyd-For THe Love Of A Princess(Extended Mix)
Autumnal Poplar Groves-Inner World(Original Mix)
Darren O'Brien-Imbue(Extended Mix)
Daniel Casana-Everest(Extended Mix)
Dmitriy Kuznetsov & Johannes Fisher-Watching The Waves(Extended Mix)
Twilight Colours-The Tale(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2022-09-23 08:30:03
83) TAILER-MELODICA-340(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Claas Inc.-Solar System(Extended Mix)
DJT-T-Rex(Extended Mix)
Jason-Rise(Original Mix)
Koni Blank & Roberta Harrison-How To Love(Simon Fischer Mix)
Hiromori Aso-Sindar(Extended Mix)
Nicolas Menicou-Cosmic Love(Extended Mix)
Luminn & Natalie Gioia-Shapeshifters(Doppenberg Remix)
Woody Van Eyden & Diago-Tomorrow Is Now(Extended Mix)
SpaceLine & U Mount-Hold On(Extended Mix)
Sean Tyas & Bjorn Akesson-Zahi(Sean Tyas Remix)
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Lacrima(Original Mix)
Rubea Stella & Jullia Violin-Eternal Melody(Extended Mix)
Ricardo Guerra-Anima Loci(Extended Mix)
Terry Noise & Abstract Moon-En Un Universo Contigo(Original Mix)
Temple One-Another Hope(Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC & Alexandra Bedoi-Revive My Light(Extended Mix)
Storyteller & Kenn & Josie Dandfield-Disguise(Extended Mix)
Stormbreaker-Triais Of Fire(Original Mix)
SounEmot & Grande Piano-Ephemeral Love(Iberian Remix)
Coast 2 Coast ft.Discovery-Home(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-09-20 19:20:02
82) TAILER-BEST 2022(PART 4)(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dan O'Adrian-That Was All I Had(Original Mix)
Myde-Thunderstorm(Extended Mix)
Chris Element & Peter Santos-Dreamcatcher(Extended Mix)
Iberian & Ruslan Aschaulov-Tears Of Our Children(Extended Mix)
DreamLife-Mountain Waterfall(Extended Mix)
Etasonic-Harmony(Original Mix)
Alex Shevchenko-Resist(Extended Mix)
Rolfiek & LR Uplift-Fantasia Nocturna(Original Mix)
Syntouch & Magic Sense-Last Train To Home(Original Mix)
Sam Fletcher & Ruslan Aschaulov-Lacrima(Original Mix)
M4R-Emancipation(Original Mix)
Luminn & Natalie Gloia-Shapeshifters(Doppenberg Remix)
Ayrin-Piligrim(Extended Mix)
Kenan Teke-Lamente(Extended Mix)
Andre Wildenhues-Little Star(Extended Mix)
Michel Westerhoff-My Legacy(Extended Mix)
Doppenberg-Goodbye(Extended Mix)
Kvaii-Iridescent(Extended Mix)
Iberian With Ria Joyse-The Test Of Time(Dub Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2022-09-19 17:00:02
81) TAILER-X-PLANET-340(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dmitriy Kuznetsov & Johannes Fisher-Watching The Waves(Extended Mix)
Masaru Hinaiji-The Theme Of The Light(Original Mix)
Will Rees & Connor Woodford-Starlight(Extended Mix)
Marc Ward-Woodstrock(Extended Mix)
Hans Zimmer-Chevallers De Sangreal(Michael McBurnie Remix)
The Sickboy-Encased(Extended Mix)
Nikolauss & Elara-Found A Way To You(Extended Mix)
Planet Perfecto-Bullet In The Gun(Impulse Wave Rework)
Kvail-Epoch(Original Mix)
Ed Sanchez-Dear Daughter(Extended Mix)
Forceuser-Destiny(Extended Mix)
Daniel Cesana-Everest(Extended Mix)
David Surok-Trust Me(Original Mix)
Alex Shevchenko-The Book Of Alhazred(Extended Mix)
Paul Van Dyk ft.Plumb-Don't Deserve You(Code2 Remix)
Andy Newtz-Powersurge(Original Mix)
Coast2Coast ft.Discovery-Home(Dj Tiesto Remix)
Calvin O'Commor-Love Is All Around(Extended Mix)
Elias Costa-Reload(Extended Mix)
DnxzCraft-To Be Forgotten(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2022-09-18 10:04:02
80) TAILER-Притяжение-260(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Zetandel-1100 Miles Far(Magadan Guitar)
Yadia Chaban-Iterum(Oleg Byonic & Rassolodin Remix)
U.O.K-Absense Of Gravity
The Dream Makes-Vanishing Waves(Original Mix)
Ted Irens-Northern Lights(Chillout Mix)
Solid Skill beat Anatomy-Daydream
Subimpact Vs Sergey Shabanov-Lotus Of The Nile
TBC & N&R Project-Flying Bird(Magdelayna's Chilldown Remix)
Solarsoul & Lukas Termena-Memories From The Sky
Segey Shabanov-Hint Of The Light(Chillout Mix)
Ryan Farish-Coming Home
Raul Saav-Gentle Wind
Rospy-To Eternity(Giorgio Cusinato Remix)
192 Кбит | 76 мин. | 105 МБ | 2022-09-16 18:40:02
79) TAILER-MELODICA-339(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Syntouch & Magic Sense-Last Train To Home(Original Mix)
Slipsteram & Sonic Element-What Defines Us(Extended Mix)
Semper T-Until The Horizon(Original Mix)
Professor Bird-Reveira(Extended Mix)
Oscar Anzo-Elysium(Extended Mix)
Mood13-Sky-Driver(Extended Mix)
Vincent De Moor-Sunflower(Alexander Geon Bootleg)
Terra V-Find Your Happiness(Extended Mix)
Rob Binner-Building Bridges(Extended Mix)
RAM & Susanna pres.Tales Of Life-The Power Of Love(Extended Mix)
U Mount-Turtle Paradise(Original Mix)
Iberian With Ria Joyse-The Test Of Time(Dub Mix)
The Space Brothers-Forever(ReOrder Remix)
Tenishia & Sue McLaren-Strong Dan Cooper(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Reflect(Extended Mix)
Rolfiek-Ave Maria(Original Mix)
Paul Johnson-Endless Summer(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-09-14 12:30:02
78) TAILER-Притяжение-259(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Genio & Trancisterius-Viaggio A Venezia
Harutyun Grigoryan -Time Pain
Kamarius-Moments Out Of Time
Infected Mashroom-Depty Disturbed(SooSLiX Chillout Remix)
Koan-Matariki(Original Mix)
Law Of Thr3e-Ode To Yhe Ocean
Magnetic Mechanics-Lyterial
Marian Closca-Cold Encounter(Chillout Mix)
Nata Makiato-Flos Vita
Oleg Byonic-Lyra(Forgotten)
Pier O-Angels Under Your Pillow
RamesesB-Butterfires(Original Mix)
Riff Kitten-Ocean Waves
Verso-Ice Rings
192 Кбит | 76 мин. | 104 МБ | 2022-09-13 18:52:02
77) TAILER-X-PLANET-339(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Veizo-Bloom For You(Ishiro Intro Remix)
Ruben De Jong-Perfect Storm(Original Mix)
Sean Tyas & Victoriya-Perfect World(Amos & Riot Night Remix)
Nitrous Oxide-Stratosphere(Original Mix)
Pulsedriver-Cambodia(Talla 2 XLC Remix)
Virtuan-Turismo(Extended Mix)
Kohta Imafuku & Crisy-Yoiyami(Extended Mix)
Main Engine-We Are(Extended Mix)
Marco Mc Neil-Everlast(Extended Mix)
Masaru Hinaiji-Weekend(Original Mix)
Mercurial Virus-Ninmah(Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde-Anywhere With You(Original Mix)
NG Rezonance & Bryn Whiting-Limitless(Extended Mix)
Kilton-Echoes Of War(Extendeed Mix)
Kinetica & Paul Skelton-One More Day(Extended Mix)
Foggy-Come Into My Dream(Calvin O'Commor Remix)
Autumnal Poplar Groves-Inner World(Original Mix)
Klaus Kaz-In The Darkness(Extended Mix)
Darren O'Brien-Imbue(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-09-12 10:15:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dan O'Adrian-That Was All I Had(Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H.-Walk The Edge(Sky Sound Rework)
Roger Shah ft.Adrina Thorpe-Skyline(Shah & Yelow Retouch)
Airdream & Calvin O'Commor-Rescue Me(Original Mix)
Alex Shevchenko-Blue Night(Extended Mix)
Alternate High-Brighter Days(Extended Mix)
Amar N-Mahayana(Extended Mix)
Anton Van Sprungel & Six Senses-Emerge(Extended Mix)
Daniel Skyver-Expedition(Extended Mix)
Eldream & Mark Wild-Scarta(Extended Mix)
Flund & Daniel Picknett-Lost(Extended Mix)
Gee & Morgan McDuffe-Evolve(Extended Mix)
Hiroyuki ODA-Revive(2022 Rework)
Hoyaa & Lunar System-Morning Sunlight(Extended Mix)
Iberian With Ria Joyse-THe Test Of Time(Original Mix)
Kenan Teke-Lamente(Extended Mix)
Luca De Maas-Euphoria(Original Mix)
Novel-Nautilus In The Depths(Extended Mix)
SounEmot-Recuerdos Que Me Lievan A Ti(Kvaii Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-09-11 16:17:02
75) TAILER-Притяжение-258(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Airbase-Escape(Exhales Chilldown Remix)
Albert Sokolov-Rain
Alchemorph-Enigma(Chillout Mix)
Artenovum-Sunrays Melody
Atlantic & Vayzer-Life
Aurora Night-Saved
Bluchel & Von Deylen-Etoile Polaire
Capitan Panic-Intergalactic
Deep Divers-Salt Water
Dhamika-A New Life
DJ Pierro-Human Under Pressure
DNDM-Before(Original Mix)
Martin Tillmann-Odessa
Drive ft.Alena Nice-Sea Of Love(Gelvetta Remix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2022-08-09 16:57:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Calvin O'Commor-Diving In The Sky(Intro Mix)
David Surok-Balaton(Original Mix)
Chyuqi-Cistus Ladanifer(Original Mix)
Chris Connolly-The Lunatic(Extended Mix)
Brandon Beatty-The Traveller(Extended Mix)
Andy Newtz-Fire In The Sky(Original Mix)
Rem X-Suspense(Extended Mix)
John Quake-Parallels(Original Mix)
Fiscal Project & IanT-Nostalgica(Extended Mix)
Nick V-Higher Place(Extended Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni-Light The Darkness
Nolan Stenemberg-Souls From Beyond(Extended Mix)
Yevhen Halchuk-New Way(Original Mix)
Dj Tranceair & SounEmot-After Chaos(Original Mix)
Dreamy & Nitrous Oxide-Meridian(Extended Mix)
Johan Ekman-Life Adjust(Extended Mix)
Greg Oakland-Sanguine Energy(Original Mix)
Blue Sector-Lunaris(John Meva Remix)
Ian Van Dahl-Castles In The Sky(Jak Aggas Rework)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 163 МБ | 2022-08-08 10:19:02
73) TAILER-MELODICA-337(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
SounEmot-Porque Solo Te Veo A Ti(Intro Mix)
Roger Shah & Signum-Healesville Sanctuary(Shah Long Mix)
Evan London-Brilliance(Original Mix)
Alex Whiteout-Flame Love(Original Mix)
Aleksey Gunichev-Mad Love(Original Mix)
Trance Ferhat-Bipolar(Original Mix)
Bobina-Russian Dream(Passiva Remix)
Sebastian Pawlica-Farida(Original Mix)
Iberian-Tears Of Our Children(Extended Mix)
Adam Taylor-Dream Chaser(Extended Mix)
Antorbanen-Come Home(Terra V Remix)
Marian Closca-Serras Dia(Original Mix)
Dj Wag-Life On Mars(Peter Steele Remix)
LR Uplift & SounEmot-I Miss The Moments With You(Kvaii Remix)
Hassan JeweL & Derek Mark-Nelyda(Extended Mix)
Claudiu Adam-Whispers Of The Past(Extended Mix)
Juan Alminana Obando-Liberty(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-08-06 10:41:02
72) TAILER-Притяжение-257(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Science Deal Beyond The Invisible
Ric Aires ft.Jodie-End Is The New Beginning(Chillout Mix)
Michael Fk-Empyrean
York-Halfmoon Bay(Chillout Mix)
Tripswitch-Strange Parallels(Koan Remix)
Zymosis-You Don't Have Time
Koan-Odysseus Under The Old Tree
A.R.D.I.ft.Allam-Daydream(Chillout Mix)
Aereda-No Time To Waste
ID-Flight Of The Swan
Alexander Volosnikov-Underwater
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2022-08-06 00:39:02
71) TAILER-X-PLANET-337(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Alternate High & Lyd 14-You're A Star(Extended Mix)
Ralphie B-Divinity(Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde-Time Will Tell(Original Mix)
Jase Thiriwall-Kaledoscope(Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC & Airfire-No Signs Of Life(Extended Mix)
Paul Denton-Blinded By The Lights
Sentien ft.Erisse-Under Your Spell(Extended Mix)
Dmpv & Anveld-Piligrim(Elite Electronic Remix)
Adam Taylor & Deirdre McLaughin-Never Walk Away(Extended Mix)
Etasonic-Voyage Of Conquest(Extended Mix)
Paipy & Dj Spaceman-Aurora Borealis(Extended Mix)
Adam Ferrer-Emergency(Extended Mix)
Camelphat & Artbat ft Rhodes-For A Feeling(Greg Downey Rework)
Borealnight-Beyond The Silent Skies
Crisy-Nightfall(Extended Mix)
Trance X-Emotions(Original Mix)
Melodic Culture ft.Kevin Faraci-Forsaken Kingdom(Extended Mix)
Masaru Hinaiji-Believe(Original Mix)
Deepsky-Stargazer(Deepsky's Retroactive Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-08-04 11:58:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dan O'Adrian-That Was All I Had(Original Mix)
Terra V-Ciao Mio Amore(Extended Mix)
Doppenberg-Goodbye(Extended Mix)
Randy Katana-In Silence(Rene Ablaze Rework)
Iberian & Ruslan Aschaulov-Tears Of Our Children(Extended Mix)
Hans Zimmer-Interstellar(Rydex Remix)
Derek Ryan ft.Sarah De Warren-Stars Tonight(Extended Mix)
Novel-Shadow Of Artemis(Extended Mix)
Stormline-Heaven's Desire(Original Mix)
Paul Villanueva-Terra(Extended Mix)
Phillippe El Sisi & Miikka L-Droplet(Extended Mix)
Sarah Rusell,Raz Nitzan & Trance Classics-All Over Again(Extended Mix)
Plutian & Dalmoori-Frigoris(Extended Mix)
Richard Durand-Evolution(Extended Mix)
Dusk Horizon-Asia(Extended Mix)
SounEmot-Your Eternal Smile(Sam Fletcher Remix)
Inner Heart-I Can't Live Without You(Original Mix)
Damus & Lyd14-Tammer(Vocal Mix)
Storyteller & Lake-Out Of My Existence(Corrie Theron Remix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 163 МБ | 2022-08-04 01:13:02
69) TAILER-I Can Feel Them Now(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Passion-Legends(Extended Mix)
Dj Feel Vs Eugene Kush-Simbios(Dj Feel Mix)
Edelways & Hoenir V-Interlude(Extended Mix)
Somna & Yang & Noire Lee-Till Oblivion(Asteroid Mix)
Marco Mc Neil-Oblivion(Extended Mix)
Inglide-Penida(Original Mix)
Simon Fischer-I Can Feel Them Now(Original Mix)
Mohamed Neptune-Tranquility(Original Mix)
Kita-Kei-Far Eastern Tale(Extended Mix)
Bogdan Vix,Claudiu Adam & Ava Silver-Do It All Again(Extended Mix)
st In Line-Siren(Extended Mix)
Etasonic-Sentimental Way
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2022-07-15 09:04:02
68) TAILER-X-PLANET-336(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
New World-True Nature(Emotional Intro Mix)
The Simbioze-Pandora(Original Mix)
Andre Wildenhues-Little Star(Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer & Daniel Skyver-Darkness Fades Into Light(Extended Mix)
Ijen-Light Within Darkness(Extended Mix)
Harlam-Native Eyes(Original Mix)
Michel Westerhoff-My Legacy(Extended Mix)
Mehdi Owji-Sign(Extended Mix)
Mazeev-Iris(Extended Mix)
Marcell Stone & Matthias Bishop-Emotional Sunset(Extended Mix)
Magnethor-Earlshine(Extended Mix)
Paul Elov8 Smith-Just One Moment(Extended Mix)
Ocoro-I'm Not Leaving You(Kohta Imafuku Remix)
Nichlson & Bryn Whiting-To The Stars(Extended Mix)
Paul Alex I-Oblivion(Extended Mix)
Phazer-All Good Things(Anton Van Sprundel Remix)
Nolan Stenemberg-What You Can't Have(Original Mix)
UDM-Shine(Extended Mix)
Storm State & Deirdre McLaughin-The View(Extended Mix)
Highgo-Eternal Love
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-07-14 17:51:03
67) TAILER-Притяжение-256(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Michael FK-Empyrean
Koan-Odysseus Under The Old Tree
Max Stone-Love Is.(W&D Chill Down Remix)
Nygen Dale-Heaven
Oil Plant-Even
R.I.B.-My Fine Planet
Riffi-Miss You
Sergey Tarasov-Ocean Life
SpEcX-Parvata Mandira
Tony Igy-Perfect World(Esix Chillout Remix)
Taras Bazeev ft.Angelina Bukovska-Help Me
Tarazer-Night Sky
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2022-07-12 18:43:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Johny E & Craig Mortimer-Edge Of Existence(Original Mix)
James Dust & Thomas Lloyd-For The Love Of A Princess
Activa-Another Day(Niko Zogratos Remix)
Artena-Mercia(Extended Mix)
Andy Jornee & Victoriya-The Future(U7Future Trance)
AJ Gibson-No Tomorrow(Original Mix)
Awanjtalyst-Z Nation(Extended Mix)
D.J.G.& M.I.K! ft Louella-Your Love(Andrew Senior Remix)
Chris SX-Touch Me(Extended Mix)
Caolan McConville-White Widow(Extended Mix)
Axis Y-Flight For Freedom(Original Mix)
Andy Jornee-Adagio For Strings
Masaeu Hinaiji-Untitled 1(Original Mix)
Mood 13-Unknown(Extended Mix)
Space Line & U Mount-More Then You Know(Extended Mix)
Paul Denton-Ocean Of Time(Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC & Ralphie B-Spirit(Extended Mix)
Rich Triphonic-One Touch(Extended Mix)
Stormbrand-Interstellar(Extended Mix)
Vincent De Moor-Sunflowers(London & Niko Remix)
192 Кбит | 117 мин. | 161 МБ | 2022-07-11 16:35:02
65) TAILER-MELODICA-335(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Vincent De Moor-Fly Away(The Thrillseekers Remix)
Gouryella-Tenshi(Lilly Sinatra Remix)
Dreamy-Aspect 99(Wavetraxx & S.H.O.K.K Remix)
A.R.D.I-The World Is Ours(Extended Mix)
Alpha Fequency-The Ice Castle(Original Mix)
Aeden-Oxygen(Terra V Remix)
Andres Selada-Anywhere & Anytime(Original Mix)
Greg Downey & Bo Bruce-Another Sun(Extended Mix)
Iberian-Life(Dub Mix)
Exouler-Halcon(Extended Mix)
Eclipse-Future Sequence(Extended Mix)
DJ Elven & D-Myo-Behind The Moon(Extended Mix)
Forion-Karmine(Original Mix)
Maan-The Maan In The Moon(Original Mix)
Fawzy & Ren Faye with Jeff Rush-Paper Heart(LR Uplift Remix)
Khoa Tran-XT Planet(Extended Mix)
Fabio Franco-Walking On Pleides(Extended Mix)
LR Uplift-Moments Of Life(Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan-Shimoda(Extended Mix)
Mike Van Fabio-Singularity(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2022-07-10 07:48:02
64) TAILER-Притяжение-255(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
ATB-Sunset Girl(Phil Lazard Ambient Mix)
Double V-Moscow Morning(Andy Hagerty Ambient Mix)
Elea-Heaven(Suduaya Remix)
Ellie Goulding-Too Much(Chillout Terrance Sunrise Mix)
Emanuele Braveri & Hanna Fisen-Run Baby(Lisaya Chillout Mix)
Ihab Sameh-Clouds Come Floating
Infectiouz-Come & Go
Headstrong ft.Stine Grove-I Will Find You(Bote Chill Remix)
Nicholas Gunn ft Alina Renae-Older
InnerSync-Glimmpse Of Infinity(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2022-07-08 18:43:02
63) TAILER-Притяжение-254(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Above & Beyond-Sun In Ypur Eyes
Alena Nice-Only You
ATB-Future Memories
Armin Van Buuren-In And Out Of Love(Aelyn Chill Version)
Aurora Night-Aero
Blank & Jones-Unknown Treasure Clauia Bruck
Brian Crain-Morning Light
Armin Van Buuren ft.Justine Suissa-Burned With Desire(Chillout Mix)
ATB ft.Kate Louise Smith-Moving Backwards
Chris Wonderful & Kate Walsh-History(Original Mix)
Coastline-Adriatic Sea(Del Mar Mix)
InnerSync-Ethereal Waves(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2022-07-07 18:31:02
62) TAILER - Притяжение-253(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Adam Nickey-Perfect Destiny(Ambient Mix)
Brad Fiedel-Theme From The Terminator(Solarsoul Slow Ambient Version)
Club Des Belugas-Moon Lagoon
Ciro Visone & Luca Lombardi-Immenso(Sara Polino Mix)
Cymatics-Watching The Sunrise
Deportrance(Timo Krause)-Panorama
Ehsun-Aisa(Chillout Mix)
Lukas Termena-Destination
Emiol-Ticket To Heaven
Lunars-Black Sunset
Martian-Night Rain
193 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2022-07-07 16:38:02
61) TAILER - BEST 2022(PART 3)(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Steve Melodic-I Am Not Afraid Of The 140(Intro Mix)
Michael Retouch-Joker's Song(Original Mix)
Ula-Vegapunk(Original Mix)
LekSin-Reminiscence(Original Mix)
Dave202 & Dave Emanuel-Overture(Original Mix)
TranzLift-When A Dream Comes True(Paul Steiner Remix)
Ray Van Miles-Fall For Me(Original Mix)
Ed Sanchez-Nibiru(Extended Mix)
Escea-Destiny(Gayax Remix)
Antorbanen-Someday In Heaven(Original Mix)
Mark Van Gear-Abduction Collective(Original Mix)
Dreamcatcher-When The Stars Are Falling Down(Original Mix)
HausEstate-Silver Star(Original Mix)
David Herrera-Trainee De Sang(David Herrera & LekSin Remix)
Adam Dixon-Flight(Extended Mix)
Darren Porter-Timelapse(Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan & N-sKing-Age Of Discovery(Extended Mix)
Ka-Da-Into The Darkness(Extended Mix)
Dmitriy Kuznetsov-Elven Wind(Extended Mix)
Damir TC-Atmocpheric Piano(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2022-07-07 08:58:02
60) TAILER - BEST 2021(PART 3)(2021)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Science Deal-Naenia(Angelica S Remix)
Mercurial Virus-The Lion(Extended Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-Tales Of Kingdom
Dan O'Adrian-After The Rain
Night Sky-Through The Rain(Original Mix)
Aki Harunari-Pang Of Nostalgia(Original Mix)
Lilly Sinatra & Ted Dy-Sahara(Original Mix)
Michel Westerhoff-Childhood Memories(Original Mix)
Tycoos-We Will Meet Again(Sergey Selekhov Remix)
Tim Annayev-Moonlight Sonata(Uplifting Mix)
Illitheas & Manuel Rocca-Eterno(Extended Mix)
DreamLife & Grande Piano-Flame Of Happiness
Madwave-Aranuka(Extended Mix)
Hankaluudet-Pathique(Original Mix)
Nicholson ft.Emoiryah-Now We Are Free(Original Mix)
Kita Kei-Golden Plains Under The Blue Sky(Extended Mix)
Myde & Sharon Valerona-For Better Days(Dub Mix)
Margo Fly-My Life(Cena Balak Remix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 167 МБ | 2022-07-07 08:52:02
59) TAILER - BEST 2022(PART 2)(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Driftmoon-Nova Imperatrix(Intro Mix)
Marco Torrance-Echoes Of Petra(Extended Mix)
NuMar1-The Last Day We Met(Illitheas Remix)
DNRJ-Resistance(Extended Mix)
David Surok & Joe Cormack-Across The Ocean(Extended Mix)
Michel Westerhoff-Pannenkoeken(Extended Mix)
Thavha-Contact With Angels(Original Mix)
Marcprest-Thander(Extended Mix)
Iberian-I Start To Believe(Original Mix)
LekSin-On The Edge(Extended Mix)
Elian West-Tomorrow We Will Meet(Original Mix)
John Colombani-Athena(Extended Mix)
Zhiroc-Blooming In Solitude
Tommy Kierland-Chaconne
Damian Wasse & Dmitry Chelnokov-Beyond The Horizon(Extended Mix)
Stefano Negrini-Frozen Breath(Original Mix)
A.R.D.I.-End Of Silence(Extended Mix)
Iberian & Ruslan Aschaulov-My Symphony(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-07-07 08:42:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sonic Element-Gone Again(Extended Mix)
Terra V-In Silence(Original Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Ascension(Extended Mix)
Dreamy-Never Forgotten(Factoria Remix)
S5,L.G.M.& Deidre McLaughlin-Echoes Call(Original Mix)
Rank1-Symsonic(Calvin O'Commor Rework)
Masaru Hinaiji-The Long Tunnel Of The Darkness(Original Mix)
Steve Allen & Trance Classics ft.Meredith Bull-The Love In Your Lies
Seven Winds vs Nostrangel-Antarctic Rose(Extended Mix)
Rhys Elliott-Desolate(Extended Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni-Angelic Invasion(Original Mix)
N-sKing & STNX-Heartbeat(Extended Mix)
NrgMind-Voyager1(Extended Mix)
Osman Mousa & Blue5even-Soaring Lights(Extended Mix)
Criostasis ft.Maria Milewska-Ebb & Flow(Original Mix)
Jak Aggas-Sky High(Extended Mix)
Cyre-Mountaineer(Derek Palmer Remix)
Daniel Rigoni-New Life(Gayax Remix)
Ana Criado-Lockdown Heart(Daxson Mix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2022-07-07 08:36:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Kvaii-Iridescent(Intro Mix)
Feel & Hypersia-Shahnameh(Extended Mix)
DreamLife-Discover The World(Original Mix)
Aalto-Rush(Dj Phalanx & Myk Bee 2k22 Rework)
Alex Shevchenko-Resist(Extended Mix)
Definitions & Andre Maier-The Gate(Extended Mix)
Paul Van Dyk & Aly & Fila-Shine (Ibiza Anthem 2022)
Mercurial Virus-The Lion(Steve Allen Remix)
Airdream & Calvin O'Commor-Take Over(Extended Mix)
Iberian-Myself(Extended Mix)
Joss Langdon-The Kessel Run(Extended Mix)
Vertical State-Affinity(Extended Mix)
Sebastian Montano-Mare Nostrum(Angelica S Remix)
Semper T-Disarmament(Extended Mix)
Wael Mac TaviSh-the-Pheoicians(Original Mix)
Robert Nickson ft.Ryan Leslie-Stratocast(Extended Mix)
Amar N-Missing Piece(Extended Mix)
Afternova-Land Of Beauty(Orchestral Trance Mix)
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2022-07-07 08:34:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Der Mystik-Marvin(Original Mix)
Alex Al Onions-Energy Of Light(Extended Mix)
Nolan Stenemberg-Soldiers(Extended Mix)
Roni Meller-Back To Passion(Extended Mix)
Zhiroc-City Of Tears(Original Mix)
Khoa Tran-First Light At Dawn(Extended Mix)
Fabrice-Black Spot(Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan-Light Of Love(Extended Mix)
Elecprok-Spring Reverie(Extended Mix)
Iberian-Become Aware(Original Mix)
Ben Gold ft.Plumb-Same Sky Same Stars(Extended Mix)
CC Fly Project-Beyond Your Imagination(Extended Mix)
Airdream-Resistance(Extended Mix)
Daryl G-Soundscapes(Original Mix)
A Rival-Future Tone(Original Mix)
Joe Fares-PG(Original Mix)
Mariano Mancini-Non Exieris(Extended Mix)
JPN)-Nebula(Kohta Imafuku Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-04-05 05:57:01
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
David Surok & Joe Cormack-Across The Ocean(Intro Mix)
Iberian-I Start To Believe(Original Mix)
Stefano Negrini-Frozen Breath(Original Mix)
Giovannie De Sadeleer-Between The Stars(Original Mix)
Cart-Port Of Sorrow(TranzLift Emotional Remix)
Tsuki Shizumutoki-Carol For Triumph(Original Mix)
Alex Djohn-As You Are(Selene)(Original Mix)
TwistedRush-Definitive(Original Mix)
A.R.D.I-End Of Silence(Extended Mix)
Paul Ryan-Maya(Extended Mix)
Gouplateau-Above The Horizon(SounEmot Remix)
Ricardo Guerra-Analog(Extended Mix)
SemperT-T.N.F(Trance Never Fades)(Original Mix)
Speed DJ-Unreal(Extended Mix)
Marcell Stone & Irina Fox-Wake Up My Feelings(Original Mix)
Talla2XLC & That Girl-Nothing Compares To You(Extended Mix)
Jake & Almo & Snowman-B.E.T.T.E.R(Original Mix)
Khoa Tran-First Light At Dawn(Etasonic Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-04-02 14:08:02
54) TAILER-Притяжение-247(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Nigel Stanford-Dark Sun
David Wahler-Antiquus
Stive Morgan-Ice & Fire
Vadim Soloviev-Just Reflection
Narcotic Chill-Moon Meets Jupiter
DIP Project-Memories
Edgar Tuniyants-Где Нет Зависти
Lukas Termena-World Is Change
Ben Gold ft Senadee-Today(Chilled Datt Remix)
Biscame-Sunrise At Paradise Beach
J.P De Vector-I Love You Very(Original Mix)
Mirco De Gova-Quantum Reigin(Album Version)
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2022-04-01 05:50:02
53) TAILER-Притяжение-246(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Tim Angrave-Wings
Valefim Planet-Melody About The Sea
Verso-Rhymes With Seven
Weathertunes-Morning Sun
Yanni Chryssomallis-Nine
Zero Cult-Frozen
A Ray Of Sunshine-Dreamcatcher Travel
AmBeam-5th Dimension(Original Mix)
Andre Kornev-Olirna
Apocalypse-Lost Souls(Original Mix)
Bernard Koch-Evoking Wonder
Anton Veter-The Moment Of My Life(Zetandel Chill Mix)
Arneksis-Midnight Silhouette(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 101 МБ | 2022-03-27 14:39:03
52) TAILER-X-PLANET-328(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Marco Torrance-Echoes Of Petra(Extended Mix)
LekSin-On The Edge(Extended Mix)
Tatio & Joyline Snow-Always(Extended Mix)
Derek Recay-Dream Way(POINoir Bootleg)
SounEmot & Grande Piano-Ephemeral Love(Original Mix)
Dan Stone & Stine Grove-I Am Human(Extended Mix)
Renal Shamsutdinov-Tears In Rain(Extended Mix)
Rhys Elliott-Cipher(Extended Mix)
Duderstadt Vs Above & Beyond-Can't Smile(Daniel Kandi Mashup)
Adam Cooper ft.Sandra Kanivets-Sweet Distraction(Milosh K Remix)
Precious Affiction-Remember To U(Original Mix)
RAM & Allen Watts-Colosseum(Alex Di Stefano Remix)
Roman Messer & Cari-Silence(Extended Mix)
Tobias F Weber & Marco Mc Neil-Balearic Dream(Uplifting Mix)
Paul Johnson-Distant Shore(Original Mix)
Thomas Lloyd-Into The Sunrise(Extended Mix)
Nicholson-Skyline(Extended Mix)
Miditekk-What Becomes Of Us(Extended Mix)
Miyiki-River Flows In You(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-03-26 07:18:02
51) TAILER-Притяжение-245(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
John Aurora-Autumn Rain(Artur Venis Remix)
Lene Marlin-Maybe I'll Go
Los Alamos Country Club-Children
Luca Eight-Elle
Michele Cecchi-A Spy In Paradise
Palaraga-The Sister
Rayan Myers-Because Now Is Not Then
Rayo Tinto-Song For A Guy
Richard Durand-Running On Emply(Zetandel Cool Down Mix)
Serenade-Enthusiasm Moves The World(Original Mix)
Seven24 & R.I.B ft Alexander Gesko-Sunset
Skysurfer-Here Comes The Sun
Slava Gold & Syntheticsax-Memoirs
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2022-03-22 19:44:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Wonderful Feeling-Beyond The Truth(Markus Voorn Bootleg)
Tritonal -Lifted(Andres Sanchez Rework)
Ferry Corsten-Sweet Sorrow(Thrillseekers Remix)
Paul Courbet-Meridian(Extended Mix)
Drival-Crossfire(Extended Mix)
Oceanlab-Miracle(Ciaran McAuley Rework)
Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX-Overnight(Chrisiopher Corrigan Remix)
Paul Denton-Brisa(Extended Mix)
Dj Dani-Don't Forget Me(Six Senses Remix)
Dan R-United Harmony(Franco Landriel Remix)
Inoblivion-The Ancient Curse(Extended Mix)
First Effect-Building Memories(Extended Mix)
Stoneface & Terminal-Tale In Verse(Extended Mix)
Terra V-P-X(Extended Mix)
Damian Wasse & Dmitry Chelnokov-Beyond The Horizon(Extended Mix)
Regulus-Halo(Extended Mix)
Semper T-Seasons Of Love(Andre Wildenhues Remix)
Rolfiek-Unforgiven(Extended Mix)
Ilya Fly-Mysterious Dream(Original Mix)
Antiloop-In My Mind(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-03-22 13:21:02
49) TAILER-MELODICA-327(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Iberian-I Start To Believe(Original Mix)
DNRG-Revolution(Original Mix)
Tommy Kierland-Chaconne(Original Mix)
Terra V-Speculo(Original Mix)
Vandatello-Stop My Heart(Original Mix)
Daniel Payne-Climate(Original Mix)
Chris Raynor-A Gift For D.A(Extended Mix)
Darren O'Brien & Alex Holmes-Beyond The Sky(Extended Mix)
David Yarrow-Be On My Own(Original Mix)
Andres Selada-Belenus(Original Mix)
Vikram Prabhu-Future Memories(Original Mix)
SoundLift & Maxine-Anywhere With You(Extended Mix)
Luminance & Randomtask-Oasis(Original Mix)
Kiyoi & Eky-A New Day Has Come(Extended Mix)
Mercurial Virus & String Theory-Serenity 2.0(Extended Mix)
Kinetica & Paul Skelton-The Expedition(Extended Mix)
Jue-Eibisee(Original Mix)
David Surok-Resistance(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 118 мин. | 162 МБ | 2022-03-18 06:13:02
48) TAILER-Притяжение-244(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Chicane ft.Moya Brennan-Salwater(Sunrise Mix)
ATB-My Everything(Rayan Myers Remix)
Andain-Much Too Much(Zetandel Chill Remix)
Cecile Bredie-Dreamland
DJ Lava-Calling Angel(Original Mix)
Five Seassons-From A Friend
DJ Victory & BT-The Enemy
Genio & Trancisterius-Viaggio A Vezia(Zetandel Remix
Green Sun-Himalayas
Guenter Haas-Perelandra
Yakuro-Universe Of Feelings
H.A.Z.E-Nel Vento
Lange-Frozen Beach
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2022-03-15 19:07:02
47) TAILER-X-PLANET-327(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dj Xboy-Perseverance(Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-I Believe(Extended Mix)
David Herrera-Trainee De Sang(David Herrera & Leksin Edition)
Aly & Fila-Euphony(Extended Mix)
Eric Zimmer,Shawn Hunter & Hidden Tigress-Indelible(Derek Palmer Remix)
Nth Factor ft.Luscjo-Wings Of Hope(Extended Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Labour Of Love(Original Mix)
CJ Mover-Tears Of Happiness(Original Mix)
Rob Dalby-Freedom(Extended Mix)
Sam Laxton-Life In Trance(Extended Mix)
John O'Callaghan & Deirdre Mclaughlin-Saving Grace(Extended Mix)
Will Room-Integrity(Extended Mix)
Allegro,Julie Thompson-More & More
Paul elov8 Smith-Exiztenze(Original Mix)
PvR-Sun Sparks(Original Mix)
Jay Flynn & Rewire-Never Fade(Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Rocker(Extended Mix)
Jimmy Chou & Michael L-Lost(Otter Rex Remix)
Trance Ferhat-Harmonia(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-03-14 09:11:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
ATB-9PM(Till I Come))Matt Darey Remix)
Binary Finary-1998(Witness45 Bootleg)
Ashmawi-Auralize(Original Mix)
TranzLift-Neverending Love(Binary Ensemble Remix)
Trance Reserve-Phoenix Fly(Gayax Remix)
Lozovsky-Sohara(Original Mix)
Driftstorm-A New Breed Of Demons(Original Mix)
Sebastien-Into The Aether(Original Mix)
Way4rer-Nightwalker(Extended Mix)
Grande Piano-Dragon(Gayax Remix)
Iberian-Angels Celestials(InStars Remix)
FabioXB pres.Trance Gate-Luminary(RAM's Nrg Remix)
Dmitriy Kuznetsov-Elven Wind(Extended Mix)
Spy & Lightning Vs.Waveband-Vortex(Extended Mix)
Dave Steward-Forgiven Signals(Extended Mix)
Alatheia-Task Force(Extended Mix)
Mike Sang-Revoked(Amos & Riot Night Remix)
Marco Mc Neil-Guiding Lights(Original Mix)
Ron Ewens & Elle Mariachi-Rainbow Star(Original Mix)
Pierre Pienaar-Dakari(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 166 МБ | 2022-03-10 07:31:02
45) TAILER-MELODICA-326(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Zhiroc-Blooming In Solitude
Air Project,Katari & Isabella V-A Million Miles(Original Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-Desert Plains(Original Mix)
Nautic Boy-State Logic(Original Mix)
Akmal Wafi-Secret Admirer(Original Mix)
Aley & Oshay ft Angel Falls-I Found My Way(Lex Sender Remix)
Alex Mazel-Save Me(Extended Mix)
Max Van Berg-Now Or Never (Arctic Moon Mix)
Jue-Let It All Be Forgiven(Original Mix)
Raytheon-Caldera(Electronic Dreams Remix)
Marcprest-Sideralis(Eclipse Remix)
Gouplateau-Panthera Uncia(Extended Mix)
Allevo-A Better Place(Original Mix)
Kohta Imafuku-Beyond Our Reach(Extended Mix)
Amar N-Nostalgia(Extended Mix)
Amir Rad-Signs Of Glee(Original Mix)
Andrey Constant-Meditation(Original Mix)
Luca De Maas-Vision(Original Mix)
Sander Bastiaans-Sirens Of Atlantis(Extended Mix)
Double Motion-Above The Clouds(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-03-08 08:12:02
44) TAILER-Притяжение(BEST)(PART 1)(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Edward Shearmur-Grand Central(Fon.Ieman Remix)
Flame Shapes-Flow
Эдгар Туниянц-Мир На Двоих
Keiko Matsui-Tears Of The Ocean
Angelica S-Romance(Original Piano Mix)
Artur Venis-For You
Bernward Koch-Tidal Flow
Alexey Muravyev-Evening Surf
Rayan Myers-Couteracting Sleep
Callisto-Chilled Naiad
Johannes Linstead-Illusion
Ludovico Einaudi-Primavera
Rayan Myers-Pacified Glee
Thomas Lemmer-Traveller(Setsuma Remix)
Marion-Deep Inside
Sergey Tarasov-EveningOn The Island
Emil Sagitov,Yakuro-Reunion(Yakuro Edit)
Abida Green-Autumn Day
Sesonable Project-Mystical Praque
R.Roo-One Question
Yakuro-Cycle Of Life
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2022-03-03 17:55:02
43) TAILER-BEST 2022(PART 1)(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Victor Special-Demon's Mill(Intro Mix)
Ahmed Romel & Simon O'Shine-L'Absente(Sothzanne String Bootleg)
Harlam-Venus Proyect(Original Mix)
IanT & Flund-Falling Skies(Extended Mix)
Sebastian Montano-Augurio
Adrian Zgz-Nirvana(Original Mix)
Vanity In Mind-Go Get Alice(Make One Remix)
Simply Drew-Distance Brings A Pain(Extended Mix)
FAWZY with Jeff Rush-A Journey Through Eras(Extended Mix)
Aled Mann-Catori(Extended Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-Burning Sky(Original Mix)
Mobius-Sanctuary(Original Mix)
Diago-Gaudio(Extended Mix)
Emre Yildiz,Sancar Yilrim-Disquiet
Anton By-Exponenta(Snydex Remix)
ArDao With Fischer & Miethig-Wish You Were Here(Extended Mix)
Frankyeffe & Masimo Salustri-Friends(Original Mix)
Ronski Speed-Moonshade(Extended Mix)
Kengo Hammer-New Hope(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-03-01 09:40:02
42) TAILER-X-PLANET-326(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Simply Drew-Distance Brings A Pain(Extended Mix)
Sebastian Montano-Augurio
Synthetic Fantasy-Burning Sky(Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H & Susie Ledge-Aiming For Hope(Not All Superheroes Wear Capes)
Coke Montilla-Eternity(Extended Mix)
Andrew Robbixen-Cockpit 5(Extended Mix)
Cod3@dj-Fly To My Dream(Magic O.D.A Remix)
Distant Identity-Reason Of Life(Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan-Arcadian(Extended Mix)
Luca De Maas-Rotation(Original Mix)
KBK-Feel The Flow(Extended Mix)
Young Hu-Wish You Were Here(Original Mix)
Grande Piano-Dragon(Original Mix)
Global Influence-Shadow Strike(Extended Mix)
Bass Knight-Freedom(Extended Mix)
Christian Milan-Feelings(Original Mix)
Tritonal & Halene-Losing My Mind(Paul Van Dyk Remix)
Ilya Fly-In The Flow Of Time
Alex Drane-Redemptoin(Extended Mix)
John Waver-Athene(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-02-28 08:26:07
41) TAILER-Притяжение-242(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Ruslan Set ft Eva Kade-The Birth(Alex Kvaza Remix)
The Thrillseekers-Escape(Original Mix)
Tiff Lacey & Mark Khoen-One Day(Airplay Mix)
Tim Schaufert-Far From Here
Bernward Kosh-Tidal Flow
Back To Earth-The Journey To Island H.Eleven
Liquid Soul-Devotion(Suduaya Remix)
Germind-Time Concentrate
Marga Sol-Soulheaven
Keiko Matsui-Tears Of The Ocean
Riffi-More Sea
Michael FK-On The Horizon
Bobina-The Unforgiven
CJ Miron Project-Time
192 Кбит | 76 мин. | 105 МБ | 2022-02-24 18:33:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Angelic-Can't Keep Me Silent(Dumonde Remix)
Rank1-Airwave(Rikki Starrett Remix)
Ciro Visone-Rage(Original Mix)
Misja Helsloot & AstroFeegs-Invicible(Extended Mix)
Yoshi & Razner & Jody6-Crescendos Of Ecstasy(Extended Mix)
Gayax-Explorer(Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde & Katty Hearth-Carry Me Home(Extended Mix)
Kenny Palmer & Rene Ablaze-Insomniacs(Extended Mix)
NoMosk-The Perfect Storm(Extended Mix)
Dreamcatcher-When The Stars Are Falling Down(Original Mix)
CubeTonic-Sense Of Gravity(Extended Mix)
Ed Sanchez-Nibiru(Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly ft That Girl-Little Mystery(Extended Mix)
Gayax-Hope(Original Mix)
Chris Element ft.David Berkeley-This One's For You(Extended Mix)
Access3-Promised Land(Ahdy Cains Thanks For The Memories Mix)
BiXX & Christina Novelli-Purpose(Extended Mix)
Alternate High-Frozen(Extended Mix)
Anddy Jornee-In The City(U7Future Trance)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-02-23 05:23:02
39) TAILER - X-PLANET-325(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Artava-Dancing Planet(Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Paradox(Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC-The Oasis(Metta & Glyde Mix)
Ciro Visone-Save Me Queen(Original Mix)
Trance Ferhat-Recall To Truth(Gayax Remix)
XiJaro & Pitch & Clara Yates-Rescue Me(Extended Mix)
Ray Van Miles-Fall For Me(Original Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Ad Hominem(EExtended Mix)
Mike Van Fabio-Spacewalker(Extended Mix)
Binary Finary & Sylvia Tosun-Believe In Everything
Johny E & Craig Mortimer-The Journey Forward(Original Mix)
Fady & Mina-Eerie(Extended Mix)
Van Project Sound-Mantra Of Luck(Original Mix)
Paul Van Dyk-Far An Angel(Activa Remix)
Hassan Jewel & Derek Mark-Reflections(Zach Zlov Rework)
Igor Garam-Inspiration(Original Mix)
Dido-White Flag(Jorge Caballero Remix)
Andrew Ryal & Robbie Seed ft.That Girl-Stars Collide
Fluticht-Icarus(2K22 Meriton Celiku Remix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-02-23 04:51:02
38) TAILER-MELODICA-325(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
SounEmot-Aunque Estes Lejos(Intro Mix)
Blue Serigala-Broken(Extended Mix)
Ezequiel Lovera-Light Blue(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Miles Of The Night(Extended Mix)
Greg Welsh-Broken Tsunami(Original Mix)
JohnyE & Craig Mortimer-Yesterday's Gone(Original Mix)
Novel-Upa(Original Mix)
FAWZY with Jeff Rush-A Journey Though Eras(Extended Mix)
Distant Identity-Psalm(Extended Mix)
Daniel Skyver-We Go Again(Extended Mix)
Taufig Azam-Ls1(Extended Mix)
Simply Drew-Distance Brings A Pain(Extended Mix)
MYR-Starfall(Extended Mix)
Trance Classics & Esmee Bor Stotijn-Heaven Is A Place Inside(Extended Mix)
Niki Sato-Oracle(Original Mix)
Sara Fray-Retribition(Bloodfury Remix)
KBK & Nayenne-Together(Mike Van Fabio Remix)
Ralphie B-Who Are We(Extended Mix)
David Heart & Rolfiek-Alliance(Original Mix)
Artena-Stay With Me(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-02-22 09:20:02
37) TAILER-Притяжение-241(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Fridrik Karlsson-Beyond Time & Space
Otto A Totland-Vates
Puremusic-Take A Seat & Relax(Rework)
IRA'&Sarah Russell-Constant Invasions(Bryan Miton Remix)
Rayan Myers-Shamed
Sine-Hold On
Ralphie B & Frank Waanders-Valve(Chillout Mix)
Сергей Грищук-Закат
Эдгар Туниянц-Мир На Двоих
Sonic Scope-Children Of Eden
Seven24,R.I.B,Eugene Cortez-Sunrise
Valdi Sabev-Freedom
The Ambientalist-Meant To Be
Vito Fognini & Cari-True To Myself
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 101 МБ | 2022-02-18 19:29:02
36) TAILER-X-PLANET-325(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Artava-Dancing Planet(Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Paradox(Extended Mix)
Talla 2XLC-The Oasis(Metta & Glyde Mix)
Ciro Visone-Save Me Queen(Original Mix)
Trance Ferhat-Recall To Truth(Gayax Remix)
XiJaro & Pitch & Clara Yates-Rescue Me(Extended Mix)
Ray Van Miles-Fall For Me(Original Mix)
Polzn Bladz-Ad Hominem(EExtended Mix)
Mike Van Fabio-Spacewalker(Extended Mix)
Binary Finary & Sylvia Tosun-Believe In Everything
Johny E & Craig Mortimer-The Journey Forward(Original Mix)
Fady & Mina-Eerie(Extended Mix)
Van Project Sound-Mantra Of Luck(Original Mix)
Paul Van Dyk-Far An Angel(Activa Remix)
Hassan Jewel & Derek Mark-Reflections(Zach Zlov Rework)
Igor Garam-Inspiration(Original Mix)
Dido-White Flag(Jorge Caballero Remix)
Andrew Ryal & Robbie Seed ft.That Girl-Stars Collide
Fluticht-Icarus(2K22 Meriton Celiku Remix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-02-17 05:03:02
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
SoundLift-Bravery(Original Mix)
Diago-Gaudio(Extended Mix)
Chris Schweizer-The Other Side(Extended Mix)
Force & Amour-Blessed(Extended Mix)
Daisuke Matsushima-Ignition(Extended Mix)
N-sKing-Septentrion(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Signum(Extended Mix)
Allen & Envy & James Williams-Ark(Original Mix)
Alatheia & TranzLift-Quingenti(Extended Mix)
Darren O'Brien & Tammy Milner-Don't Let Go(Extended Mix)
Asteroid-Voices Of Gaia
Coke Montilla-Survivors(Extended Mix)
Hiddeminside ft.Emarie-In Heaven(Puresoul Remix)
TP One-Have No Fear(Extended Mix)
Brent Rix & Bruce Herringer-Daydreamer(Extended Mix)
Conor Holohan-Nu Era(Extended Mix)
Paul Van Dyk-Another Way(VicTone Bootleg)
Dantien-Wayfaring(Original Mix)
Semper T-Fancy(Original Mix)
Puresoul-The Dark Side Of Love(Skilsara Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-02-15 17:32:03
34) TAILER-MELODICA-324(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Magic Sense-The Pianist(Libra Remix)
Vibe-Heartless(Original Mix)
Terra V-Closeness(Original Mix)
Nord Horizon-MotherEarth(Extended Mix)
N-sKing & Kohta Imafuku-Omakage(Extended Mix)
Richard Lowe-Moonlight Shadows(Extended Mix)
Terra V-Joy & Sadness(Extended Mix)
Sundawner-Krystal Dreams(Madwave Remix)
Andres Selada & Joha-Sai-Last Five Minutes(Dub Mix)
Roger Shah & Thomas Bencsher-Morning Dew(Extended Mix)
Kengo Hammer-Forest Garden(Original Mix)
Sebastian Pawlica-Rain(Extended Mix)
Liam Melly,Paul Skelton & Jessica Doherty-Wolves(Extended Mix)
Mazeev-Sculptor(Extended Mix)
Paul Di White-Sea Breeze(Extended Mix)
Eryon Stocker-The Hilltop(Extended Mix)
Anton By-Exponenta(Snydex Remix)
Roman Sand-White Sands(Original Mix)
Paul elov8 Smith-Rapture(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2022-02-10 09:11:02
33) TAILER-Притяжение-240(2022)
Ambient | ► Даниил Сергеев
Neuroq-Mool Mantra
Crop-Floating In A Dream(Subconscious Mix)
Lunars-We'll Still Be Together
Protonica,Irina Mikhailova-Blue Sky
Lauge-Northbound(ft.Feeding Spring)
SiebZehN-A Diffrent Sky
Sundial Aeon-5 Ways To Nowhere(Original Mix)
Via'on-Aeolian Gardens
Lidia ft Atteon-Eons Of Time(ft Arteon)
Koan-Hidden Princess(Serenity Mix)
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 101 МБ | 2022-02-09 22:50:02
32) TAILER - Притяжение-239(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Envio-Touched By The Sun(Rusch & Elusive's Chillout Remix)
Artur Venis-For You
Bobina With Christian Burns-Still In Love(Chill Breaker Mix)
Fridik Karlsson-Faraway Place
Emil Sagitov,Yakuro-The Tired
Chris Le Blanc ft.Nightzone-Left Without A Kiss(Original Mix)
Ernesto Cortazar-Autumn Rose
Hazy & Reclaimed-Energy
Headstrong & Aurosonic ft.Stine Grove-I Wont Fall
James Newton Howard-I'm Listening(Yinyues Remix)
Lukas Termena-Winter Vibe
OceanLab-I Am What I Am
Max Denoise,Andrea Mazza-State Of Soul
193 Кбит | 76 мин. | 104 МБ | 2022-02-06 11:23:02
31) TAILER - SUMMER DREAMS-314(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Trance Classics Pres.Enigma State-Enigmatic(Original Mix)
Ben Van Gosh-Sound Of Whales(Extended Mix)
Psycos-Life In Bubbles(Extended Mix)
John Meva-Coming Home(Extended Mix)
Johnny E-The Pharaohs(Extended Mix)
Nick Andre-Close Your Eyes(Extended Mix)
Cold Blue & Nikolauss-Connected(Extended Mix)
Caolan MnConville-Leap Of Faith(Extended Mix)
Colin Barratt & Phil York-Master Your Fears(Bryn Whiting Remix)
Gaia X-Existence(Original Mix)
Joe Fares-Deep In June(Original Mix)
Masaru Hinaiji ft.Orie Yoko-Fly Around(Dub Mix)
Kengo Hammer-Callisto(Marco Mc Neil Remix)
Lost Wonder-All We Know(Extended Mix)
Alex Al Onions-Invasion Of Paradise(Extended Mix)
Sunset ft.Diana Leah-Carry Me Away(Ryan K Remix)
Alexey Lukianov-Riddle Of The World(Original Mix)
Terry Noise & SounEmot & Omar Longoria-Un Atardecer Jutos(Original Mix)
Azovsky-Rose Of Wind(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-02-06 11:19:02
30) TAILER-MELODICA-323(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Armin Van Buuren-Coming Home(SounEmot Bootleg)
Trance Classics pres.Enigma State-In My Fantasy(Original Mix)
Terra V-Retributionem(Extended Mix)
Kenan Teke-The Constant(Extended Mix)
David Heart-Terminator Theme
Daniel Kandi & Parnassvs-Diversion(Extended Mix)
Nostrangel-Iceland Love(Extended Mix)
Paul ICZ & Luscjo-Till We Meet Again(Extended Mix)
Mystic Experience-Destiny(Terra V Remix)
Kengo Hammer-Callisto(Original Mix)
Emre Yildz,Sancar Yildrim-Disquet
Catchfire-Magenta(Original Mix)
Andrew Henry & Glorius-Magic Island(Original Mix)
Jordan Suckley & Clara Yates-Let Me Be Your Fantasy(Davey Asprey Remix)
Dj Elven D-Myo & Fybear ft.Emmy-Play With My Love(Autoremix Edit)
Christopher Corrigan-With You(Extended Mix)
Anton By & DaWTone-Age Of Samsara(Extended Mix)
Rikki Starrett-Diamond Eyes(Original Mix)
Side Shift-It's A New Dawn(Original Mix)
Rick Art-Soleado(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2022-02-01 20:26:02
29) TAILER-Притяжение-238(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Adam Ellis ft.Jennifer-Three Faces Of Eve
Artur Venis-Those Beautiful Summer Nights
Ange-Some Day(Perception Of Sound Mix)
Aura-If You
Aurosonic-In Euphoria We Rise(Chill Mix)
Blank & Jones-Summer Sun
Emil Sagitov,Yakuro-Reunion(Yakuro Edit)
Bliss-Wish You Were Here(Flaer Smin Remix)
Brylik-What Does It Mean To Love
Daniel Vilchez-Code
Kinestetika-Beautiful Dreams
Losing Rays-One Day(Soty & Seven24 Remix)
192 Кбит | 77 мин. | 105 МБ | 2022-01-28 19:25:02
28) TAILER-X-PLANET-323(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Rank 1-Airwave(POINoir Bootleg)
ArDao with Ficher & Miethig-Wish You Were Here(Extended Mix)
Adam Taylor-Firmament(Extended Mix)
Alex Believe & Eastok-Feel In(Air Project,Michael Retouch Remix)
Aled Mann-Catori(Extended Mix)
Illitheas-Untold Stories(Extended Mix)
Alex Al Onions-Those In Need Of Help(Alexey Lukianov Remix)
Frankyeffe & Masimo Salustri-Friends(Original Mix)
Moonrider & Axion-Opera(O.B.M Notion Remix)
KBK ft.Nayenne-Joy Of Life(Extended Mix)
Ryota Arai-Milsons(Extended Mix)
Shirasawa-We Are All Fighters(Original Mix)
Ajam Shaz-Natasha(Extended Mix)
Braulio Stefield & Blaze ZX-Macalania(Extended Mix)
Bma Project-Dedication(DJT Remix)
Obsidian & NuSpirit-Decipher(Extended Mix)
Push-Stange World(Nerramus 2021 Bootleg Remix)
Harlam-Venus Proyect(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-01-28 11:57:02
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
DJ Gard-Under The Stars(Extended Edit)
Amos & Riot Night-You'll Never Find Me(Extended Mix)
Calvin O'Commor-Astra(Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan & Jiin ft.Adam Ellis-Point Of Control(Extended Mix)
Binary Ensemble-Mahfil(Original Mix)
Van Cosmic & Terra V-Rise Again(Original Mix)
Yoshi & Razner & BiXX-Victoria(Extended Mix)
N-sKing-Ultraman(Original Mix)
Sam Laxton-Scent(Extended Mix)
Nicholson & Bryn Whiting ft.Elle Mariachi-Invincible(Extended Mix)
Thomas Datt-2v2(Caolan McConville Rework)
Dj Panda-Texture(Jay Flynn Remix)
Stayer X-Heal My Wounds(Extended Mix)
David I-Other Side(Original Mix)
Ash Woolacott-Closer To The Edge(Extended Mix)
Sean Truby-Hooked(Zach Zlov Rework)
Rhys Elliott-Retraced(Extended Mix)
Andy Ling-Fixation(James McGuire Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-01-25 23:13:02
26) TAILER-Притяжение-237(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Delerium ft Jael-After All
Oleg Byonic,Michael Mayo-Never Wanna Go
Pixalend-Maritime Sadness
Prana Tones-Yearning For Love(Original Mix)
R.I.B.-Eyes Of Heaventy Color
Pulsar,Strannik-Above The Sky
Sunlounger ft Zara Taylor-Feels Like Heaven(Chillout Mix)
Sanna Nielsen-Undo(Rayan Myers Remix)
Snake Plisken-Snake's Ostinato(Original Mix)
Solarsoul,Ted Irens-Defying Gravity
The Thrillseekers pres.Hydra-Amber(Sunset Mix)
Valdi Sabev-Endless Sky
Vito Fognini-Night Mood
Flame Shapes-Flow
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2022-01-22 16:14:03
25) TAILER-X-PLANET-322(2022)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Victor Special-Demon's Mill(Intro Mix)
Bluespark & Astral Shock-Shade Of Nightwolf(Original Mix)
Terra V-Tarja(Original Mix)
Magic O.D.A-Atlantis(Extended Mix)
Aureolin Glow-Backwash(Original Mix)
Alphar-4U(Original Mix)
Ilya Fly-In The Flow Of Time(Original Mix)
Roman Messer & Christina Novelli-Frozen(Full Fire Mix)
Paul Clark-Forever Mindful(Extended Mix)
IanT & Flund-Falling Skies(Extended Mix)
John Rockwell-Who I Am(Extended Mix)
Les Hemstock-Moonfall(Venetica Edit)
Unix SL-Requiem(Original Mix)
Faithless-Insomina(Paipy Unofficial Renix)
Lesot-Greece In Blue(Extended Mix)
Bukat-Last Meeting(Original Mix)
David Surok White Christmas(Original Mix)
InWinter & Margo Fly-Winter Tale(Emotional Mix)
Adam Taylor-Mysterious Feeling(Extended Mix)
Ismael First-Memories Of The Future(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2022-01-18 09:46:02
24) TAILER-Притяжение-236(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Elen Sevostianova Music-Облака(Original)
Emphased Reality-Deviation(Chris Chambers Remix)
Faruk Sabanci & Cami-Awaken(Zetandel Remix)
Goldroom-Till Sunrise(Epatage Soul Remix)
Green Sun-Simlicity
Jack Haining-Embers
Jean Mare-Reach For The Stars
Marion-High Hopes
Headstrong ft.Signe G-Let Me Be The One(Zetandel Chill Mix)
Ludovico Einaudi-Primavera
Michael E-Bittersweet
Arvin Sharghi & Magdalen Silvestra-Mystic Dreams
MRM Team-Leaving Earth(Original Mix)
Oleg Byonic-Daydream
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2022-01-15 09:14:01
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
InnerSync-Fairies From The Magic Forest(Etasonic Remix)
Airdream-Reality(Manuel Rocca Remix)
KsuKsu-Brokenness(Original Mix)
Activa-Luminosity(Sean Tyas Remix)
Precious Affiction-Gladiator(Original Mix)
Semper T-The Bottom Line(Original Mix)
Madwave & SMR LVE & That Girl-Dreaming Of Somebody(Mash-Up)
Kiyoi & Eky-April(Extended Mix)
Nth Factor-Escaping Paradise(The Conductor & The Cowboy Remix)
CarHer-Fantasy(Original Mix)
Ian T ft Joyline Snow-Lost
Terra V-Time(Original Mix)
Niki Sato-Neverending
Spectral & Chris SX-Put Me Back Together(Extended Mix)
Alex Kiyanka-Dreams(Original Mix)
Andres Selada-Living Without Limits(Original Mix)
Mike Dyk-Evangeline(Extended Mix)
Force Rising-Rise Of The Phoenix(Original Mix)
ELV-Arena DarkEcho(Extended Mix)
N-Sking-Mission Complete(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-01-14 12:04:02
22) TAILER-MELODICA-321(2022)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Hans Zimmer Vs.Indigo Choras ft Taylor Davis-Now We Are Free
Ocoro-I'm Not Leaving You(Original Mix)
Nth Factor-Escaping Paradise(Jay Flynn Remix)
Madeline-Beautiful Child(Andy Kelly Rethump)
Kiyoi & Eky-April(Henry Moe Remix)
Stayer X-Heal My Wounds(Extended Mix)
Acues-Syrup(Omniks Remix)
Transaphonic-Hyperpole(Original Mix)
Mobi D-Sunshine(Adam Dixon Remix)
Onova-Divya(Original Mix)
DJT-Release Me(Blue Extended Mix)
Yisus Madrid-Grecia(Extended Mix)
Unix SL,Well Elery-The Lonely Fire
Costin Robert-Motivation(Extended Mix)
Dreamy-Tyr(Emotional Mix)
AstroFegs-1337(Extended Mix)
Tiesto-Adagio For Strings(Original Mix)
Glynn Alan-The Vision(Jonathan Carvajal Remix)
Ricardo Guerra & Cogo-Fantasy(Balearic Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-01-11 12:12:02
21) TAILER-X-PLANET-321(2022)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Michael Retiuch-Atlant(Intro Mix)
William Orbit-Barber's Adagio For Strings(Airdream Rework)
Dreamy-That Morning(Sunlight State Remix)
Kayosa & Tolland ft.Matt Noland-Kingdom(Gary McPhail Remix)
Dima Borisenko-Mula(Original Mix)
Midway-Amazon(Tomah Bootleg)
Julio Posadas-Forever(Adrian Zgz & uddle EcoSystem Remix)
Ian T ft.Joline Snow-Lost(Terra V Remix)
Ian Van Dahl-Castles In The Sky(Pavel Tkachev Remix)
Gheorghe Zamfir-Lonely Sheperd(InnerSync Remix)
Hiromori Aso-Future Wings(Extended Mix)
Concillator Project & Gray Mentality-Looking Glas(Original Mix)
Arvin Sharghi & Magdalen Silvestra-Mystic Dreams
Nico Cranxx-Eternity(Extended Mix)
Suzume Hashiya-Christine(Original Mix)
Arv-From Past To Present(Extended Mix)
Turker Ozsoy-Stolen Mind(Extended Mix)
W!SS & Patrick Mayers-Dancing In The Rain(Extended Mix)
Luca De Maas-One(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 164 МБ | 2022-01-08 09:38:02
20) TAILER-Притяжение-235(2022)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Dana Dragomir-Mio Min Mio
Alexey Muravyev-Evening Surf
Angelica S-Romance(Original Piano Mix)
Chicane ft.Bo Bruce-Still With Me(Original Mix)
Cj RcM-Lillaby For The Sun
Conjure One & Poe-Center Of The Sun(Solarstone Chillout Remix)
Diego Massanti-Another Day In The Mood
Dj Artak ft Sone Silver-Soul
Dreamstate Logic-Awakening In The Dream(Original Mix)
Madis-Under The Sea
192 Кбит | 78 мин. | 107 МБ | 2022-01-07 10:29:03
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
FAWZY & Tess Fries With Jeff Rush-Wait For You(Extended Mix)
Delta Core-Cosmic Architect(Original Mix)
Johny E & Craig Mortimer-Nok Turnal(Extended Mix)
Henry Moe-Accelerado(Extended Mix)
Dj Ten-Midnight Oil(Binary Ensemble Remix)
Ludovico Einaudi-Nuvole Bianche(Yelow Remix)
Magnettor-Simplex(Extended Mix)
Jody 6-Into Euphoria(Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan & Jen Wood-Moments(Extended Mix)
Alex Wright-Mirai(Extended Mix)
Andy Blueman-Away From The Sun(InnerSync Remix)
Gareth Emery & Stanerwick ft.Haliene-Saving Light(Metta & Glyde Bootleg)
Mobi D-Sunshine(Adam Dixon Remix)
Polzn Bladz-Patentpending(Original Mix)
Charls Mind-Immenso(Extended Mix)
David Forbes Vs.London Grammar-Strong Drift(Lucas Deyong Mash-Up)
Allan Morrow-Disengage(Extended Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy-Waiting(Marc Airway Remix)
Alexey Golubev-Gloria(Extended Mix)
Ian Van Dahl-Castles In The Sky(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2022-01-04 09:29:02
18) TAILER-MELODICA-320(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Xijaro & Pitch-Sic Parvis Magna(Yoshi & Razner Remix)
Rikki Starrett-Take Me Higher(Original Mix)
Rhys Elliott-Fractured(Extended Mix)
Omega Drive-Fight For Your Dream(Original Mix)
Ed Sanchez & Blue Sector-Ephemeral(Original Mix)
Daryl G-Angel Melody(Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H-Future Fantasy(Extended Mix)
Angelus-Holy Storm(Extended Mix)
Simon Jay-Heroes(Original Mix)
Demy Yorth-Ayna(Original Mix)
Johnny E-The Influence(Extended Mix)
Kaimo K & Elara & Motorcycle-As Rush Starts Again(Mash-Up)
Marc Airway-Airytheria(Original Mix)
Semper T-Remnants Of Happiness(Dave Cold Remix)
Allan Morrow-Disengage(Original Mix)
Bukat-Lonely(Original Mix)
Paul Denton Vs.Vukovi-Watching The Wired Wave(Forbes & Reilly Remix)
Polzn Bladz-Onedge(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 119 мин. | 163 МБ | 2021-12-30 07:59:02
17) TAILER-Притяжение-234(2021)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Marion-Deep Inside
Ryan Farish-Nothern Lights
Sean Hayman-Fly Underwater
Skyline Project-Morning Dew(RafleStone's Chill Mix)
Soarsweep-If There Was Love
Solarsoul-Hope Never Dies
The Blizzard & Yuri Kane ft.Relyk-Everything About You
Soulcraft-Coming Home
Gennadiy Adamenko-Leti
Evgeniy Prokhorenko-The Ark
Subdream-Monsonoom(Original Mix)
Yadya Chaban-Iterum(Oleg Byonic & Rassolodin Remix)
Annie Lennox-Into The West
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2021-12-28 18:05:02
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Marc Airway-Airytheria(Original Mix)
Kenny Palmer-Westfall(Extended Mix)
Gayax & Victor Special-Bright Darkness(Extended Mix)
Jay Flynn & Rewire-Walking In The Air(Original Mix)
Bryn Whiting ft.Elle Mariachi-House Of The Rising Sun(Original Mix)
Aligash-Belief(Extended Mix)
Clay C-This Is It(Extended Mix)
Maat ft.Gamaya-Blue Lotus(Original Mix)
Adam Taylor-Imagine(Extended Mix)
BarWall-New World(Extended Mix)
Paul Elov8 Smith-Best Of You(Original Mix)
Terry Noise-Invierno(Demo Cut Version)
Myk Bee-Lost Story(Extended Mix)
Jendrik De Ruvo & Totex-Intoxication(Madwave Remix)
Kosheen-Hungry(Forza Duo Rework)
Asteroid,Kinetica & Inversed-Aeon(Extended Mix)
Rikki Starrett-Oath Keeper(Extended Mix)
A Barthezz-On The Move(Jorge Caballero Rework)
Shugz X Symmetrik-Triplicity(Extended Mix)
Zuif-Gaillimh(Mike Zaloxx Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2021-12-28 05:36:02
15) TAILER-Притяжение-233(2021)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
ATB-Desperate Religion(Integra Chill Mix)
Dj Rostej-Sunshine Dreams
Djeff Z-Far Star
Ferdow-Moments Dans L'Amour(Chillout Mix)
Flame Shapes-Flow
In Inertia-Scarlet Fragments
John Dahlback-Everywhere
Kinestetika-Mystical Space
Marsel Fuze-Estrella
Narcotic Chill-Nothern Lights
Neev Kennedy-The Unknown
Novaspace-Nova's Theme
Qeight-Waiting For You
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2021-12-24 09:18:02
14) TAILER-X-PLANET-319(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Iberian-Lightnung In My Heart(Intro Mix)
Myk Bee-Sarabande In D'Minor(Original Mix)
Elian West-Andromeda Galaxy
TbO & Vega-Break The Silence(Extended Mix)
Sebastian Pawlica-Osaca(Original Mix)
Iberian Ruslan Aschaulov-The End Of Time
Elgfrothi-I don't Want To Go Heaven(Extended Mix)
Gaia X-Lanakea(Original Mix)
IanT & Joyline Snow-Follow Me(Dj Ten Remix)
ArDao With Fisher & Miethig-Wish You Were Here(Extended Mix)
Artena-Pacific(Extended Mix)
Skip Raiders-Another Day(Perfecto Remix)
One Republic-I Lose My Self(Axlsson Bootleg)
Haikal Ahmad-Listen To My Tears(Club Mix)
Cold Blond-Seasons(Extended Mix)
David Surok-Between The Clouds(Extended Mix)
Kiyoi & Eky-April(Extended Mix)
Atlantis-Voyager ll
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2021-12-21 10:08:03
13) TAILER-Притяжение-232(2021)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Thomas Lemmer-Traveller(Setsuna Remix)
Zetandel-Listen To The Rain(Original Mix)
Turn & Aguada ft Eskova-Straight From My Heart
V.P.Life-Breath Of A Sea Breeze(Chillout Mix)
A.N.O.& Shadowx-Let It Breathe
Actium-Here With You
Above & Beyond ft OceanLab-Ashes
Aerosoul-Isla Blanca
ATB-Everything Is Wrong
Always Straight Ahead-Watching It Fall Apart
Cold Blue-Shine(Chill Mix)
Der Luchs-Katharine
Dj Rostej-Heart For You Only
192 Кбит | 73 мин. | 100 МБ | 2021-12-19 12:46:03
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
PvR-Forewind(Extended Mix)
Criostasis-Don't Breath(Original Mix)
MakeFlame-Bluestone(Original Mix)
Gayax-System(Original Mix)
Stuarty Baillie-Bezerker(Extended Mix)
IanT & Joyline Snow-Lost(Ricardo Guerra Remix)
Paipy-Revolution(Extended Mix)
Marco Mc Neil-Downforce(Extended Mix)
TP One-Going(Original Mix)
Raz Nitzan & Susanne Teutenberg-Faith Sees Best In The Dark(Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley & Clare Stagg-All I Want(Craig Connely Remix)
Arctic Ocean-Feel The Wave(Extended Mix)
Rob Corbo-I Found You(Original Mix)
Mac & Monday-Sihouette Of A Girl(Extended Mix)
Dave Oren ft.Jose Viggo-You Only Have This One Life(Extended Mix)
Liquid Dream-Adeline(Original Mix)
Daniel Relish ft Stephey-Souimte(Extended Mix)
Arifi-Run Away(Original Mix)
Nord Horizon-Phantom Zone(extended Mix)
The Olmec Heads-Magic Man
192 Кбит | 121 мин. | 167 МБ | 2021-12-18 08:51:02
11) TAILER-X-PLANET-318(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Glassman-The Riddle Of The Sphinx(Original Mix)
Marcos-Just For A Day(Original Mix)
Skynet & Fekky-Forever Thrilled(Extended Mix)
Zenifire-Navigator(Extended Mix)
Fedde Van Diemen-My Angel(Original Mix)
Sergio SO & Daria Palmer-Now I See(Original Mix)
Dj Elven & D-Myo-Friends For Life(Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns-Brightheart(Robert Nickson Remix)
Iberian ft.Lyd14-Flames Of Love(Rework Remix)
Burnz B-Adagio For Strings(Tranceacidic Mix)
Adam Taylor-Healing Thoughts(Original Mix)
Xtreme-Radience(Original Mix)
W!SS-Thin Ice(Extended Mix)
S.H.O.K.K.-Bitter Orange(Extended Mix)
Johnny E & Craig Mortimer-This Is What We Do(Extended Mix)
Karibou-Until You're Gone(Original Mix)
Ivan G.M-Arp 299(Original Mix)
Sapphire Sword-Itsumademo(Original Mix)
Rainer K-Fraction(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2021-12-13 08:52:02
10) TAILER-BEST 2021(PART 6)(2021)
Uplifting Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Sibelius-Finlandia(Peetu S Remix)
Rolfiek & Suplifth-Two Kings(Rework 2021)
Jeitam Osheen & Rolfiek-Aeonian(Extended Mix)
Bixx & Eryon Stocker-Petrichor Effect(Extended Mix)
Tiesto-Elements Of Life(RAM's Fusion Remix)
SQNC9 & Sandro Mireno-Far Away(Extended Mix)
ReMech-Far Away(Chris Lyf Remix)
Yuri Yavorovskiy-Cofr
Elian West-Remember Me(Original Mix)
Iberian-For Anya(Original Mix)
DreamLife & SounEmot-Our Tears(Extended Mix)
Soul Lifters-Before We Go(Extended Mix)
SuwranP-Hopeul Love(Original Mix)
Efemgie-My Love(Original Mix)
Zhiroc & Rebecca Loise Burch-From You(Extended Mix)
Mohamed-Moments Of Goodbye(Original Mix)
Iberian,Ruslan Aschaulov-My Symphony
Vyacheslav Demchenko-Dark Lady(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2021-12-09 10:12:03
9) TAILER-Притяжение-230(2021)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Callisto-Chilled Naiad
Daminika-When Will You Come (Original Mix)
Christina Novelli ft.Van Dresen,Akki & Monteur-Beautiful(Chillout Mix)
Rayan Myers-Pacified Glee
Dj Santiyago-Make It Hurt More
Ferry Tayle-Revanche(Sit On The Sand Mix)
Five Seasons-Esperanza
Rayan Myers-Spiritual Elevation
Lukas Termena-Rainy Day
Martian-My Personal Positive
Hans Zimmer-Now We Are Free(Magdelayna Remake)
192 Кбит | 77 мин. | 106 МБ | 2021-12-08 07:03:03
8) TAILER-MELODICA-317(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Bixx & Dmitriy Kuznetsov-When There's Hope(Extended Mix)
David Forbes-Sail(Extended Mix)
Eric Zimmer,Shawn Hunter & Hidden Tigress-Indelible(Extended Mix)
Yepzone & Andy Elliass-Hidden Sunsets(Extended Mix)
Marcprest-Lumen(Original Mix)
Gareth Emery Pres GTR-Mistral(Original Mix)
Blank & Jones-It's Alright
Tranzvission-Twilight(Extended Mix)
Chris Ogden-Nemesis(Original Mix)
Cyril Cellar & Enharmor-Horizons(Extended Mix)
Glacial Storm-Ambra(Extended Mix)
Allen Watts-GDL(Yoshi & Razner Remix)
Brent Rix-Hemisphere(Extended Mix)
Ricardo Guerra-Hope(Extended Mix)
Zirenz-Edge Of Space Ultimate(Ben Alonzi & Adriz Remix)
Alex Stendor-The Internal War(Extended Mix)
Sergey Akinshin-Call From The Depths Of The Mountains(Extended Mix)
Kidbull & NuroGL-Pleasure Zone(Original Mix)
Craig Jones-Reality Dream(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2021-12-07 07:54:03
7) TAILER-X-PLANET-317(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Armin Van Buuren ft Justine Suissa-Burned With Desire(Ronski Speed Remix)
Exouler-Shida(Extended Mix)
Elian WEst-Remember Me(Original Mix)
Bixx & Eryon Stocker-Petrichor Effect(Extended Mix)
Darren Glancy-You Don't Love Me(Original Mix)
Derek Ryan-Disinformation Age(Extended Mix)
Michael Trenfield-Taboo(Original Mix)
Michael Retouch-When The Angels Cry(Original Mix)
Michael Rods-Broken Souls(Original Mix)
Grande Piano-New Generation(Ricardo Guerra Remix)
Trancenoid-Imagination(Original Mix)
TP One-Going(Terra V Mix)
Steve Byets-L'Amour(Extended Mix)
Victor Special-The Myth(Original Mix)
Talla 2XLC-Eternal Spirit(Extended Mix)
Christian C-Catalina(Extended Mix)
Xenger One-Atmosphere(Original Mix)
Pencho Tod-Forbidden Dreams(DaWtone Remix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 164 МБ | 2021-12-03 21:52:02
6) TAILER-Притяжение-229(2021)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Above & Beyond-Home
Abida Green-Autumn Day
Rayan Myers-Counteracing Sleep
Anthya-Soul Within Soul
Mars Lasar-The Blessing
Bernard L'hoir-Little Sydney
Rayan Myers-Equilbrium
Billy Esteban-Coffee Time
Broken Twin-If Pilots Go To Heaven(Oleg Byonic Remix)
ATB & Josh Gallahan-CO 1724
Above & Beyond-Little Something
Rayan Myers-I'm Frozen
192 Кбит | 74 мин. | 102 МБ | 2021-12-01 18:29:03
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Bass Knight-Lift To Galaxy(Extended Mix)
Claudiu Adam & Clara Yates-Ease Your Mind(Extended Mix)
Curtis & Craig-Better Left Unsaid(Original Mix)
Bluespark-Fatum Melodiam(Extended Mix)
Grande Piano-New Generation(Original Mix)
Decibel Pilot-Vertical Speed(Original Mix)
Syn Drome-Constellation(Original Mix)
SaphirSky-Your Inpiring Being(Original Mix)
Allbitrik & Abrupt Gear-Your Way(Extended Mix)
InStars & Elissandro-Quedate(Original Mix)
Lucas King-Remembering The Clones(CbasSlazr Remix)
Glassman-Dopaminica(Original Mix)
Iberian-Preludio(George Crossfield Emotional Remix)
Lost Witness & Laura Ly-Weight Of The World(Extended Mix)
Paul M,Christian C-El Cairo
Andrey Constant-Constant Of Trance(Original Mix)
Sunlounger ft.Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen-OK(Roger Shah Mix)
Asteroid,Paul Skelton-Ahimsa
Ralphie B-Massive(Dan Thompson Remix)
192 Кбит | 123 мин. | 169 МБ | 2021-12-01 07:53:02
4) TAILER-MELODICA-316(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Rasec Uk-Colonel Komarov
Grande Piano-Stay With Me
Victor Special-Through The Dust Of Doubt
Paul Elov8 Smith-Super8
Dan Schneider-Traveler In Time
Iberian-You(Extended Mix)
Illitheas Mhammed El Alami,Johannes Fisher-New Rise
Inner Heart-Touching Angelic Lips(Original Mix)
Ruben De Jong-Angels Window(Original Mix)
Edplacid Patino-Deja Vu(Extended Mix)
Haliene & Maratone-Make It To Tomorrow(Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix)
N.U.C.K-Secret(Original Mix)
Roman Sand-Diver(Original Mix)
DJT-Freedive(Extended Mix)
Christian C-Invisible Soul(Extended Mix)
Fabrice-Everything Around(Original Mix)
Leama-Melodica(Original Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2021-11-28 07:01:02
3) TAILER-Притяжение-228(2021)
Chillout | ► Даниил Сергеев
Oleg Byonic & Natalia Shapovalova-Breath Of Eternity
Obe ft.Lilith-Angel
Software-Halo-Sph Re
Pierre Pienaar Pres.Melodia-Bliss
Seasonable Project-Mystical Prague
Solarsoul-Night Walk On The Beach
Yakuro-Cycle Of Life
Oleg Byonic-What's Your Sign
Tenishia ft Kirsty Hawkshaw-Invisible
Twins In Mind-Fallacy Of Faith(Cammiloo Remix)
York-Moments In Love
192 Кбит | 75 мин. | 103 МБ | 2021-11-25 10:48:02
2) TAILER-X-PLANET-316(2021)
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Nakhiya-Atlas(Original Mix)
Transa-Supernova(Kenny Palmer Remix)
Vapour Trail-On A Day Like This(Original Mix)
Acues-Dancing At Midnight(Gayax Remix)
H Morad-Blue(Seven Modes Remix)
Iberian-Two Worlds(Extended Mix)
Chris Connolly & Crock-Low Freakuency
Jan Atthis-Voices(Maickeij Remix)
Chris Mcmanus-Project Apollo(Original Mix)
Alpha Breed-Epic Future
Kenan Teke-We Will Not Forget You
Aly & Fila With Chris Jones-Breathe(Extended Mix)
London & Niko-I Had A Dream
Ruslan Egorychev-Travel To The Andromeda
Andy Jornee-Legendary Friday
Kaimo K ft Jess Morgan-All That There Is(Extended Mix)
Pollzn Bladz-Remedy(Original Mix)
Dave Oren ft.Jose Viggo-You Only Have This One Life(Dub Mix)
Lost In Time-Enigma(Extended Mix)
192 Кбит | 120 мин. | 165 МБ | 2021-11-24 15:33:03
Trance | ► Даниил Сергеев
Gigi D'Agostino-I'll Fly With You(Paipy Unofficial Remix)
Theo S.Y.-Polaris(Victor Special Remix)
W!SS-Renegade(Extended Mix)
Alex Burn-Serenity(Extended Mix)
Kohlenkeller-Beats Of Life(Milosh K Remix)
A Mase,Elite Electronic-Introvertum
Mehdi Bey & Physical Vibes-Anthem For Hope(Original Mix)
Mostfa & Mostfa-Nosara
InnerSync-Fairies From The Magic Forest
Kayan Code-Synesthetic(Original Mix)
Etasonic-Just For Once In Life(Extended Mix)
Jacob Kliuiev-Gemini(Original Mix)
Harmonic Wave-The Constellation Sagitarius
Sonny Stollenmaier-Hear Me!
Steve Allen & Paul Skelton-Fairytales
Air Project-New Love
Deki,Future State-Till The Very Last End
RAM ft.Susana-Northern Star
192 Кбит | 122 мин. | 168 МБ | 2021-11-21 20:21:02